Tuesday, June 28, 2016

4 ways to wear coloured eyeliner!

Bright eyeliner can be terrifying to wear, especially if you're a neutral eye lover like myself.  Ok, maybe it's not quite terrifying, but for a lot of us, it's out of our comfort zone.  For most of the year, I keep things pretty safe in the eye makeup department.  But when summer comes, all hell breaks loose and out come my bright eyeliners and for the few warm weeks in Ireland, I experiment a bit with my eyeballs and when I say experiment, I mean do one of these four looks.  I need to expand my makeup skills but sure it's a start.

Now when it comes to mad makeup like this, I don't spend a lot on the products themselves because I only use them for a short time during the year.  And you'll see from the photo below that I do enjoy a nice turquoise liner or two.  Bourjois are the way to go if you like metallics like me and I bought them all over the last couple of years.  The Body Shop Eye Definer is a newbie to my collection given to me last week and I'm putting it through it's paces at the moment.  I also have a MAC gel eyeliner from last year that I could probably get another year out of too but as it was limited edition, I didn't feature it in the photo but it's on my eyeballs in one of the photos below.

1. Layered above black liner
Wearing a bright liner layered above black liner shows two things.  The first is that you're cool, sophisticated and aren't afraid to rock a double wing but also that you are essentially Michelangelo as you've not only managed to apply one perfect line, but you've gone two for two and are ready to teach a FAS course in eyeliner.  Having the black close to the lash line means your lashes will look thicker and all you have to do is trace above it with your coloured liner.  Bish bash bosh.

2. A pop of colour on lower lash line
This is one of my go to summer looks and it always looks best on me with an intense blue or green pencil.  I always feel just applying it on the waterline isn't enough and make sure I smudge it into the lower lashes and bring it under the eye a bit.  Out of the four looks here, this is the one I wear the most with all of my liners and even in the autumn, I wear a purple shade with a neutral eye.  Do this and you'll thank me later.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

3. Pop of colour on it's own on upper lash line
This one is not for the faint hearted.  It can be bright, in your actual face, but super cool too.  And don't be thinking it's just for the young ones.  All bridies can get away with it.  I've toned it down a bit and used this darker electric blue, but have worn turquoise and a mint shade in the past, but would need a set of falsies to finish the look with shades that bright.  With the darker shade, a couple of coats of mascara and I'm good to go.  Because you're not using black liner with it, make sure to really smush it into the lash line so it looks really thick and intense, like myself.

4.  With a smokey eye on the waterline
Janine Bird from Smashbox did this on me a while back and I contemplated going to bed that night with a full blown smokey eye.  Adding a coloured liner on the waterline adds something different to a smokey eye and makes it a bit more interesting.  In the photos above I've used the electric blue and then layered a turquoise over it for the craic.  This is super easy and takes no effort whatsoever.  So no excuses!

The Bourjois liners are fantastic and at €6.69, they're budget friendly and you'd be mad not to pick up a couple at least!  They're so soft and creamy, are insanely pigmented, applying easily on the eyelid and on the waterline.  And they stay put all day too but come off in seconds with a waterproof eye makeup remover.

So tell me, will you be rocking some colourful eyeliner this summer?  And if so, what's your go to liner of choice at the moment?  Have you tried the Bourjois ones yet?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Origins Maskimizer review!

One of my favourite things about blogging is getting to see brand new products, ones I've never even heard of before.  And it's even better when one of my favourite brands brings something completely new to the market!

Enter Origins and their new Maskimizer Skin Optimising Mask Primer.  That's a mouthful but let me explain.  This product is designed to make your skin more receptive to the ingredients in your favourite face mask.  The Marine Algae Complex helps hydrate, soften and optimize your skin to help your mask work better.  Does that sound a bit mad?  Well essence lotions are still having a moment in skincare and they're used as a step right before moisturisers for the same reason, so why not have a mask version?  

Origins Maskimizer

I don't use masks every day and I think if I did, they'd lose the pamper value.  But what I've been doing a few times a week is applying a layer of it under my night cream and I wake up with baby soft skin in the morning.  And if that wasn't enough, I keep it on my desk at home to use as a facial spritz.

What you're actually supposed to do with it is cleanse your skin and then apply a layer of this over your face.  You lightly pat it in and then while your skin is still damp, apply your mask of choice.  They advise not to use it with peeling masks.

I can't tell if it's making my masks perform any better to be honest.  It's not one of those immediately obvious things, but what I have noticed is the difference in my skin after using a couple of my favourite masks.  I'm a massive fan of the Origins Clear Improvement Pore Clearing Mask which clears out pores like nothing else and the Origins Retexturising Mask with Rose Clay which refines the skin's texture while deep cleaning.  With both of these masks, I've found that my skin can be a bit red and tight directly after using them and would always need to follow them up with a soothing moisturiser.  Since using the Origins Maskimizer, I've not had this problem at all.  No redness, no tightness, just really clean, soft, bright skin.

I don't know if there'd be much of a extra boost in the skin if it was used with a moisturising mask, but I'll keep you posted as I usually only use moisturising masks in the winter.

Origins Maskimizer

I don't think it's an absolute must have, but then again, I've been using it almost every day for the past few weeks.  It's €25, so won't break the bank and if you feel like a bit of extra indulgence in your skincare regime, then it might be worth checking out.  I go wild with the masks in the colder months, so this is going to be something I'll be using for the year.

Yes this was a sample, but as a beauty junkie and a lover of trying out new things, I would have definitely bought this myself.  As I said before, Origins is one of my favourite skincare brands and they haven't done me wrong yet!

You can buy the Origins Maskimizer in Debenhams, on their website* along with the rest of the Origins range*.

* Affiliate link*
*Press sample*

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kiko Cosmetics Mirage Lip Stylos - my perfect summer lipstick!

Wandering the streets of Barcelona back in April, I stumbled across a Kiko shop and for once, I hadn't researched where one was or anything.  I promise!  This was pure fate but as we were all tired from a long day in the gorgeous city, I had 90 seconds to shop in there as we were getting cranky.  90 seconds isn't an awful lot of time to shop for makeup, not even for me, and yet I still managed to find a gem.  Yes, I bought one product, the Kiko Mirage Lip Stylo in shade 01, a wonderful nude and after I applied it for the first time, I knew I'd be buying a backup.

The Kiko Mirage Lip Stylos come in 16 shades online, but the Kiko shops I went into only had five or six shades available.  I made a beeline for the shop when I visited Alicante, picked up a backup of shade 01, and then obviously had to buy a coral, shade 03.  No other lip products have really gotten a look in since I bought these are very special altogether.

I have to give a quick word about the packaging with it's metallic rose gold loveliness and the textured tube makes it easy to fish out of my handbag just by having a quick root.  This isn't too important for those who carry just one or two lip products around with them, but when 92% of your handbag's contents are lip products, you need all the help you can get.  

Kiko Mirage Lip Stylo in Shade 01 Rose Canyon is one of my favourite nude shades of all time.  It's really flattering on and is an almost caramel pinky peachy neutral lip, one to suit lots of skin tones as I've basically described it with all the colours.  I bought a backup of this and I'm pretty sure I'll probably get another one because I'm a woman obsessed.

Kiko Mirage Lip Stylo in Shade 03 Fired Earth Pink is definitely more coral/orange than it is pink.  It's a bright, summery shade that's not too in your face that I've actually worn it outside of the house!  Like Rose Canyon, it's creamy, pigmented and is easy to wear.  I think a shade like this makes me look like I've a bit more life in my complexion so on days where I'm boggle eyed, all I have to do is lash a bit of this on to distract from my beady eyes!

If you're a fan of lipsticks that feel like lip balms but have mad colour payoff, then you should check these out.  You can buy the Lip Stylos on the Kiko website for €11.90 and if you're in the vicinity of an actual Kiko, I'm mad jealous... Shipping to Ireland is free when you spend over €49 and is €5.90 if you spend under the €49 mark.  Good luck trying to keep your spending under €49!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Nuxe sun 2016 review!

Fact #1, Nuxe Sun products smell like holidays.  Actual holidays.  So of course, I had to bring these two new Nuxe Sun products away with me on our trip to Spain.  Might as well get the family involved in testing things out eh?

Last year we brought away Nuxe's SPF30 with us and fell in love with the scent, and this year they've added a few new products to the collection.  Due to the sheer number of products I was already bringing away with me, I took the two I thought I'd use the most and prayed my luggage wasn't over the weight limit.!

The Nuxe After-Sun Hair and Body shampoo (€11.95) was used up in the week by the lot of us.  Well, the girls anyway.  Now I know you might be thinking "hold on uno secondo por favor, hair and body shampoo, are we back in the Wash & Go days of yore?"  And the answer is no senorita.  This is free from sulfates and parabens, leaves the hair squeaky clean and removes any remaining SPF and chlorine left on the skin after your day of frolicking in the sun and pool.  Oh I miss having a grand frolic.  But I need to talk to you about the scent... Oh lads, when you start using it, you're going to hear Will Smith's Summertime in your head.  The notes of orange blossom, vanilla and tiare blossoms combine together to make a delicate and fragrantly delicious shower treat and the scent stays in the hair for ages without drying your locks out.

The Nuxe Sun Moisturising Protective Milky Oil for hair (€17.00) promises to protect the hair against UV damage and enhance it's condition.  It's formulated with coconut oil and they advise to use it before heading out into the sun.  It can be applied on wet or dry hair and applies in a light mist, but still, a little goes a long way so don't go too wild or you'll be working the wet look even if you've dry hair.  I used this in the ends of my hair mainly and while my hair is in good condition at the moment, I could've done with something like this back in the day when my coloured hair would get fried in the sun.  Ah the good old days when I loved using Sun-in during the summer and wondered why I looked like Wurzel Gummidge by September...

I went to visit the Nuxe stand in my local chemist last week and just had to smell the hair and body shampoo so I could be transported back to Spain...

These products are on Nuxe stands now or on Cloud10Beauty along with a couple of other additions to the Sun rangeo go have a whiff and happy shopping for your holidays!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May favourites!

It feels like I was on holidays ages ago and so much has happened in May! I found some absolute gems over the month and if you follow me on Snapchat (LovelyGirlyBits) some of them will look familiar.  I've a bit of makeup, body care, accessories and lots of weird face pulling.  I'm trying my best to make my videos shorter because I do tend to waffle on a lot, but sure 15 minutes is a definite improvement!

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