Monday, March 7, 2016

L'Oreal Paris Exclusive Pinks Collection review, photos, swatches!

Spring is here, flowers are in full bloom, days are brighter and I'm ready to rock some new lipsticks.  And while I generally reach for corals and nudes most of the times, L'Oreal Paris' Exclusive Pinks Collection has some absolute beauts and I had to give you the heads up.  I was sent these before Christmas, so am very behind the times, but they're still available and I'm quite surprised at which one is my favourite!

Following on from The Nudes collection and The Pure Reds collection, L'Oreal have launched a range of pink lipsticks, and like the previous collections, each shade is named after one of L'Oreal's spokespeople - Helen Mirren, Naomi Watts, Blake Lively and Eva Longoria.

Helen's Pink is aimed towards really fair skin tones.  I think from the bullet you can see that it's very much not my colour at all as it's frosty pale pink, and well, it's frosty pale pink.  The end.  Helen Mirren might be able to pull this shade off and more power to her!  I was scarlet for my mam for having me when taking photos of it and just couldn't bring myself to stick a photo up, but if you want to see it, let me know in the comments and I'll put it on Snapchat so that when you google my name, you won't find my face with frosty pink lips!

Naomi's Pink

L'Oreal Paris Exclusive Pinks Collection - Naomi's Pink
Naomi's pink is a really soft matte peachy pink shade that's quite unforgiving on the lips, so if you've dry patches, you'd need to sort that out before applying it.  But if your lips are in good condition, then you're going to love the soft, velvety formula.  I bet it would look even nicer on tanned skin, so I need to get cracking on that and bronzify my face up fast!

Blake's Pink

L'Oreal Paris Exclusive Pinks Collection - Blake's Pink
Blake's pink is almost neon on me and I'm obsessed with it!  It kind of reminds me of flamingos so I'm all over it.  Again, it has the same velvety matte texture as Naomi's pink, so nourished lips are a must for it as it can highlight dry patches.  But isn't it a shade that would look amazing on a sun holiday?

Eva's Pink

L'Oreal Paris Exclusive Pinks Collection - Eva's Pink
Eva's Pink was my favourite of the four and despite us looking nothing alike and having completely different skin tones, it's the most wearable shade for everyday use.  It's less of a pastel finish than the other two above and has a creamier texture than them too.

The Exclusive Pinks collection is still available and will set you back €10.49.  My advice is to check out Eva's pink if you're looking for something you'll get lots of wear out of and if you're on the hunt for something bright and in your face, then check out Blakes pink.

Which pink is tickling your pickle?

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