Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DKNY Delicious Delights

Lads, we can get our sweet fix this summer thanks to DKNY who have expanded their Be Delicious range even more to include these three limited edition sorbet inspired fragrances that will put a pep in your step and lift your mood instantly!  The Delicious Delights collection is going to make you want to head to the shops and treat yourself to something special.  And as I'm back on the Slimming World bandwagon, I'm not allowing myself any actual ice creams, so these are making a grand calorie free treat!

Cool Swirl

This is my favourite of the three and it smells like holidays.  With top notes of blackcurrent, violet leaf and coconut water, it's the least sweet of the trio on first application.  When that dries down to the heart of magnolia, jasmine and pistachio, the softened scent makes it the more sophisticated of the three and ultimately the most wearable for a bridie of my age (ahem).  The musky patchouli base notes helps round out the fragrance and helps it stick around for ages.

Fruity Rooty

Fruity Rooty opens with notes of blackberry, mandarin and blackcurrant and is very fitting with the purple and pink bottle.  But despite that initial hit of fruity sweetness, it's the dry down of candied apple sorbet, rose petals and violet flower that gives it a more grown up and rounder edge before the vanilla and musk settles in.  It's still slightly too sweet for me, but sure that's what perfume is all about, it's a personal taste isn't it?


Fans of orange scents will love this sweet and juicy fragrance that hits you instantly with notes of mandarin, raspberry and blackcurrant before the heart of green apple, peach nectar and apricot sorbet takes hold.  It's the perfume equivalent of spritzing yourself with a smoothie!  Base notes of cedar wood, sandalwood and vanilla take the edge off the sweetness, giving it a softer and creamier finish.

So if you're watching your sugar intake this summer, skip the actual sorbets and give these a sniff next time you're in the shops.  If you're a fan of sweet scents, then Fruity Rooty and Dreamsicle are ones to check out, and if like me you like something a little creamier and softer, then give Cool Swirl a sniff.  It has my vote and I'm hurtling through it at mad speed!

They retail at €49 but are currently on sale in Debenhams with 20% off.


  1. Mmm I've smelt these and absolutely love them! Dreamsicle is my favourite. Smells like juicy peaches :)

    Kat |

  2. I love DKNY apple perfumes....can't wait to give these a little spritz if I see them in the shops! x

  3. Jessica BlundellJune 3, 2015 at 4:05 PM

    Fruity Rooty sounds gorgeous! Ohhh I think I will have to try this one out! Thanks Karen - great blog! x

  4. Fantastic, I already own the Kiko one but kept thinking I needed the By Terry one as I keep seeing it mentioned on videos, glad I found this before I splashed out on something I already own x

  5. Hey the darphin cc cream looks really good in photos, but how does it look like outside in the sunlight? Does it still look like natural skin? I'm thinking of getting it, I have high expectations for it. I hope it doesn't cling to dry patchy skin because that would be horrible!

  6. love DKNY perfumes, can't wait to give these a sniff. Karen, your blog photos are fantastic!

  7. Great, Like you I also love the misty rocks shades, It's cool, I just recently get this
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    Misty rock brilliant creamy eye shadow in a pencil form


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