Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Burberry EDP review - perfect for spring and summer!

Do you ever spray a perfume on yourself and instantly feel like a grown up?  All sophisticated and ladylike?  If not, you're missing out big time on the transformative powers of perfume because when I spray My Burberry, I have to stop myself from doing everything with my pinky up.

It's supposed to be reminiscent of a London garden after the rain which instantly made me think it'd be more grassy and green smelling, but to me, it's more floral than green.  Less garden-y, more white floral-y.  Either way, it's fresh, clean and perfect for spring and summer.  And heads up, you don't need to spray much of this as it's super strong in the nostril department so if you share an office with someone, softly softly with this one.  It lasts for ages and prepare to be told that you're smelling only massive for the entire day.

Usually when I hear fruity floral, I instantly think "Ah, this is for the chung wans" but lads, either I'm now a chung wan, or Burberry have developed a grown up fruity floral that's heavy on the floral, lighter on the fruit.  I'll let you decide which is true...

It has notes including sweet pea, bergamot, freesia, patchouli and the very exotic sounding rain-tipped damask and centifolia roses.  Even they sound fancy schmancy and grown up don't they?

I bought mine in Debenhams earlier this year and love everything about it.  I mean look at the bottle.  It's classic (like me), has its own little bow on it which I'm deciding is a scarf (like me) and has a two toned lid, just like my unintentional two toned hair.  We were made for each other and I have Nicola in work to thank for introducing us.  I had her tormented every day telling her she smelled gorgeous and eventually a bottle had to be mine to add to the collection.

So just know that if you ever see me walking gracefully, being able to eat something without dropping it all over myself and say hi with the Queen's wave, it's because I'm a grown up and am wearing My Burberry.


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