Thursday, April 30, 2015

I got my hair did at Brown Sugar!

On Tuesday I finally got my hair cut after what seems like forever!  And it turned out it was just under a year because yesterday one of my Timehop photos was last year's hair cut!  I didn't get much taken off last year because Joanne's wedding was coming up and we didn't know what the plan was with our hair dos.  It was an expensive 12 months and I'd been liking my long hair, so didn't feel any need to get the chop because a little bit of hair oil makes anyone's hair look lovely and healthy!

But I decided a few weeks ago that it was high time to do something with my hair and as always, I put my locks into the hands of the genius that is Christian Shannon, Creative Director of Brown Sugar South William Street.  I've been going to Christian for about ten years now because a) he knows what he's talking about and will tell me that if we put layers in my hair that I'll look like my mam, b) I have pure trust in him and I've never ever come out of the salon feeling anything but fabulous and c) he did this:

I blahhdy love it!  We went for a long bob with the front sections hitting my collar bone, slightly longer than the back and it is exactly what I wanted!  I still have plenty of length to tie it up and I can still curl it when the effort of life isn't too much.  I'm only a couple of days post hair cut and already I know I want to keep it around this length for the next while, and we're thinking about highlights during the summer (mainly to disguise the greys that seem to be popping up more than I want!)

I think I look completely different with my hair do!  And after posting a photo on Instagram and Facebook, I was totally overwhelmed with the sheer volume of likes and lovely comments.  A few people said I look younger with the shorter hair, so my thinking is if I get a few more inches off, will that take a few more years off me?!

People, I can't recommend Christian enough and the whole Brown Sugar team are always so friendly and helpful.  Go and check them out next time you're ready to get your hair did!

Brown Sugar South William Street: 01-616-9967

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Face full of first impressions #2 ft Clarins, YSL, Sleek, Rimmel, Urban Decay!

I'm back with another first impressions video where I pile as much makeup as possible onto my face!  I love doing videos like this because I get to show you a load of new products at once while having the chats.  Yes, it means that the videos are longer compared to when I do voiceovers but first impressions means a lot of talking!

I picked out the products I wanted to talk about but didn't know what kind of look I was going to do and as you'll see in the video, I'm firmly in the "more is more" camp when it comes to makeup!

If you see anything in the video that you want a full blog post on, let me know in the comments below.  But can we just have a moment for that green liner on the waterline?!  I'll be showing you that in more detail soon, but Clarins, you picked a good 'un!


Monday, April 27, 2015

Rimmel Oh My Gloss! lip glosses - photos, swatches, reviewRimmel Oh My Gloss!

Fans of glosses, sit up and get ready to listen because I have a good one today and you're going to want to take notes.  Rimmel have launched a new range of lip glosses, Oh My Gloss! and in three words, they are gorgeous!  I was sent eight of the fifteen shades available and I'll be hard pushed not to buy the rest of the collection because since they arrived at Lovely Girlie Bits, nothing else has gotten a look in.

They contain argon oil and vitamin E which means that they really nourish and look after your lips.  As someone who has chronic dry lips, since starting to use them a few weeks ago, my lips have transformed and are now soft, smooth and free from any dry patches!  I've used glosses in the past which feel grand when first applied, but after a while, I can feel the dryness coming back into my lips and it feels like they just sit on top of the skin doing nothing.  Well, the Oh My Glosses feel like they actually treating my dehydrated lips and while they're thicker than regular glosses, they're not sticky and feels like they should be much more expensive than the €6.99 price tag.

Time for swatches!

While some of the shades look similar when lined up in a collage like this, they're still worth checking out in person and I'm not going to lie, once my spending ban is over, I'll be checking out the rest of the collection!  Let's do some full face shots so you can see them on their own and decide which ones to buy.  If you are able to go into the chemist and come out with just one, you have more restraint than I ever could!  

Rimmel Oh My Gloss!  Non Stop Glamour
Rimmel Oh My Gloss!  Glossaholic
Rimmel Oh My Gloss!  Stay My Rose
Rimmel Oh My Gloss!  My Eternity
Rimmel Oh My Gloss!  Snog
Rimmel Oh My Gloss!  Ooh La La
Rimmel Oh My Gloss!  Go Gloss Or Go Home
Rimmel Oh My Gloss!  Crystal Clear
My instant favourite was Snog.  It's the perfect My Lips But Better shade and it'll be the one I finish first no doubt.  Go Gloss or Go Home is a gorgeous peachy shade with a hint of shimmer running through it and it's one that will go with a strong eye or a natural eye look and you need it.  And sure where would we be without a rosy pink shade and Stay My Rose is a delicate, wearable rose shade that's one of those staples.  

The Oh My Glosses get two big thumbs up from me and I hope they bring out more shades in the future!  Now all I'm thinking about is if they have a coral shade....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spending ban wish list - yes, another one!

Once again, I am embarking on another spending ban.  I know.  What else is new?  But Mags and I have decided to try and restrain ourselves for at least the month of May and not buy any makeup.   Three and a half weeks later and I haven't bought anything!  That's a grand amount of time for a shopping addict and beauty lover like myself, but truth be told, I've had other expenses going on that's made the whole thing a bit easier.  But still, three and a half weeks!  And I'm heading away at the start of May, so it'll be five weeks by the time I'm in Spain and then all bets are off people.

The rules of makeup and beauty and life clearly state that spending bans do not count at all when you're on holidays.  Or in the airport.  So yes, I'll be perusing The Loop in Dublin airport and yes, I'll be visiting Kiko and Sephora in Alicante and yes, I'll be buying stuff before undoubtedly recommencing the spending ban again.  In preparation for this impending spending spree and to keep me on the straight and narrow, I've been adding products to my wish list to make life a bit easier when I'm on holidays.  I lost the run of myself being completely enabled by my fellow bloggers, YouTubers and as such, I want a lot of things.  So I thought it was high time for another edition of Spending Ban Wish List!

I don't need any of these things, but I want them.  No wait, I actually do need them all, I mean look at them.

Spending ban wish list

There are only two foundations on this list, how is that possible?  I'm sure I've forgotten a couple and so this list is open to amendments ok?  I've been dying to try the new NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation since it launched as I haven't tried a base from NARS in years.  I like the sound of having a lightweight base that is super pigmented and so yes, it's on my list.  Along with the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation.  I hadn't paid much heed to this when it launched but Orla's review tipped me over the edge and so I must try it.  All your fault Orla!  If it gives me skin like you, it'll be money well spent!

There are also only two foundations on the list as well and I do love me some summery fragrances.  As soon as I heard that Elie Saab had launched a new perfume and the bottle was blue, I knew I was going to love it.  Being a huge fan of the original Elie Saab fragrance from a couple of years ago, anything that comes in a blue bottle, has fig and mandarin zest in it and we have a winner.  I'll be hard pushed to not buy a bottle of this over the next few months.  Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt has been on my radar for ages after Lily Pebbles mentioned it lots of times over the past year or so.  I've drenched myself in it every time I visited the Jo Malone Counter in Brown Thomas and it's only a matter of time before I get a bottle.  Duty free purchase me thinks?

I had to put the entire Kiko summer collection in my collage because it all looks divine.  Bronzed cheeks, colour on the eyes and the lips and would you look at that weird angled cheek brush!  Yes, I need it as I've never seen anything like it in my entire life and it could possibly change the way I apply makeup forever... Dramatic?  Absolutely.  But sometimes one needs a little drama to justify a completely unnecessary purchase!

I feel like this list is like Noah's ark or something because I have two lip products on my wish list.  The new Chanel Rouge Coco Lipsticks are a thing of beauty and what a surprise, I'm lusting after the coraly orange one, Coco, and the nude one, Adrienne.  I've only heard great things about them and if Emma says they're good, then they're good.  I really want to try one of the Too Faced Melted lipsticks and why not pick up this coral one that's most likely completely too bright for me to wear outside of the house and yet I want it.

Finally, it wouldn't be a wish list without a bit of Hourglass.  I hadn't heard a great deal about the Hourglass eyeshadow palettes other than they were very powdery and not very pigmented.  So I breathed a sigh of relief having saved myself the guts of €70 or so on one.  Then Karima went and filmed this absolutely stunning video using one of them and now I want one.  I want her one.  I want her one and for her to do my makeup!  And last but my no means least, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer... I need one.  I want one.  I have Mags on full alert to order me one if they're launched when I'm away!

And so we've reached the end of the list of things I want but don't need whatsoever.  I always seem to have a wish list as long as my arm when I'm trying not to spend money.  That's always the case but there's nothing like a little pretend online shopping to get me excited at picking up a few bits from the list!

What's on your wish list now?  You know you have one.  It's most likely in your Notes on your phone, of you've screenshots of the things you want.  Come on, share with the group!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Matte Foundation review, before & after photos!

Ok people, I have a new favourite affordable foundation and I'm not going to lie, it's giving my Estee Lauder Double Wear a run for it's money!  After the great success of the Infallible foundation from L'Oreal last year, they've released a matte version for us oily bridies who like to give shine the aul heave-ho without leaving our skin looking flat.

I give to you the L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Matte Foundation.  (Ignore the 24 hour claim please because firstly, who leaves foundation on for 24 hours and secondly, I won't be doing any kind of testing in that capacity at all at all!)

I was sent the second lightest of the six shades available and it's perfect for my skin tone.  This foundation promises to keep your foundation in place while keeping you shine free for up to 24 hours thanks to their "ultra-absorbent perlite mineral technology" which simply put means it has tiny particles that act like sponges and absorb four to five times their weight in oil and water.  Better sucked up by them than on my face thank you very much!  This sounded brilliant and too good to be true when it first arrived here at Lovely Girlie Bits.  A base that would stay put while keeping me shine free all day?  I couldn't wait to get stuck in.

The first time I used it, I applied it with a buffing brush and found that while it went onto my cheeks and forehead nice and smoothly, it looked a bit cakey and flakey on my schnoz.  Funny that as that's the oiliest part of my visage, but also the flakiest, but I loved the finish it gave on the rest of my skin enough to keep trying until I found the perfect application technique.  Turned out I only needed to whip out my trusty Beauty Blender to achieve the perfect level of even coverage (medium but is buildable to full coverage) while avoiding any cake or flakage.

One layer of the foundation applied with said Beauty Blender gives this finish.  Oh yes, and what I find works for the most flawless finish is to use the rounded end of the dampened Beauty Blender to press the foundation into the skin and then use the side of the Beauty Blender to go over everything to  make sure it's all in place and blended out seamlessly.

I know.  Not only does it even out my complexion, but it covers the redness on my cheeks, hides blemishes and makes my skin look pretty flawless, all while feeling super lightweight on the skin.

Now, I've been testing out a new setting powder that I'll be telling you about on the blog very soon, but let me tell you that the Infallible Matte foundation and this powder is absolutely complexion perfection!  I've never ever had products that work so perfectly together that when I apply them in the morning at 6am, my skin looks the exact same at 4pm.  EXACT SAME.  No fading, no shine, and if this doesn't convince you of it's staying power, let me tell you that last week I was heading out after work and didn't need to touch up my base at all. This is unheard of as I usually have to do a bit of touching up (that sounded rude) between work and going back out.  Without the powder, the foundation still looks flawless at home time, so this has become my go to foundation when I need something to last and last and last!

I do find that if I haven't moisturised properly and have some dry skin on the nose that it can cling to that, so those with dryer skins might need to go for the original Infallible foundation, but if you've oily skin, then definitely give this one a go!  It retails at €11.99 and is on L'Oreal counters now.

True love for a foundation that stays put, doesn't suck the moisture out of my face, keeps me shine free and is easily available for just over a tenner!  Yes, I think I'm going to have to show you this in action in a video soon!

Monday, April 20, 2015

La Roche-Posay Serozinc review

It's finally here!  Beauty lovers across the island of Ireland have been waiting for La Roche-Posay to listen to our pleas and bring the much raved about Serozinc to Irish shores.  We've had to read reviews from our favourite UK bloggers and then in turn have to find friends who were heading to France and would be willing to pick us up a bottle or ten ...  But now it's in chemists nationwide and after posting a photo of it last week on Instagram and asking everyone who has seen it in chemists to leave the location in the comments, we have a growing list already, so head over there to see where it's been spotted so far!

So for the non beauty obsessives out there who haven't been waiting for this day to come, what's Serozinc when it's at home and why are we so excited about it?  It's essentially a toner which helps soothe and purify the skin thanks to the presence of zinc sulphate and sodium chloride (salt).  Yes, salt.  Spray it on your hand and lick it if you don't believe me!  (Best do that on your own or else people might think you're gone doolally).

Designed primarily for oily skin, it offers benefits like pore tightening, anti-grease and anti-shine, all while not drying out your skin or leaving it feeling tight or stripped.  I've been using this in the morning and night after cleansing my skin and before moisturising.  Because it comes in mist form, you can be as liberal as you like without drenching your face and I like to spray it in three sections onto my face in a downwards motion - once down the middle of my face, and then once on either side before patting it in, letting it dry in and continuing on with my skincare routine.

I find it to feel incredibly cooling and soothing on my skin and as I go through phases of having breakouts and reactions to certain things, I haven't had such sensitive skin issues with it.  It doesn't have any fragrance and even spraying it over my closed eyes twice a day, I've had no reactions to it.  It helps to slightly mattify my skin without it feeling tight and is really refreshing to use.

And it can be used by the rest of the family to help sooth razor burn and nappy rash, so if you find yourself wanting to soothe and mattify your skin, have razor burn for whatever reason and have a touch of nappy rash yourself, then you're good to go! Otherwise you can share it with the fella and kids!

I'd love to hear how those with really oily or acne prone skin have fared with this.  For €10, this makes for a solid, no muss no fuss toner for my skin and I know the next time my skin explodes, Serozinc will have me sorted!

Have you tried Serozinc yet and if so, where did you find it?  We have to share any and all locations for fellow beauty lovers to pick up a can!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Penneys Summer 2015 is comin' atcha!

We're heading away on holidays next month for a week and so the Penneys summer 2015 launch couldn't have come at a better time!  The panic is over for me because I need new things for sunny Spain but also don't want to spend a fortune.  (Side note, Alicante has a Kiko and a Sephora, so girlfriend wants to keep her money for that too).

This summer, there's a definite Woodstock vibe from the collection with a mixture of prints and textures and lots of light, floaty fabrics that'll keep you nice and cool when the weather heats up.  There was lots of lace and crochet on show, whether it be the star of the show or as an embellishment to a piece and I'm not going to lie, it kind of made me want to be at Coachella....

Let's take a look at some of my favourite pieces shall we?

Kimonos are still on trend this season and I'll be picking up a couple to throw on over jeans and a tank top because sometimes I like to keep my arms covered and sometimes (it's Ireland we're talking about), it's a bit chilly.   Aztec inspiration is still big this season whether it be in the clothes or the accessories.

 I love white and blue in the summer and it instantly transports me to sunnier climates.  Anything that's floaty and lightweight is always welcome in Spain but that white and blue gauze top below wouldn't go amiss here in Ireland.

For those who like the monochrome look, there's plenty to choose from!

I'm telling you, Penneys are on point when it comes to accessories and many the time Joanne and I have come out of the shop with jewellery, shoes, bags and that's just to start with.  See that fringed bag below?  Yeah, that's going to be mine.  A love a tan bag in the summer and I can already see myself sitting there plaiting the fringing!  Printed shoes are always a winner for me and see those bright orange and green ones below?  Love them!

Now you might be disappointed to know that Penneys won't be selling pineapple hats this season, but sure feel free to make your own and swan around the place smelling like a tropical drink.  Along with the oversized sunnies which is a staple for me for most of the year, they'd a load of aviator style sunglasses with the mirrored lenses which I need.  

If you want to add a few summery accessories to your home, then where better to start with some cute cushions.  Affordable and an easy way to add a little somethin' somethin' to your couch or bed without going overboard.

Last year I bought a load of plimsoles and sandals from Penneys and this year will be no different.  Get a load of the sparkly embellishments on those sandals below and even better is they're flat!

The summer collection will be hitting shops in the coming weeks but you know the score by now with Penneys - go in often because they get new stock all the time and you'll be raging if you miss out on something you love!

Stay tuned for an upcoming Penneys haul video (we haven't even gone shopping but I know we'll be stocking up for our holiday!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash mascara review, before & after photos

Of all the things that a brand can send me, mascara is always one of my favourites because I need to look like I have lashes or else my eyes look like dots.  When MAC sent over some of their mascaras to try out, I'm not going to lie, I did a happy dance because I love writing these posts!  The photos do the talking but I'll do a bit of talking today too.

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash mascara is one I've been wanting to try for ages after seeing Jaclyn Hill using it on her bottom lashes in most of her videos.  Well, I've been using it on both top and bottom lashes and can safely say that no other mascara has gotten a look in since I started using it.

The long and slender wand makes sure I can reach every single solitary lash without poking myself in the eyeball which is always a good thing.  I'm not going to lie, I found lashes I didn't know I had (and maybe found a hair the length of an eyelash on my actual eyelid, but shhh or I'll sound like a hairy molly).  The bristles on the wand grab on to each lash and as I comb through the lashes, it packs on the product without any clumping.

You know those mascaras that gives you the feels when the formula is perfect - not too wet and not too dry?  This is one of those and despite only having one coat here in the photos as is the norm with my mascara posts, two coats of this and there's still no sight of clumping.

What it gives me is lift, curl, separation, volume and length.  Pretty much all I want in a mascara.  And best of all is I can really get into the roots on both top and bottom to give the illusion of thicker lashes.  I used to love Clinique's bottom lash mascara for, well, the bottom lashes because the wand was so dinky and this gives me the same effect as that.  But rather than having to use different mascaras for top and bottom lashes, I can do them all in one go with this baby.

With the formula being so lightweight on the lashes, it holds the curl for the day, doesn't flake or smudge on me unless I cry tears of laughter, then we have a situation!  I love how it makes my lashes look wispy and fluttery, while still packing a punch in the drama department and it's the mascara I've been reaching for pretty much every day.

Apparently it can be removed with warm water and I can attest it removes with warm tears!  But I've been using my usual Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which makes fast work of getting rid of it.

It'll set you back €18.50 and I know I'll be purchasing this myself when it runs out.  I'm thinking a backup might need to be bought in the airport and I'll make Joanne buy it too.  Yes, am loving this beaut!

Have you tried this one yet?  What's your favourite MAC mascara?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sally Hansen collection with Natalie B Coleman, photos, swatches, review!

Ah Sally Hansen, you have my heart with this six strong collection of spring hues and darker shades for those of us who aren't quite ready to don brighter nails.  They've teamed up with designer Natalie B Coleman to create this collection to go alongside her Spring Summer 2015 collection.  So last weekend when it was lovely and sunny, I took myself out the back garden to take some photos!

Peach of Cake

I don't need to tell you that I love anything peach or coral when it comes to makeup and nails.  So Peach of Cake was my immediate favourite and the one I reached for first.  This shade teeters on the edge of being neon and I know I'll get lots of wear out of it, especially when I have a bit of a tan and when I'm brave enough to wear something white without the fear I'll spill something on it.  Two coats will do you for real life but for the purpose of these photos, it shows three because I could see a little bit of my nails with two coats.


Enchante is one of those dusky pink shades that's perfect for everyday wear.  It's one of those polishes that has a brown undertone to it, so if you're over the Kylie Jenner 70s inspired lip, then take a bit of inspiration from her and give the 70s nail a go!

SGT Preppy

SGT Preppy is one of those must have spring shades, a bright pink with purple undertones to it.  Of all the shades in the collection, it was the one that was the most dupable and I have a few like this in my stash.  Then again, I have a lot of polishes, so if you're looking for something spring appropriate that'll add some colour to your ensemble, then check it out!  Again, this was a three coater for the photos, but I'd be happy with two.


Moheato was the polish that knocked me upside the head when I applied it on the nails.  In the bottle, it just looks like an unassuming green polish, but on the nails it's almost neon and is as tropical as it comes!  This with a coral handbag and a glass of sangria in my hand is what my holiday will be about I tell you!

Belle of the Ball

Belle of the ball immediately reminded me of Bourjois' Violine Hypnotique and I am obsessed with it.  The first coat is pretty uninspiring and the blue tones are the most prevalent, but that second coat... Oh that's when it becomes this rich burgundy, purpley shade that I'll be wearing all year round.  The really fine shimmer running through it adds a depth and dimension that will have you staring at your nails.  Fact.


Fans of a deep inky midnight blue polish will love Nightwatch.  The glossy finish on these polishes are gorgeous, but with this one, it makes it look like my nails are wet!  For the sophisticated folks out there, this is one worth checking out, but make sure to apply a base coat because this puppy will stain your nails.  I feel like Nightwatch is this year's Essie's Boy Blazer.

The collection is in shops now and will set you back at €8.99 a bottle.  Once again, Sally Hansen have come up trumps with a beautiful collection!

Which one is your favourite?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Video! You know you're a beauty addict when...

Last year and the year before, I wrote a few posts on what it's like being a beauty addict.  The struggle is real people!   Normal people don't know what we go through on a weekly basis and so in order to shed some light on things for them, and to help makeup addicts feel a bit better, I filmed a wee video giving some insight.  Please do leave a comment if you can relate to any of these so that we can all feel normal!!


Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Whisper Challenge!

It's been a while since Joanne and I filmed a video and we thought it was high time we sat down and did one!  Of course, it had to be a stupid one while we ease our way back into filming together.  So I present to you The Whisper Challenge!

So far the response from everyone has been great with almost everyone telling us they cried actual tears of laughter and that's always a good thing!  So remove one's mascara before watching it!

If you have any stupid video suggestions we can do in the future, let us know in the comments!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Leeeeedle white lies beauty addicts sometimes tell!

Last night on the Twitters, I was having the chats with some of my fellow bloggers and we got around to some of the little white lies we tell the people we love to prevent them from thinking we're absolute lunatics.  I'm not entirely sure if we're succeeding in that, but sure we can try and hide it for as long as possible.

I once told my family the cost of two MAC brushes (airport too, so it was even cheaper than it should've been) and they literally stopped in their tracks.  Big mistake.  They were how much for two?!  Then my survival instinct kicked in and I told them that they were made by blind nuns.  They didn't believe me but the laughter made them forget how much I'd paid for them.  Phew, that was a close one.

When I've had a particularly rampant spending spree in Boots and Joanne sees it and asks if it was sent to me, sometimes I say yeah.  The shame of being sent so much stuff and yet buying even more just gets to me!  But this is the thing, I'm a full blown beauty addict and will continue to buy all the things all the time.

What little white lies have you told to hide your beauty obsession from loved ones?  It's ok, we won't judge you here because chances are we've already told the same ones and listen, by telling us here, you might be helping out a fellow makeup addict in the future because I for one will be taking notes!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The lip products I have on my desk and in my bag

I've done posts like this before and love hearing what others have on their desk and in their bag!  I have the exact same circle of lippie life in that I wonder why I'm having shoulder pain, decide to go through my bag, find eleven million lip products in there, take them all out, put on bag, wonder why it feels so weird, feel like I've constantly left my wallet somewhere due to lightness of bag, start plopping more lip products in each day, usually one or two due to testing out and feeling bad for leaving them at home.

So this is what I currently have in my bag and what I keep on my desk in terms of lip products.  And if you think I'm weird, please note that in the past I've had a good 18-20 products in there, so make of that what you will.  (I agree, I'm a lunatic)

I'm a lip balm addict and panic if I only have one in my bag, so I have a good three to four on rotation at any given time.  I'm still in denial that Space NK have discontinued their Life lip balm because it was seriously brilliant.  So I'm squeezing every last drop out of this tube.  A similar lip balm is the Glam Balm Lip from Rodial which has the same gel texture but the packaging makes for messy application each time I use it.  I always squirt too much out, but it's really lovely and I'll finish the tube.  I always have a tube of Cicaplast Lips from La Roche-Posay on the go and it's melt on your lips texture gives a hit of hydration and nourishment.  Finally we have the Lanolips 101 Ointment which can be used as a lip balm or on cuticles.  I was only sent this the other day but already know it's love and I'll be purchasing it myself.  It doesn't matter that it's made of sheep juice.

My bag and desk is never without a bit of Clarins and the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is a winner, adding a lovely glossy finish to the lips while feeling like I'm giving them a treatment.  The Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in Rose feels so comfortable on the lips and gives a wash of milky pink colour which is perfect for spring.  Yes, when I go on my holidays I'm going to buy the coral and orange shade and possibly the rosewood one too.  Love these so much and I'm nearing the end of mine!

Shiseido sent me one of their Veiled Rouge lipsticks in shade PK304, or as I like to call it, the most gorgeous peach shade ever.  I'll be talking about this in more detail in an upcoming blog post, but this semi-sheer, glossy lipstick is absolutely beautiful and I want to check out more shades.  It glides over the lips like buttah and again, like every other lip product on this list, gives my lips moisture and nourishment.

Maybelline Color Whisper in Made it Mauve is the perfect "my lips but better" shade and at the time of writing this, I've also added Pin Up Peach into my bag.  I really hope Maybelline brings these here because they knock Revlon's Lip Butters out of the water in terms of formula and lasting power.  I'll do a full review on them in the hopes that Maybelline decide just on that review alone to bring them here!

Ah my beloved Burberry lipstick in Golden Peach.  I've done a full blog post on this and it's the brightest of the three I picked up and keep it handy for when I'm heading out after work and want to add a little somethin' somethin' to my exhausted mush!

So now it's over to you, what's in your bag or on your desk?


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Topshop eyeshadow in Wax and Wane is all kinds of gorgeous!

Only a beauty lover like myself would not bother looking at the clothes in Topshop when having a mosey in Newry recently.  No, while Joanne was trying something on, I found myself at the makeup stand and proceeded to cover myself in swatches.  I caught sight of this stunner of a shadow and once I swatched it and caught my breath again, I popped it in my basket and left it untouched until I could take photos of it.  This killed me.

Wax and Wane.  That's all I know about this shadow other than it's the most duochome-y shadow I've ever seen and can actually genuinely say I have nothing like this in my collection, hence the purchase.  I think it set me back £5 or thereabouts, might be limited edition but still, when you get the calling with something like this, you do what has to be done, and what has to be done is that you buy it.  The end.

It's a shade that needs to be seen in the flesh because twenty odd photos of the pan up close still doesn't show how multidimensional it is.  It has a brown base with a green duochrome sheen that looks almost blue or purple when the light hits it.  So bloody complicated to explain!

But let's get looking on the eyeballs shall we.

Topshop Wax and Wane eyeshadow - dry
Used dry as a wash of colour gives an almost wet look to the lids which is lovely and delicate and perfect for those days where you don't want to look like you're wearing a lot of makeup.  The duo chrome aspect means that when you blend the edges, the only thing that's left is the brown base, so it basically does the work for you.  You get the sheen on your lids and the brown in the crease, adding definition.  I'd definitely wear it to work dry and as there can be a bit of fall out with it, apply it with your finger or with a flat eyeshadow brush and pat it on to make sure you don't look like a disco ball.  You'll thank me later.

Topshop Wax and Wane eyeshadow - wet
When used wet, the green duo chrome is amped up and it reminds me of MAC's Club eyeshadow on steroids.  I like to take an eyeshadow brush and spray it with a setting spray or a primer, in this case I used the new Smashbox Primer Water and then picked up lots of product with the wet brush.  What you get is a finish that draws so much light to the eyes and is perfect for a night out.

Topshop Wax and Wane eyeshadow wet (left), dry (right)
Do yourself a favour, go to your nearest Topshop and get this if they have any left.  Your eyeballs will never look the same and it'll be sure to get people asking what you're wearing!  So now because of these one thing, I'm very intrigued at all things makeup in Topshop.  What do I need to try next?

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