Monday, February 23, 2015

Get ready with me - Image Beauty Awards judging

Last Tuesday, I totally had one of those "Is this real life?" moments, swiftly followed by "Shit, don't make a dope of yourself" moments when I went to the judging day for the Image Blog Awards.  I know... Mad Ted!

As one of the spa judges, for the past few weeks I'd been testing out lots of lovely products from nail polishes to body care, tans and tools and I had a ball.  It was like what I do for the blog, but amped up big time.  We had a score card and everything, ready to battle it out for the best in beauty this year.  The spa and skincare judges had a table discussion where we chatted about things we loved, things we didn't love, tips, tricks and got to try out even more products and managed to leave there with a wish list of products.

We filmed a little interview where I hope I didn't talk a load of shite and I'm now in the phase where I physically cringe when I think of things I said.  I'm waiting to reach the next phase where I don't remember what I said and can make up memories where I was very articulate and witty.

The judges from all four categories, makeup, haircare, skincare and spa all assembled like a beauty army in the afternoon and we'd a photo shoot.  So I needed my makeup to look good and to stay put all day.  This was not the time to test out new stuff.  This was a day where I needed to use products that I trusted, that I loved, that would make me feel lovely and would look nice in photos.  And because I was having major pains in my stomach from nerves, I thought I'd film me putting the makeup on to distract me!  So behold my Get Ready With Me video where I put on a natural looking visage, wear pyjamas, have a scarf casually sitting on the chair behind me, but it doesn't matter!  A fab day was had and that was the main thing.  Oh, and my face stayed put all day!


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  1. Great vido. You looked gorgeous as every. Loved that Charlotte Tilbury palette


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