Monday, September 7, 2015

Clarins Joli Rouge lipsticks review, photos, swatches!

Once in a while, I fall head over heels in love with a product and I find myself giddy with excitement and love.  It takes me ages to blog about it because I want to do the product justice and make it perfect.  Clarins' Joli Rouge lipsticks did this to me and if you've been following me on Snapchat, you'll know that I took these photos a couple of weeks ago and have been working on this post slowly because I am a crazy person.

I was sent eight of the twenty five shades on offer and truth be told, I want to check out the ones I'm missing because I am a bridie obsessed.  I obviously need a coral shade (because that's my thing) and maybe a dark berry one now that it's coming into autumn.  And potentially an orange one, for Halloween and all.  But let me show you the shades I do have in all their glory.

My Clarins lippie army makes me very happy indeed when lined up like this.  They are pretty mangalated now because I haven't stopped wearing some of the shades over the last few weeks and there are three that I have in my handbag and on my desk all the time; Soft Berry, Lilac Pink and Tea Rose in case you were wondering.

They've repackaged the Joli Rouge lippies and now we're working with gorgeous gold casing that apparently weighs 15% less than the previous packaging.  Why did I bother to mention this to you and why is this important?  As someone who carries around a lot of lip products with her on a daily basis, I need to factor information like this in.  I'm getting on in years and need to mind my back and all!

With ingredients like marsh samphire extract and mango oil, these are truly the most moisturising lipsticks I've ever used.  But even then, despite the rich texture, they feel so lightweight on the lips and yet pack a punch in the pigmentation stakes.  They last a couple of hours on me before I need to reapply and seriously, no other lip product has gotten a look in since I've been trialling them.

Ok, let's do swatches and a brief chat about the shades shall we?

Soft Berry

Soft Berry is one of my favourite shades and is more of a soft terracotta shade rather than a berry one.  But it's a stunning neutral lip shade that help lifts my complexion and is perfect for autumn with it's warm undertones.

Hot Pink

If you're a fan of bright fuchsia lips then you need to check out Hot Pink.  It's seriously pigmented and despite not wearing many pink products like this, I love it!

Candy Rose

Candy Rose is a really pretty mid toned pink that makes me think of spring time.  It's a delicate shade that makes me feel all lady like and ready for Downton Abbey!

Joli Rouge

Would you just look at the pigmentation of Joli Rouge.... It's one of the most beautiful reds I've ever applied and then been terrified to leave the house wearing and I'm obsessed... I'd advise using a lipliner or applying a layer, blotting and then applying a second layer because I found it bled slightly in the corners of my mouth when I was filming recently.  I love it...

Delicious Pink

Delicious Pink is a fabulous neutral pink that isn't too far off Candy Rose which is slightly more purple toned than this one.  It's one of those safe pinks for me to wear in that I don't feel too self conscious wearing it!

Lilac Pink

Lilac Pink is one of my favourite shades and I do love an aul pink with purple undertones to it.  It makes for a nice change when it comes to neutral lips and I've been using this to beat the band.

Tea Rose

I knew Tea Rose was going to be my favourite based on the name alone.  I've tried lots of different lip products with that same name but this one is something special.  It's the perfect nude lip with peachy caramel undertones and this will be the one I'll use up first.  Fact.  It's my perfect everyday shade.

Pink Ginger

Pink Ginger screams Pumpkin Spiced Latte and autumn leaves!  I know I'll be wearing this all the time now that it's September and it's one of those shades that makes me want to wear scarves, be cosy and enjoy the next couple of months!  It's warmer and more orange toned than Soft Berry and I think it makes my eyes greener.  Any excuse to wear it more eh?!

The Joli Rouge lipsticks are on counters now and for €22, you're going to be getting some seriously gorgeous lipsticks.  I think I'll actually use up a good three or four of these babies!  And for a lip product hoarder, that's a big claim.  Stay tuned to see if it actually happens!

I think this is my favourite lip launch of the year so far and it'll take something very amazing to knock this off the top spot.  True love from Lovely Girlie Bits!

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