Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sponsored post - Spoil your Mum this Mother's Day with One4all!

If you were following us on Snapchat over the weekend, you'll know that we brought Mam out for a girlie Mother's Day out thanks to the kind folks at One4All!  Now, a collaboration like this is right up my street because Mam, Joanne and I do stuff together all the time.   In the past we've brought her to New York for her birthday, booked her in for a pampering session in her local salon, brought her to the Strictly show in January and for Mother's Day this year, we've gotten her tickets to see Vincent and Flavia in their final show, The Last Tango.  And the best part is, we've been able to go with her to to a lot of those things, so we can look back at really cool things we've done together.

So, the very generous team at One4All gave us a gift voucher to spend on Mam and we had three main things we wanted to do!

We started off by heading to The Body Shop on Grafton Street where Jill had the chats with Mam about her skin type and picked out the products she was going to use.  As Mam sat back and relaxed, we had the ultimate chats with Jill who is absolute gas and Mam spent the rest of the day, no lie, saying her skin felt so soft and kept asking us to touch her face.

In the meantime, while Mam was getting pampered and I was being the chief photographer for the day, Joanne got her eyebrows threaded and again, if you were following us on Snapchat that day, you'll know I tormented her something fierce with before and after photos while I got all up in her grill.  Sisterly love right there eh!

Facials are €25 in The Body Shop and are redeemable against products, so I picked out a moisturising face mask for Mam so she could keep the pampering going and she's delighted with life and has asked me a good 11 times as to how she should use it.

Next we took her to Marks and Spencer and she found a lovely top and a jumper.  I want the jumper for myself as it's coral and that should be reason enough for you to understand.  Seriously though, is it not very me?

After a spot of shopping, we all went for lunch in Fallon and Byrne who have a New Year Lunch menu that sent us into a deep food coma.

Mam and I got the acorn squash bruscetta (and the waitress loved that I said bruscetta correctly so we were instant best friends), Joanne got the Caesar salad and for our mains, Joanne went for the burger which defeated her about half way through.  Mam opted for the salmon and decided that after tasting the potato salad, she wants to try and create it for the first family BBQ of the season!  I had the spaghetti genovese as I'm pesto obsessed and loved it.  We couldn't eat another bite and so had to make a promise we'd be back to taste the desserts which sounded amazing.  I think they should look into getting some reclining chairs in Fallon and Byrne though.  Total gap in the market there!

We had some money left on the One4all card, so made our way over to Arnotts and hit up Mam's favourite beauty brand, Clarins.  After discussions over lunch as to what her skincare regime was (or lack thereof), it was decided that we would get her a night cream, and she was over the moon with it.  Yes, I have to check with her daily as to whether she's used it or not, but my mission is to get her using a proper skincare routine once and for all!

So basically, we had a glorious day wandering around town together and I'd absolutely do it again!  If you find it hard to buy for your lovely Mam, then something like this might make life so much easier for you!  You won't waste money on something she doesn't want and she gets to use the card in one of the 7,000 outlets nationwide.  She can have a pamper sesh like our Mam, have a meal out and do a bit of shopping, or she can book a holiday, or go surfing, go to the zoo!  The world is her lobster!

You can order a personalised Mother's Day One4all card from their website or from one of their retailers nationwide.  So you can spoil her rotten and earn lots of brownie points too!  It has now been established that Mam was completely and utterly spoiled on Sunday and is going to want this every year, and because we all enjoyed the day, we'll definitely do it again!


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