Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Home scents ft Neom, Molten Brown, L'Occitane & Rituals

'Tis the season to be jolly, but 'tis also the season to make your house smell only fabulous!  I love walking into a room and having it smell like something other than dog.  Ah Bailey isn't that smelly!  But I do love buying and trying candles, room diffusers, sprays and anything else lovely and smelly.   I think when it comes to home fragrances though, it's worth shelling out a few extra euros because the more expensive products generally are better quality, aren't as synthetic smelling and last for ages.  They're definitely an investment, but one that will make all the difference.  Trust me.

I've picked out four things you can use at home to make your house smell warm, cosy and festive.  Twinkly lights at the ready!

Molten Brown Firefly Embers candle - €49

To say I'm obsessed with this candle would be the ultimate understatement and despite rationing it because of it's spendyness (€49 in Arnotts and Brown Thomas, but cheaper in Kildare Village FYI), this candle is most definitely worth the cash and has lasted me for ages.  If you're a fan of woody, cosy scents, then this is one worth checking out but let me tell you that the first time I got a whiff of it in Arnotts, I thought it smelled like pure smoke and was so overpowering, and yet I was hooked.  Joanne bought this for me at the start of the year and I'd been waiting patiently to burn it until it got autumnal in September, so when Strictly and Downton started, I got fully into cosy mode and got all of my twinkly lights ready and lit this every Saturday and Sunday.  I'm only about halfway through the candle and I know for an absolute fact that I'll be buying another one for next year.  When lit, the scent isn't as strong and yet if you go into the kitchen to make a cuppa and come back into the living room, you can definitely get the campfire scent that's wonderfully cosy.  Molten Brown candles are a gorgeous gift to give and anyone would be lucky to receive one of these this Christmas!

L'Occitane Winter Forest Home Perfume - €22

Now while I can't say I've ever walked through a pine forest or had a real Christmas tree (I'm all about the fake trees so I am), Winter Forest smells like what I imagine a winter forest smells like.  When I spray it, I'm instantly transported to a really sunny, bright, crisp winter's day where I'm bundled up in a massive scarf and I haven't had to put any blush on due to the natural glow I've gotten from my grand walk in the woods.  And this is all without leaving my home or having to change out of my pyjamas.  It's not an overpowering scent once you don't go wild with it, but that's the same with any scent and if you want your home to smell like a lovely Christmas morning's walk, then try this out.  There's also a diffuser and a candle of the same scent if you're not a fan of home perfumes but still want the inside of your house to smell like outside.

Rituals Under A Fig Tree Mini Fragrance Sticks - €12.50

I'm obsessed with all things Rituals and have been for years now.  I've been making my way through their fragrance sticks scents and the only one I hadn't tried was their Under A Fig Tree one.  While I have the larger fragrance sticks in my living room and hall at the moment, I don't like using them in the bedroom as I think the room is too small for something so big (that's what she said) and so these minis are not only cute, but are also affordable.  So hit up Arnotts while they still have them because they always sell out around Christmas. They make the perfect stocking stuffer and with a few different scents, you'll definitely find one you love.  This one is muted, soft, sweet and a real crowd pleaser, but to be honest, I've never come across a Rituals fragrance I haven't loved!

NEOM - Christmas Wish candle - €36

Seeing a name like Christmas Wish when it comes to a candle, I was expecting something really sweet and sickly and this offering from NEOM knocked me upside the head because the first note I got was mandarin, followed by cinnamon and tonka bean.  It's unlike anything I've ever smelled around this time of the year in terms of home fragrance, but there's one thing it does remind me of.  Terry's Chocolate Orange..... If you love those, you'll love this.  There's such a cosy, comforting, familiar feeling that washes over me when I smell this and so I'm saving it for good use (don't we all do this?) to use over December when I want to de-stress as the blend of 13 essential oils promises to help do that.  A candle that makes me feel cosy, smells delicious and will help reduce stress?  Yes please!

So those are my top picks for helping your home smell fabulous this festive season.  What do I need to try next?

*Neom & L'Occitane PR samples*
*Purchased Rituals*

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