Monday, August 24, 2015

Clarins Ombre Matte eyeshadows Heather & Carbon review, photos!

Remember when matte eyeshadows were a thing to be scared of?  They were the products only to be touched and used by the professionals because they were notoriously difficult to use, especially by us mere mortals.  Those days are gone my friends and now there are some really fantastic matte shadows on the market that even the most cack handed of us can get to grips with!  Today we're going to have the chats about two new shades from Clarins' Ombre Matte collection - Heather and Carbon.

Hands up, I did a full blown squeak of happiness when Heather arrived because I fell in love with it at the launch a few weeks ago.  This soft purple with grey undertones to it is eyeball perfection and for someone with green eyes, it was made for me.  I've tried the Ombre Matte shadows in the past and they do not disappoint one bit.  We're talking creamy, smooth, pigmented, so easy to apply and blend and they stay put all day.  As always, I have to apply an eyeshadow base no matter what I use and once I do that, I get the full work day out of these.

Check out Heather in all it's glory...

Now you know me, I'm in the more is more camp when it comes to makeup, so had to pack on a bit more!  I applied Carbon into the outer corner and took it under the lower lashes to add a bit of smokiness to the look.  And I always like to line the waterline when doing something smoky, so I lashed on a bit of Clarins Crayon Kohl in Carbon Black for the craic.

Carbon is just as soft and pigmented as Heather so I made sure to apply it lightly so as not to take over the whole look and make me look like I'd panda eyes.  The finish on them though is absolutely gorgeous.  Matte, soft, almost velvety and are eyeshadows that are suited to all ages.  As we get older, we're told that shimmer can highlight dry, crepey lids and while I won't be retiring my shimmers or glitters anytime soon, I'll be rocking a matte lid lots this autumn and winter.

The Ombre Matte eyeshadows are €22.50 and if you're looking for some beautiful shadows to ease you into autumn, then definitely check these out.  I'm totally obsessed with Heather and predict that'll sell out quickly!  Get yourself to your nearest Clarins counter now and check these out along with the rest of the autumn collection which I'll be showing you soon!

If you're not near a Clarins counter or like a bit of online shopping (don't we all), then they're available on Debenhams website!


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