Thursday, September 3, 2015

Essence All About Eyeshadow - Bronze & Multi-Action mascara before & after photos, review!

I'm back again with more goodies from Essence and this is just because I got so many questions on Snapchat when I wore this exact look over the weekend!  I spoke about the liquid lipsticks the other day and now it's onto the eyes.

Essence have brought out five new eyeshadow palettes and as I do love an aul bronzey eye, that's what I'm focusing on today.  The All About Eyeshadow in Bronze is my kinda palette.  And look at it....

The top row has warm neutrals and the bottom has more goldy tones and as I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to summer yet, I've totally been rocking the bottom row.  For now anyway.   Swatched on the arm, they're a thing of beauty in all their shimmery-ness.

I find that the shades aren't as pigmented though when applied with a brush and the colour can be lost if you blend too much, so what I've been doing is applying the shadow where I want it, blendy blend blend and then I use a finger to apply it to areas like the eyelid to pack more of a punch in the pigmentation department.

If a really pretty, soft, seamless look is what you're after, then these palettes are definitely worth checking out.  Each one is €4.99, so that's for nothing and I love how the gold shades almost have a sheen finish to them rather than glittery or metallic, making this a very work appropriate look.  

The Multi-action mascara totally surprised me because when I saw the little weedy wand, I didn't think it'd be much use.  But lesson learned.  Don't judge on the size of a wand.  Ahem....  The mascara promises the usual volume, length and separation that most mascaras do and the only thing it falls slightly short on is in the volume department.  But as far as length and separation, it gets top marks.  I love the fanned out wide eyed look when it comes to my lashes and paired with my gold makeup look, it's eyeball perfection.

The mascara will set you back a piddly €3.09 so you could buy this and a palette for under a tenner.  Sure where would you be going?  I get the whole work day out of it without smudging or flaking and the small wand makes it perfect for getting stuck into the lower lashes.  The formula is on the thinner side so I've used two coats on my upper lashes and am delighted with the outcome.

If you love your budget beauty, do yourself a favour and hit up the Essence stand.  They're everywhere now and while they sent me the bronze palette and a nude one, I think I need the vintage one and possibly the rose one.  For the blog and all.  The things I do for you eh?

So come here to me, what's your favourite product from Essence that I need to try?  And tell me this, will you be picking up either of these beauts?

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