Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Michael Kors Sexy Sunset review!

A perfume called Sexy Sunset was destined to come to Spain with me for a proper sunset photoshoot!   Say hello to Michael Kors Sexy Sunset, released last year in the UK but was recently released here in Ireland.  It was obsession at first spritz and it was then I knew I had to do it justice and bring it away on my holidays.

Inspired by the radiant glow of a sunset, even the bottle has a gradient effect that you can't see in the photos thanks to the actual sunset!  This is such a summer fragrance and puts me in a good mood every time I spray it.  It's really uplifting initially before mellowing into a really chilled scent.

Now, it's a fruity floral fragrance, but one for grown ups, not just the young ones out there.

Top notes: Nashi pear, blackcurrant, freesia, lotus flower accord.
Mid notes: Peony, gardenia, rose bouton, magnolia, jasmine sambac.
Base notes: Sandalwood, helvetolide, cedarwood, vanilla.

Things to note: I don't know what a nashi pear is but I wonder do they take ages to ripen and give you a window of about three hours to eat them before they turn to mush, have never heard of jasmine sambac and need to google what helvetolide is, but what I do know is that every one of the notes work perfectly together, making an addictive summer scent.  From the initial hits of sweetness and floral, drying down to a lighter, more rounded floral heart before the warm woody notes take hold, it totally brings you on a journey from day to night.

I was rationing it so the bottle would look nice for this post, but now all hell has broken loose and I've been lashing it on like there's no tomorrow in the hopes it will take away the post holiday blues and bring me back to Spain.

If you're on the hunt for a new summer fragrance, then it's definitely worth checking out and this one will be limited edition, so keep an eye out for it before it's gone.   Prices are 30mls/€55, 50mls/€79 and 100mls/€109, so all will fit in your carry on allowance.  And the 30ml bottle I was given to review will be totally in my handbag at all times this summer!


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