Thursday, October 1, 2015

Maybelline Dr Rescue Nails review!

Long time readers of the blog will know that I go through phases of having normal nails and then weak, flaky nails.  This year has been predominantly a flaky nail situation which is why the polish reviews have been few and far between, but that's all changed folks.  These little beauties from Maybelline's Dr Rescue range have completely transformed my nails into properly strong talons!  So prepare yourself for lots of nail related posts in the future!

This is the range and let the record show that there is a nail cuticle balm too that I keep on my desk at all times because when I kept it in my bag, I used it as lip balm twice.  I'm a dope.  But I'll snap a photo of it on Instagram and show it to you because it comes in a tube, isn't too greasy at all and I think it has really helped with strengthening my nails and I'm obsessed with it!

The Dr Rescue CC Nails Base Coat is one I'd recommend if you're a fan of dark polishes or shades you know will stain the nails.  So for me that's anything blue, navy, or dark red in particular.  I find anything in the blue family whether they're light or dark shades stain my nails like nothing else!  One coat of this dries really quickly and my chosen polish goes on nice and evenly.  As one who never uses base coats out of pure laziness, I've made a conscious decision to use this for the rest of the year to see if it helps keep my nails in shape and so far so good.

The Dr Rescue All In One pretty much does what the name says and you can use it as a base coat and top coat.  I haven't tried this one properly as I've been using the separate base coat and top coat but I'll give it to Joanne to test out for me and she can report back.

But on to the star of the show.  The Dr Rescue Gel Effect Top Coat.

I've tried my fair share of top coats over the years and while I still love Seche Vite for it's pure convenience, I find that when I get a chip, all bets are off because I get enormous satisfaction from peeling off my polish in one go.

Not so with this top coat.  It gives a really glossy shine to the nails and you can see in the photo above what it looks like with one coat over the YSL La Laque Couture in Le Rouge Matte.  It doesn't dry as quickly as Seche Vite, but when it does, it's fabulous and makes my nails feel really strong.  And even better is that I get a good three days out of my polish before chips begin.  As someone who is really hard on her nails, this is life changing!  I get tip wear after a couple of days, but nothing too bad at all.  This is a top coat I can see myself finishing and I'm really impressed with it!

I've used nothing else on my nails except for the Dr Rescue range and I wish you could understand how satisfying it is not to have soft bendy nails that split and peel if I look at them sideways.  Game changer Maybelline!

I need to double check the prices, but we're talking a maximum of about a fiver per item.  Obsessed!

*PR sample*

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