Thursday, September 10, 2015

Are you a Snaddict?

I know I talk an awful lot about Snapchat, but that's what I do when I absolutely love something!  I want people to know all about it, use it and love it like I do.  I started using Snapchat back in April I think and since then, my addiction has taken over like nowt else.  So much so, that I thought a video was in order, so that a) you could see how bad things are and b) I could hope that everyone will also say they are a Snapchat addict (Snaddict) and I would feel completely normal...

I still think Snapchat is my favourite way to connect with everyone, chat about life, squirts, pubicles, beauty and have the craic.  I can tell you when a video has been uploaded, when a blog post has gone up and other random details of life.  And now scarily there are over 7,000 eyeballs on my snaps every day!  No pressure eh?

So watch this here video and do let me know if you are a fellow Snaddict.  Don't leave me hanging!


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