Monday, March 30, 2015

March favourites 2015!

Another month is over and I'm back with a new set of favourites!  These are the things that made me happy during the month of March and now it's time to tell you all about them.  As I say every month, I love filming these videos because I get to waffle, I drop most of the products on the floor, make ridiculous faces and hold things up to my head to ensure you fully understand the love that I have for said products.

So behold my March favourites and do let me know in the comments below what you loved this month!



  1. I'm just reading the Image Beauty Awards magazine. You look stunning in the judging panel photo Karen.
    I'll take more notice of the results now that I know you were one of the judges.
    I never comment but watch all your videos and read your blog daily. You deserve huge numbers of subscribers. Thank you for all the effort you put into You Tube and the blog. You've often cheered me up when I've had a bad day. Thanks again Karen.


  2. Congratulations Karen! Need to pick up Image :)


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