Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vlog! Thanksgiving Day in New York!

I finally got organised enough to edit some of our New York vlogs!  Better late than never eh?!  As you might know, we brought mam away for her 60th birthday, a birthday she said she'd love to live over and over because she had a ball for the whole year!  It was fitting to bring her to New York because we all love it and we brought her over there for the first time for her 50th and in the past ten years, we've gone back a few times and have fallen in love with the city even more.

This time was different though because our brother Stephen (of Lovely Manly Dangly Bits) came over halfway through the trip to surprise her!  So phase one of the holiday was to get all of the main shopping done and phase two was to walk the legs off Stephen showing him everywhere!

Behold Thanksgiving Day where we wandered, did some shopping, ate a lot of food and went to see The Rockettes!

You can watch part 1 here and stay tuned for part three next week!

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