Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick - Best of the Best review

So Rimmel think they've found The Only 1.  The only lipstick we'll ever need forever and ever amen.  And since getting the shade Best of the Best in a goodie bag recently, I've had this song in my head every time I whip it out and as I write this blog post, it's playing in a loop non stop!

I have to admit, I love the packaging.  It reminds me of something much more expensive like Estee Lauder or Urban Decay and makes a welcome change from the usual Rimmel packaging.  If they're going to market it as The Only 1, then they needed to do something different.

Packaging aside, it's the formula that really kicks things up a notch and makes me sit up and take notice.  With Rosa Fruit Oil and Vitamin E to moisturise, this feels gorgeous on the lips and coming into the colder months, I will be needing all the help I can get.  The Only 1 lippies have a hybrid formula, meshing moisturisation with something that's long lasting and comfortable to wear.

Best of the best is a vibrant raspberry shade and the pigmentation is second to none.  As soon as I swatched it on the back of my hand, I knew I was on to something special because that's just one swipe you're seeing above.  When applying it to my lips, I needed to use a lip brush to get crisp edges and that's just because the colour payoff was so intense.  With a lighter shade, I've no doubt I'd be able to lash it on like a good thing.  Despite the intense colour payoff, this feels so lightweight and is an absolute joy to wear.

Check me out with a raspberry lip!

There are going to be 15 shades and rest assured, if Best of the Best is anything to go by, I'll be picking more up when they launch in the next couple of weeks.  €8.99 is actually nothing for a lipstick of this quality and I think we're going to be hard pressed to find anything better for under a tenner!

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Friday, September 25, 2015

HerClutterBox review - makeup storage lovers take note!

Being a bone fide beauty lover and hoarder collector, storage is something I'm always playing around with.  I love reading posts and watching videos to see how people organise their stash and have gotten so much inspiration over the years from fellow makeup lovers.  Let's call a spade a spade.  We love makeup and will continue to buy it so we may as well get in contact with whoever looks after the casting for Channel 4's Hoarders.

HerClutterBox sent out the Crystal Clear 4 Drawer box for me to review and it totally fits in with the theme of my beauty room. I keep it either on my desk like so when I want to feel all inspired and surrounded by beauty products, or nestled in my Kallax (check out my Instagram LovelyGirlyBits for a photo of how perfectly it fits into one of the spaces!)

I got the 4 drawer to fill to my heart's content and was surprised with how sturdy and big it was.  I've seen cheaper acrylic storage units that don't feel as good quality or heavy duty as this one.  I've also seen lots of people with Muji storage and always thought they looked a bit small for my liking, only allowing one layer of lip products in the shallow drawers.  See, if I'm going to incorporate something into my makeup storage system, I need it to look pretty, store lots, not take up too much space and make it a pleasure to use.  This comes with two sets of grid dividers so you can separate the drawers into as many sections as you like.  I don't think I can ever explain to you how much I love organising makeup and beauty products!

Look at how much makeup this holds...

The top three drawers are shallow, but I can still fit in two layers of lipsticks and mascaras.  The bottom drawer is deeper and holds bigger items like bottles, tubs, perfumes, you get the gist of it.  I went through my stash and picked out what I wanted to display in my unit and as I love seeing what people have, I thought you might enjoy this too!

Top drawer

The top drawer slides out and also has a lid that lifts up should you be so inclined.  I'm using it to store mascaras I'm currently testing out or need to test along with some lippies from Essence, Rimmel and Max Factor.  I've used the dividers to split the drawer into four and in the top left quadrant I have a couple of bits from Essence, but there's totally room for more!  And finally on the top right I have some nail products from Maybelline that I'll be blogging about next week and some of my favourite nail shades from Essence too.

Second drawer

I decided to split this drawer up into six and it's worked out perfectly.  I have so many mini MAC pigments that I hardly ever use so hopefully by keeping them here I'll wear them more.  A little bit of Max Factor in the blush department, some Becca highlight and MAC bronzer will keep my cheeks looking gorgeous.  But see those Michael Kors perfumes on the bottom right?  Review is imminent because they are seriously amazing.

Third drawer

I kept this drawer undivided and have liners I'll be doing a feature on, that Smashbox Contour trio that I still haven't gotten around to using, some new products from Seventeen and Sleek.  So you'll be seeing the contents of this drawer on the blog or in videos in the near future.

Bottom drawer

This is the drawer of stuff that I am using, need to review, have ideas for features about them and want to have them to hand.  There's a bit of haircare, some perfumes, bit of body care and face masks.

The Crystal Clear 4 Drawer box is priced at €139 but is currently on sale at €114 here so if you want to invest in some makeup storage (which will totally make you want to buy more makeup to fill it), then check out the HerClutterBox website.

What do you use to store your makeup?  I think I need to do an updated makeup storage video, what do you think!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara review, before & after photos

Ah mascara.  You are my desert island product.  The thing I can never be without.  The thing that I forgot to apply one day years ago and had everyone at work asking me if I was ok.  So without you, I look beady eyed and sick.  And in the words of Whitney Houston, I decided long ago (never to walk in anyone's shadow) but also to make it my mission to try as many mascaras as possible.

Today it's the turn of L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara.

Something that I've seen with a few different mascaras is the curved wand that has longer bristles at the outer edge and that's to make sure that the outer lashes get lots of product applied to them, giving you feline eyeballs.  

Application was nice and easy and I managed to use the brush as advised and pack my outer lashes with product!  Very feline altogether!  What I like about a mascara like this is it looks like the base of my lashes is really thick and that I have liner on the outer half of my lid.  I feel very Angelina Jolie when this happens as she's mad for the winged liner from the middle of her lid outwards.

This is fantastic everyday mascara which makes me look more awake thanks to the lift and curl it gives to the lashes.  Because the formula is really glossy and on the thinner side thanks to argan and camelia oil which conditions the lashes so you can rest assure that you won't have a hint of a crispy lash with this.

In terms of volume, I've definitely used mascaras that give more thickness and oomph to my lashes, but it gives lots of length, lift, curl and separation.  So much separation that after two coats (these photos show just the one coat), there's still no clumping.  I couldn't get this to clump if I tried!  

This is now the mascara I'll be reaching for when I want to look wide eyed and bushy tailed!  It's on stands now and will set you back €14.99.

Are you a fan of the feline eyeball?

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

YSL La Laque Couture 201 Le Rouge Mat

There is nothing sweeter than a gorgeous red nail polish.  One that's like the Goldilocks of reds in that it's not too blue based and not to orange based.  Say hello to YSL La Laque Coutier in 201 Le Rouge Mat.  She is very amazing and I love her.

YSL have taken four iconic shades of La Laque coutures and turned them into mattes, meaning we can still pretend we're classic bridies with our staple shades, but with a bit more modernity.  Yes, we can be classically modern!  So they've mattified Le Rouge, the one I have here today, Le Orange, Le Fuchsia and Le Nu.  I'm already thinking I want to check out the orange shade next... But let's talk about Le Rouge first.

I know I sound like the ultimate beauty junkie when I say this, but the YSL packaging for polishes gets me every time!  And the red polish with the gold lid just gets me in the feels.  The beauty junkie, nail polish collecting, have 20 other reds in my stash but still love this, feels.

The gold lid comes off to reveal a small black lid which makes life much easier when applying and the wide brush means that I can coat my nails in a couple of strokes with minimal mess.  As someone who likes to paint her nails in front of the TV, this is a crucial factor in whether I use a polish a lot or not.  This will get lots of use between now and Christmas, fact.

One coat is really pigmented and would be good enough for real life, but for the purpose of these close up photos, I've applied two coats.  It goes on nice and evenly and dries to the matte finish, quelle surprise!  I always find that matte polishes appear to dry quicker than regular polishes, but if you start faffing about and doing things too quickly, you'll find that while it might feel dry to the touch, it can get dented and scuffed until it dries,

I think this is such a gorgeous shade and even if you buy it and love it, you can apply a glossy top coat over it for a shiny finish.  At the time of writing this, I have a glossy hand and a matte hand and I love them both!

If you're on the hunt for a treat for yourself, then €24 is the damage and the four matte shades will be on counters from October 1st.

Are you tempted?  And are you a classically modern bridie like myself?

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Monday, September 21, 2015

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss Lip Glosses - my new favourite glosses!

Now, L'Oreal's Infallible Mega Gloss Lip Glosses have been out for a couple of months already and I bought one when they launched but of course couldn't find it for today's post, so I'm guessing it's on my desk at work, but I'll show it to you soon!  I was sent three of the twenty shades on offer to test out a few weeks ago and the verdict is in.

The twenty shades are broken up into five categories, so if you can't find a finish you like, then you will never be happy in life.  Just kidding!  There are three creams, five dazzles, four neons, four mattes and four extreme and you can absolutely layer some on top of others for an extra bit of pizzaz.

The wand has one of those bent doe foot applications with a little well that picks up enough product to apply a decent layer on the lips and I'm able to get a nice crisp line with the very tip of the wand.  Let's do a little close up shot of the three shades and then we'll have the chats about each one.

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss Lip Glosses Disco Ball (top), Sayonara Sunset (middle), The Bigger The Better (bottom)
These lip glosses are some of the most comfortable I've ever worn and as a gloss fiend, this says a lot.  They have hyaluronic acid which helps hydrate the lips and coming into the colder months, this is always high on my list when it comes up lip products.  The top two shades have fantastic shine and none of the colours are sticky or gloopy.  They're a bloody joy to wear.

Disco Ball

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss Lip Glosses - Disco Ball
Now Disco Ball isn't one that I'd wear too often on it's own as it's a tad too frosty for me, but over a really pigmented shade, even like The Bigger The Better which you'll see below, it adds fantastic shine.  But in the photo above, I think the 80s are calling me and I'm afraid if I listen to them that I'll end up with frosty blue eyeshadow on my lids!  It's the lightest of the five Dazzle shades and I'd be interested in checking out the darker ones, for the blog and all... Ahem...

Sayonara Sunset

Sayonara is one of the neons and it's actually less scary on the lips than in the tube.  It's a gorgeous coraly pink that's really flattering and wearable and even though it looks crazy bright, I think this is one I'll get the most wear out of!  It's totally office appropriate, is a shade I can apply when walking along the street trying not to fall and without a mirror and I love it.

The Bigger The Better

Now, The Bigger The Better absolutely terrified me to my very neutral lip loving core when I applied that first swipe, but as I continued to fill my lips in, I fell in the ultimate love with it.  Yes it's a matte shade but it's the least drying matte I've ever used and it feels like velvet on the lips.  The pigmentation is on the extreme level and it never fully dries, so be aware that it might move around on the lips, but that still hasn't stopped me from wanting to try out the nude shade, Amen, and a fab reddy orange, Rasputine Me, when I allow myself to enter the shops again!  I found that this shade started to fade around the 3-4 hour mark, presumably quicker if I was eating or drinking, but left my lips evenly stained and without highlighting any dry bits.  Fans of bright lips had better sit up and take note!

These retail at €11.99 but there are always offers on in Boots.  And you best believe if I see them on 3 for 2, I'll be picking up three more because I love em!

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Really random haul ft Penneys, Kate Spade, Hippenings, TK Maxx & more!

Over the past few weeks, I've made a concerted effort to stop myself from buying makeup, but as a beauty junkie, this can be a difficult thing to stick to.  Not this time!  Except I seem to have replaced purchasing makeup with purchasing random stuff.   Really random stuff!  So in an effort to justify these purchases, I thought I'd film a video to show everything to you.  Oh lads, there's some stationary, some home wear and something that I should've investigated properly before showing it to you as it turns out I can't read wiggly handwriting!

Anyway, let's get stuck into the video shall we!  All links to purchase are below!

Products mentioned:

TK Maxx prints - €6.99

Tiger shelf unit thingy - €15.00

Ban.Do I Am Very Busy agenda - €27.65 - Buy

Kate Spade Spiral Notebook - €17.50 - Buy

Rituals White Lotus & YiYi Ren Foaming Shower Gel - €8 - Buy

Rituals Home Fragrance Sticks - €23.50 - Buy

Penneys hangers - €5

Penneys Velvetghost lights - €8

Penneys Single End Charging Cables - €1.50 each

Dorothy Perkins Tile Print Kimono - €24 - Buy

Anker Portable Charger - £17.99 - Buy

Marie Kondo The Life Changing Magic of Tidying - £7.69 - Buy

So happy shopping everyone and I hope I've given you some inspiration to buy stuff you don't need but will love!  And Joanne has given me orders to pick her up a pack of those prints from TK Maxx, so hopefully I can find 'em!

**Some of these links are affiliate links - Read disclosure policy here**


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Are you a Snaddict?

I know I talk an awful lot about Snapchat, but that's what I do when I absolutely love something!  I want people to know all about it, use it and love it like I do.  I started using Snapchat back in April I think and since then, my addiction has taken over like nowt else.  So much so, that I thought a video was in order, so that a) you could see how bad things are and b) I could hope that everyone will also say they are a Snapchat addict (Snaddict) and I would feel completely normal...

I still think Snapchat is my favourite way to connect with everyone, chat about life, squirts, pubicles, beauty and have the craic.  I can tell you when a video has been uploaded, when a blog post has gone up and other random details of life.  And now scarily there are over 7,000 eyeballs on my snaps every day!  No pressure eh?

So watch this here video and do let me know if you are a fellow Snaddict.  Don't leave me hanging!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shades of copper for autumn ft Fuschia, Charlotte Tilbury, MAC!

Autumn is here whether we like it or not and I'm delighted because this means I take full inspiration from my surroundings.  I love anything burgundy, copper, burnished gold and feel so snuggly when I'm wearing any of these shades.  Yes, I like to have cosy eyes.  Shut up, it's a thing!

Since starting the blog and taking up close photos of my eyeballs and subsequently realising I have green eyes and not in fact blue, I've embraced anything that will compliment my eye colour.  And I wanted to focus on all things copper today.  Yes, this metal has taken home decor by storm in 2015, but I love it on my eyeballs, and you'll see why in a minute.

I went through my stash to pick out my favourite copper bits and pieces for my eyes and it was only when swatched all together that I realised they're pretty identical.  And yet I love them all.

Left - right: Fuschia pigment Bronze Brass dry, Fuschia Pigment Bronze Brass wet, MAC Antiqued, Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita copper shade, Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Bronzed Garnet 

MAC Burgundy Times Nine palette

I've been making my way through this palette for the past couple of months and have a full review on it here, but I couldn't talk about copper anything without including it.  I still think it is one of the most gorgeous palettes for green eyes and I still use it all the time.  And because of it's travel friendly size, it's perfect for popping in the makeup bag to go from desk to dinner.  If the rest of you looks haggard and crap, your eyes will be on point.  My favourite shade is Antiqued, that delicious shade on the left in the middle row.  The rest of the shades are gorgeous don't get my wrong, but this one is special and I have the full sized version too (which I totally forgot about until I was searching my stash.  That's not normal.)

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon - Bronzed Garnet

I'm a sucker for an eyeshadow crayon because they're handy for on the go touching upping of one's makeup and make the perfect base for eyeshadows.  It's worth mentioning that these can crease so either apply an eyeshadow base first, or apply one thin layer of Bronzed Garnet, blend it out with your finger and apply a second layer when it's set.  And if you're stuck, they can be used as liners too. I bought Bronzed Garnet last year and still love using it on it's own or under the next product...

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette

I bought this last year too and still reach for it when I want to feel all fancy.  You can read my full review here complete with a video tutorial showing it in action alongside Bronzed Garnet above.  Used together with Bronzed Garnet, my eye makeup stays in place well past the end of the work day and I kind of want another Charlotte Tilbury quad.  For the blog and all!  If you're looking to treat yourself, then definitely check this one out!

Fuschia Loose Mineral Eye Dust - Brown Brass

This pigment is what inspired this whole post because it arrived last week for me to test and as soon as I swatched it on the back of my hand, I fell in love with how multifaceted it was.  A lot of copper teamed with a smidge of gold and it was instant obsession.

Brown brass wet (left), dry (right).
Loose pigments can be messy to work with so I generally use them with a wet brush to minimise fall out.  If you don't want to use them wet, then use your eyeshadow brush to pick up whatever product is in the lid and in all instances, whether wet or dry, pat the product on with a flat eyeshadow brush.  Pigments and fluffy brushes do not mix so unless you want a face full of copper, listen to me and take heed!

I literally can't get enough of copper and in these eyeball photos, all I've used is the Brown Brass pigment wet on the eyes and lined my waterline with Bronzed Garnet.  That's it.  What I'm left with is very amazing metallic eyes that makes me happy my peepers are green.  I'll be checking out more of Fuschia's pigments in the near future because this is gorgeous!  Now as usual I have to use a primer to keep things crease free, but this autumn, I'll be wearing Bronze Brass out and about lots!  And for €12.95, they're great value too because there's not a hope in hell I'll ever go through an entire pot of this.  For a list of Fuschia stockists, check out their website.

And so concludes my copper story today.  It's weird that I'm sitting here writing this post admiring my eyeballs isn't it?

What are your favourite copper products because you know I need to add more to my collection!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Buy your Trek4Life ticket and come have chats this Sunday!

Lads, this Sunday I'm doing something completely out of my comfort zone and I can't wait!  Let me explain.

Kelly Donegan is organising a fundraiser in aid of the Irish Cancer Society and has put together what promises to be an amazing day of chats, craic and everything in between!

It's a day packed of inspirational bridies (and me, the token gobshite) who will be speaking on a whole hape of topics including social media, health, fitness, career, motivation and I'll be on a panel with two of my favourite bridies, AJ Fitzsimons and Aisling Keenan, talking about beauty, blogging and everything else that will take our fancy.

If you know me at all, you know that I'll be having nervous times all day Saturday, might not be able to sleep that night and as I won't be able to have coffee for reasons that long time followers on Snapchat will know, I'll need your help and need you to come so I can see some friendly faces in the audience!  No seriously, I may die of the squirts that morning.

But apart from possible death from squirts, we'll have the best day with lots of laughs.  We'll learn so much from all the speakers (I'll be staying for the whole day to pick up tips myself) there'll be goody bags, free food and drinky poos, and I'll be snapping throughout the day too.

Tickets are €20 and are going directly to the Irish Cancer Society, so you're doing a good deed while having the ultimate craic!  Let me know if you get tickets so I know I'll be seeing some friendly faces!

You can buy the tickets here so go get yours now while they're still available and let's have a great day this Sunday!

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour kit review

I never really jumped on board with the whole strobing thing as I'm too much of a fan of contouring.  If something will help me sculpt some cheekbones and add dimension to my face (and help me shave a few pounds off my face) then I'm not giving it up for anything!

Maybelline's contour kit was sent for me to test a few weeks back and I've been putting it through it's paces.  There are two shades, light/medium and medium/dark and I could totally get away with using both.  The lighter version is what I've been using most of the time, but I think I'll be hitting up the darker one in the colder months.  I always feel the need to pack my makeup on when the weather's chillier, I don't know why!

The packaging is decent with a compact that lifts up revealing a mirror and a brush that I'll probably only use when I'm out and about.  A third of the compact is made up of the finely milled highlighter and the other two thirds consists of the bronzer.  I think the ratio is pretty spot on as I know I definitely use more bronzer than highlight.

I love a natural contour, especially for during the day.  It's so easy to go a bit heavy handed with makeup, especially when you're trying to slap it on at the crack of dawn with no natural light.  And that's why I'm such a fan of this contour kit.  See, sometimes I can apply my makeup in the morning in a mad rush, check myself in the mirror thinking I'm fabaliss, only to get to work, look at myself in the mirror in proper daylight and realise I could give Ru Paul a run for her money with the sheer amount of makeup I've lashed on.

Check out that before and after swatch above.  Doesn't it look like they're my actual cheekbones?  And while the highlighter isn't shimmery or glittery, it gives a really soft sheen to the skin, plumping up my cheeks beautifully.  Both powders are so finely milled, feel like velvet on the skin and basically blend themselves!  It's one of the more subtle contour kits I've used, but is totally one of the most effective at pretending I have actual cheekbones.

I think this is my new favourite budget contour kit lads.  If you're a bit scared of contouring, aren't sure what you're doing, or afraid you'll end up mahogifying your face, get this and you will be absolutely grand.  It's €9.99 in Boots, and your cheekbones will love you for it!

Now, do I look anything remotely like Molly King here?  And how do I go about getting myself a David Gandy?

Monday, September 7, 2015

We need your vote in the Irish Blog Awards!

So somehow we've managed to make the shortlist in the Irish Blog Awards this year in two categories!  Best Beauty Blog and Best Innovation Blog for our YouTube channel.  We've never gotten past the Long List stage and I suspect our journey will end at this point, but still, we're going down fighting and need your help!

This year, 30% of the score is based on a public vote as the judges want to see that we have actual readers and an audience.  The other 70% will be decided by judges who have a scoring system.

If you love what we do here on the blog or on our YouTube channel, we'd absolutely love your vote and will be your best friends!

Behold the links you need!

To vote for us as Best Beauty Blog, then click here like a good child and pick Lovely Girlie Bits.

To vote for our YouTube channel in the Best Innovation Blog, then click here and pick us!

Thanks so much for all of your support over the past five years here on Lovely Girlie Bits.  You're a grand bunch of bridies altogether!


Clarins Joli Rouge lipsticks review, photos, swatches!

Once in a while, I fall head over heels in love with a product and I find myself giddy with excitement and love.  It takes me ages to blog about it because I want to do the product justice and make it perfect.  Clarins' Joli Rouge lipsticks did this to me and if you've been following me on Snapchat, you'll know that I took these photos a couple of weeks ago and have been working on this post slowly because I am a crazy person.

I was sent eight of the twenty five shades on offer and truth be told, I want to check out the ones I'm missing because I am a bridie obsessed.  I obviously need a coral shade (because that's my thing) and maybe a dark berry one now that it's coming into autumn.  And potentially an orange one, for Halloween and all.  But let me show you the shades I do have in all their glory.

My Clarins lippie army makes me very happy indeed when lined up like this.  They are pretty mangalated now because I haven't stopped wearing some of the shades over the last few weeks and there are three that I have in my handbag and on my desk all the time; Soft Berry, Lilac Pink and Tea Rose in case you were wondering.

They've repackaged the Joli Rouge lippies and now we're working with gorgeous gold casing that apparently weighs 15% less than the previous packaging.  Why did I bother to mention this to you and why is this important?  As someone who carries around a lot of lip products with her on a daily basis, I need to factor information like this in.  I'm getting on in years and need to mind my back and all!

With ingredients like marsh samphire extract and mango oil, these are truly the most moisturising lipsticks I've ever used.  But even then, despite the rich texture, they feel so lightweight on the lips and yet pack a punch in the pigmentation stakes.  They last a couple of hours on me before I need to reapply and seriously, no other lip product has gotten a look in since I've been trialling them.

Ok, let's do swatches and a brief chat about the shades shall we?

Soft Berry

Soft Berry is one of my favourite shades and is more of a soft terracotta shade rather than a berry one.  But it's a stunning neutral lip shade that help lifts my complexion and is perfect for autumn with it's warm undertones.

Hot Pink

If you're a fan of bright fuchsia lips then you need to check out Hot Pink.  It's seriously pigmented and despite not wearing many pink products like this, I love it!

Candy Rose

Candy Rose is a really pretty mid toned pink that makes me think of spring time.  It's a delicate shade that makes me feel all lady like and ready for Downton Abbey!

Joli Rouge

Would you just look at the pigmentation of Joli Rouge.... It's one of the most beautiful reds I've ever applied and then been terrified to leave the house wearing and I'm obsessed... I'd advise using a lipliner or applying a layer, blotting and then applying a second layer because I found it bled slightly in the corners of my mouth when I was filming recently.  I love it...

Delicious Pink

Delicious Pink is a fabulous neutral pink that isn't too far off Candy Rose which is slightly more purple toned than this one.  It's one of those safe pinks for me to wear in that I don't feel too self conscious wearing it!

Lilac Pink

Lilac Pink is one of my favourite shades and I do love an aul pink with purple undertones to it.  It makes for a nice change when it comes to neutral lips and I've been using this to beat the band.

Tea Rose

I knew Tea Rose was going to be my favourite based on the name alone.  I've tried lots of different lip products with that same name but this one is something special.  It's the perfect nude lip with peachy caramel undertones and this will be the one I'll use up first.  Fact.  It's my perfect everyday shade.

Pink Ginger

Pink Ginger screams Pumpkin Spiced Latte and autumn leaves!  I know I'll be wearing this all the time now that it's September and it's one of those shades that makes me want to wear scarves, be cosy and enjoy the next couple of months!  It's warmer and more orange toned than Soft Berry and I think it makes my eyes greener.  Any excuse to wear it more eh?!

The Joli Rouge lipsticks are on counters now and for €22, you're going to be getting some seriously gorgeous lipsticks.  I think I'll actually use up a good three or four of these babies!  And for a lip product hoarder, that's a big claim.  Stay tuned to see if it actually happens!

I think this is my favourite lip launch of the year so far and it'll take something very amazing to knock this off the top spot.  True love from Lovely Girlie Bits!
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