Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My 5 minute makeup routine for when I'm in a rush!

If you follow me on Snapchat, you'll know that I'm perpetually in a rush first thing in the morning.  Like always.  So I've become a dab hand at lashing on the makeup to make me look like a human person, in the quickest time possible.  Those mornings when I'm running a bit late means I don't mess about and use products that I'm testing out.  I've learned that the hard way.  No, I use things I know will work for me, will make life easy and that I can rely on.

So I'm back with a quick chatty video showing some fabulous products in action!  Behold the before and after photos...

This is the minimum effort I make every day.  If I've an extra couple of minutes, then some eyeshadow shall be used.  Concealer is considered a grand luxury for me so I rarely apply it during the week, opting to add another layer of foundation in areas that I need more coverage.  This is simple (like myself), effective and more importantly, stays put all day.  Not bad for a slap dash application every morning eh!


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