Monday, January 25, 2016

15 cool things that happened in 2015!

Last year was one of those years that completely took me by surprise!  I've spoken before about how I started off 2015 not really looking forward to it.  There was a lot of uncertainty going on in my life and I felt very much out of control.  It translated to the blog and I ended up cutting back on blog posts because I just wasn't able to keep all of my balls in the air, or my plates spinning, you know what I mean!

During the year, I was able to sort things out, at least for the short term, put my head down and focus on what I could control and change.  I realised that I couldn't keep blogging the way I was and was in a constant state of unease because I was so behind on every thing I wanted to blog about or film.  I'd always blogged five days a week, sometimes six or seven and uploaded at least one video a week.  It just wasn't sustainable.  Then I realised that blogging does not pay my bills and it's not my job (yet!).  It was ok to cut down and focus on real life and because of that, my brain stopped working overtime 24/7.

Cutting back on blogging meant I could be there for family during a difficult time.  It meant I was more selective about what events I went to.  It gave me time to actually see my friends!  I was able to make so many new friends.  I was able to do stuff on the weekends without having constant self imposed pressure hanging over me.  And so without that sense of panic in my insides all the time, I had one of the best years ever.  I did things I never would've been able to do if I'd have kept going the way I was going.  I was able to push myself in different ways, challenge myself and do an awful lot of pretty amazing things.

So I filmed a video talking about some of the cool things I did last year and while filming and editing it, I gave myself cramps from excitement because it was a pretty epic year.  And now I'm looking forward to 2016 and all that it's going to bring.  I have so many plans in the works, some projects I'm excited about and I'm knee deep in it already and we haven't reached the end of the month yet!

Sit back and relax while I chat about 15 cool things I did last year!


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