Sunday, February 15, 2015

Video! How to make pancakes!

It's Pancake Tuesday next week!  And as Joanne is married to Will, the master baker of the family, it was only fitting that she film a wee baking video showing us how to make pancakes.  I usually get one of those boxes of pre made stuff and just add milk, but this recipe is basic, cheap as chips and will give you muscles if you're as weak as Joanne is!

I've put in a request for Joanne and Will to film lots more easy videos like this for me as I'm rubbish at all things baking.  I think a nice lemon drizzle cake would go down a treat wouldn't you?!

So tell us, what do you put on your pancakes?  We love butter and sugar but would love to get some inspiration this year and try something new!

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