Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Three palettes from Urban Decay - that's Christmas sorted!

This Christmas, give the gift of beautiful eyeballs.  Ok, eyelids technically.  But still, you know what I mean!  An eyeshadow palette is one of the easiest and best presents to give a makeup lover because there's always something for everyone.  I'm a massive fan of a neutral eye and have more beige and brown shadows than sense, and yet I want more!  And if a palette has a bit of colour in it too, then all the better as I do like to pretend I'm Jaclyn Hill and do an aul pop of colour on the lid or under the lower lashline if I'm feeling wild.

Urban Decay have released three palettes over the second half of 2015 and they're all brilliant.  So if you're a fan of a smoky eye, a neutral eye or like to go wild with some colour, get ready to add one (or all) of these to your Christmas wish list!  Or maybe share this blog post on social media, making sure to tag your chummy and draw their attention to your preferred palette of choice!

It was only a matter of time before Urban Decay added this beaut to the Naked collection and it's an absolute stunner.  With twelve shades broken down into three sections depending on what look you're going for, if you're a fan of the statement eye and nude lip, then this is worth checking out.  The first four shades are the more daytime appropriate shades and are packed full of sparkle, but wearable sparkle mind you.  The middle four shades are the smokiest of the lot and scream sexy sultry eyeballs with their cool toned purples and the final four shades are soft, matte perfection.  Urban Decay always do good mattes and these are creamy, buttery and make life really easy when going for a softer smoky eye.

Fans of colour, sit up and take notice because the Vice 4 palette is packed full of vibrant shades that might scare you at first glance.  But here's the thing with colour, if you're careful, your eyes won't end up looking like one of my Christmas baubles!  By using the matte shades along the left row from top to bottom, particularly that rich orange shade, and that brown shade in the bottom right corner, as transition shades in the crease, blended out seamlessly, you can then apply colour on the lid without looking like a lunatic.  If you're interested in a step by step tutorial showing looks from these palettes, then let me know.  Apart from the second shade in the top row which is a bit watery and a let down, the rest of the shadows are highly pigmented, are really easy to use and pack a serious punch in the colour payoff department!

I nearly lost my life when I heard Gwen was teaming up with Urban Decay and holy moly this palette is all kinds of beautiful.  It's got a balanced mix of mattes, shimmers, neutrals and colours and that black shade on the bottom right is as black as my soul!  Ah not really, my soul is more the colour of that electric blue shade that gives me palpitations it's so gorgeous!

I remember seeing the palette up close online and thought that the shades might be a bit too similar, but if you have eyeballs that function, you'll see that each shade is completely different, is a perfect fit for the palette and serves a function.  While I can't see myself wearing the pink colour on my eyes, a little dab of it as a blush/highlight combo might look nice and I know I can make that yellow gold work something fierce on me!

I've used the palette a few times now and love working the soft matte shades into the crease, blending them out and then adding a shimmery number to my lid, helping me to look alive and put together.

So you have no excuse!  Feel free to send photos of any of these palettes to your loved ones, add them to your wish list, email them the link to this blog post and we'll call it a day!

You can get these palettes on the Debenhams website or in Debenhams now, and I'd be willing to put money on them going out of stock as Christmas day approaches, so move fast!  And if you do find one of these under your tree, make sure to tag me in your Instagrams or Snap me so I can be proud in the knowledge that you will have only gorgeous eyeballs this Christmas!

Which one of these palettes tickles your pickle?

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