Monday, February 15, 2016

The limited edition catch 22!

I believe that limited edition products are created to torment us.  Pure and simple.  We are drawn in by the packaging, the exclusivity, the panic of trying to get the product before it disappears forever and ever Amen.  But let me explain why I think products like these are the best and worst things ever to happen to a beauty junkie.  There are three main scenarios that we have to deal with each and every time we buy something that's limited edition like the beauts in the photos below.

Scenario One

You buy the product, use the product up and then have the ultimate regret that it's gone forever.  You wonder if they'll ever bring it back in a future release.  Or even better, that they make it permanent...  It's a long shot... You had a good run with it and think about the happy times it made you look and feel very fantastic.  Makeup nostalgia mixed with makeup regret is always a killer combination.  You are sad for a long time and are forced to buy more makeup to help yourself feel better.  But there will always be the one that got away.  Or the one you used up without thinking or making a life plan of action.

Scenario Two

You use the product for a good month, falling head over heels in love with it.  You are deeply committed to this product, using it so often that you become one with the product.  Then the panic sets in.  What if you run out?  What if you are without this limited edition product and then have the regret for the rest of your life?  (Slightly overdramatic there, but shh, this is serious stuff)  No, that has happened one too many times to you and you are wiser now.  You know the score.  So the most obvious course of action when you've been burned one too many time by a limited edition product is to stop using it.  Save it for good use.  Or not use it at all.  Sure, you can't enjoy actually using the product on yourself, but that doesn't matter.  It means you will never run out of it.  You can unclench your buttocks safe in the knowledge that you can now enjoy the product forever by not actually using it.  What an absolutely genius idea.  You could've saved yourself a lot of hassle in the past with this.

So what if it develops a film over the top after a while or go off and you can never use it again...  Sigh.  You did not think this through.  You now have the product forever but cannot use it and so it sits there taunting you.  You cannot throw it out as it's limited edition and apparently you're a collector.

Scenario Three

You stock pile the product.  Eat twigs and dust for the rest of the month, you'll be grand.  You feel settled in life that you have one or possibly two back ups to keep you going and you can be all smug knowing that you've learned from past mistakes in not buying multiples.  But then... The excitement wears off as you make your way through the first product.  Somehow, knowing you have more in the wings takes the excitement off using it.

Limited edition means an element of "Ooh this is only out for a few weeks and will be gone forever and ever, rest in peace".  By buying more, the excitement is gone.  Or is that just me?

Tell me about your experiences with limited edition products!  Am I alone in my lunacy?!  It should be noted that I'm now currently living this torture at the very moment with my Tarte blush palette from a couple of years ago, the MAC Wash & Dry Bronzer and the MAC Ellie Goulding collection.  I am torn and don't know what to do!

Please tell me I'm not alone here!  Limited edition products - how do we feel about them?  To the comments!

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