Monday, May 11, 2015

Essence The Gel Nail Polish collection - photos, swatches

As soon as these polishes arrived at the house a few weeks ago, I knew I'd be bringing them to Spain with me for photos because they're summer in nail polish form.  The Essence Gel Nail Polish collection is on stands now and with a massive 46 shades on offer and at only €1.79 each, you'd be hard pushed not to find a handful of shades you love!

The idea is to use the accompanying base coat and top coat (€3.09 each) to help give a high shine, gel like finish, but without the hassle of having to use lamps and curing.  And with the sheer number of shades available, I'll be changing my nail colour every few days as it is, so being able to remove it with normal nail polish remover suits me just grand.  Now this post is just a swatch fest, not a proper review because I rarely keep my polishes on for longer than a couple of days at a time and can't say if they last 60% longer than regular polishes, but I've given them to Joanne to give them a trial because I'm very hard on my nails as it is, am a polish picker-offer and all of these reasons are why I never talk about longevity when it comes to nail polishes!

Anyway, back to the photos!

Now, we took the swatch photos pool side on Saturday, the day we were flying home, so we're missing three shades, the lemon, pale pink and black, but I think swatches of eight shades will give you a grand indication of the pigmentation and opacity of each polish and a general feel for the range itself.  Each of the photos show two coats and the brushes on each polish were the same - nice and wide for a one swipe application.

Each time I applied a shade to Joanne's nails, she would say "Ooh this is my favourite" and after the first four, I knew it was going to be the running theme!  Each of the shades applied smoothly and evenly and while we didn't apply the topcoat for the photos as we were short on time, you can see that each shade has a high shine finish as it is.  That's in spanish sun, so who knows if you'll get any shine at all in this grey weather!

My favourites are Wonderfuel because look at that purple and blue duo chrome.... I'm obsessed with Play With My Mint, Indian Summer (of course, it's peach) and 4 Ever Young and at €1.79 each, I don't mind buying them myself having been so generous to Joanne!

Do yourself a favour and raid your purse for change because that's all you'll need to pick up some of these!  Which is your favourite shade here?  If you're looking for me, I'll be checking out the rest of the collection in my local chemist!



  1. A lovely collection of colours! Quite taken with the Mints

  2. I love the mint one, think I'll get it! I can't believe you brought them on holibobs with you, talk about dedication to the cause :D :D :D x


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