Friday, September 25, 2015

HerClutterBox review - makeup storage lovers take note!

Being a bone fide beauty lover and hoarder collector, storage is something I'm always playing around with.  I love reading posts and watching videos to see how people organise their stash and have gotten so much inspiration over the years from fellow makeup lovers.  Let's call a spade a spade.  We love makeup and will continue to buy it so we may as well get in contact with whoever looks after the casting for Channel 4's Hoarders.

HerClutterBox sent out the Crystal Clear 4 Drawer box for me to review and it totally fits in with the theme of my beauty room. I keep it either on my desk like so when I want to feel all inspired and surrounded by beauty products, or nestled in my Kallax (check out my Instagram LovelyGirlyBits for a photo of how perfectly it fits into one of the spaces!)

I got the 4 drawer to fill to my heart's content and was surprised with how sturdy and big it was.  I've seen cheaper acrylic storage units that don't feel as good quality or heavy duty as this one.  I've also seen lots of people with Muji storage and always thought they looked a bit small for my liking, only allowing one layer of lip products in the shallow drawers.  See, if I'm going to incorporate something into my makeup storage system, I need it to look pretty, store lots, not take up too much space and make it a pleasure to use.  This comes with two sets of grid dividers so you can separate the drawers into as many sections as you like.  I don't think I can ever explain to you how much I love organising makeup and beauty products!

Look at how much makeup this holds...

The top three drawers are shallow, but I can still fit in two layers of lipsticks and mascaras.  The bottom drawer is deeper and holds bigger items like bottles, tubs, perfumes, you get the gist of it.  I went through my stash and picked out what I wanted to display in my unit and as I love seeing what people have, I thought you might enjoy this too!

Top drawer

The top drawer slides out and also has a lid that lifts up should you be so inclined.  I'm using it to store mascaras I'm currently testing out or need to test along with some lippies from Essence, Rimmel and Max Factor.  I've used the dividers to split the drawer into four and in the top left quadrant I have a couple of bits from Essence, but there's totally room for more!  And finally on the top right I have some nail products from Maybelline that I'll be blogging about next week and some of my favourite nail shades from Essence too.

Second drawer

I decided to split this drawer up into six and it's worked out perfectly.  I have so many mini MAC pigments that I hardly ever use so hopefully by keeping them here I'll wear them more.  A little bit of Max Factor in the blush department, some Becca highlight and MAC bronzer will keep my cheeks looking gorgeous.  But see those Michael Kors perfumes on the bottom right?  Review is imminent because they are seriously amazing.

Third drawer

I kept this drawer undivided and have liners I'll be doing a feature on, that Smashbox Contour trio that I still haven't gotten around to using, some new products from Seventeen and Sleek.  So you'll be seeing the contents of this drawer on the blog or in videos in the near future.

Bottom drawer

This is the drawer of stuff that I am using, need to review, have ideas for features about them and want to have them to hand.  There's a bit of haircare, some perfumes, bit of body care and face masks.

The Crystal Clear 4 Drawer box is priced at €139 but is currently on sale at €114 here so if you want to invest in some makeup storage (which will totally make you want to buy more makeup to fill it), then check out the HerClutterBox website.

What do you use to store your makeup?  I think I need to do an updated makeup storage video, what do you think!

*PR sample*

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