Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks review, photos, swatches!

Let me set the scene.  You go into your local chemist for a look.  I'm sorry, "for a look".  We all know what those "" mean...  You're not buying anything because you don't need any new makeup.  You are happy with all of the things that you have in your collection.  You are a strong confident woman who is just here to browse.  And maybe swatch some bits on the back of your hand.  But no actual purchasing is happening.  Hmmm.  A bright neon lipstick has caught your eye during swatching-not-buying time.  You take a look at the stand to see how much it is, just for curiosity obviously.  You don't need anoth- wait what?  This lipstick is €1.99?  Cheaper than a coffee?  Cheaper than bus fare into town?  You check your purse to see what change you have.  You have a €2 coin.  Is this not meant to be?  The answer is yes.  Yes it is.  You hover to the checkout and hand over your €2 to the cashier who is wondering how you managed to hover like that.  You swan off with your new lipstick but you are not broke because it was for nothing!

This completely imaginary scenario may or may not have happened one too many times to me.  Especially at the Wet n Wild stands.  I mean look at that photo below.  There we have five lipsticks and a tenner gets you the lot.    So if you've a bit of change in your purse and want to try out something new, then behold the Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipsticks.

They've improved the formula of these babies and have enriched them with vitamins A & E, aloe vera and macadamia nut oil and I feel like formulas like this were made for me.  In the summer, I favour a bit of a glossy, more moisturising lip product and these completely fit the bill.  I was sent these five shades to play with and actually I must find out how many shades are in the collection and report back.  (I'm afraid if I go to a Wet n Wild stand myself, well, we know how it'll end... There'll be a part 2 to this post...)

On first inspection, I had a couple of the shades tipped to be my favourites but after applying them, I completely changed my mind!  Let's take a look shall we?

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick - A Short Affair
A Short Affair is a nice everyday mid toned pink that's the most sheer out of the five shades I tried out.  It's not a shade I'd generally wear myself, but for an everyday pink shade, it's worth checking out.

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick - Will You Be With Me?
Will You Be With Me terrified me to my very insides.  When I saw it in the bullet, I thought it was going to be a soft mauvey pink and thought it was going to be my favourite shade, but on me, it was proper Barbie pink.  Totally out of my comfort zone but if you like bright blue toned pinks then this might be the one for you!

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick - Ready To Swoon
Ready To Swoon is a shimmery orange shade that will go perfectly with a tan or can be worn right through autumn.  It's got shimmer running through it but don't worry, you're not going to look like you're back in the 80s.  The shimmer just gives it a lovely shine.  No robot lips here.

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick - What's Up, Doc?
What's Up, Doc should really come with a pair of sunglasses attached because this is properly neon and coral and fabulous and amazing and I love it!  Now in saying that, there's not a hope in hell of me wearing it outside of the house as I'm so self conscious, but for filming and photos, you betcha I'll be rocking this shade.  As long as I'm within arm's reach of a mirror to check for any mishaps, I can wear bright shades like this.

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick - Blind Date
Blind Date is my absolute favourite of the five sent.  I thought it was going to be too dark for me from seeing it in the bullet, but on the lips, it's the most gorgeous plum shade that I would actually wear in real life.  It reminds me of MAC's Rebel and I must compare the two and see if they're alike.  But lads, this is beautiful.  And a point worth noting is that it stains the lips.  Now for wearability, that doesn't matter to me because as the lipstick fades, it's nice to have that stain there which you can top up with more lipstick or lip balm.

Now, these are one of the most comfortable lipsticks I've ever worn.  They glide over the lips, are smooth, silky (good thing that considering the name) and are an absolute pleasure to wear.  Because of the moisturising, almost glossy nature of these, they don't stay put for more than a couple of hours, more if you're not eating or drinking.

Where would you actually be going for €1.99?  Not home on the bus as things like public transport are fierce expensive these days.  But not the Wet n Wild Silk Finish lippies!

Have you tried these yet?  If so, what shades do I need to investigate next?  If not, get searching for your €2 in your purse stat!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

15 under €15! Best in budget beauty!

Ok, July has been the longest and most expensive month in the history of life.  Trying to be an adult and get new brakes sorted for your car only for it to kick the bucket the following week will try a person... But sure listen, what can you do?  Especially if you have a makeup obsession that doesn't care that you're paying for stuff with your 5 cent pieces.

I've gone through my stash and picked out 15 of my favourite budget beauty products under €15, so you can still feed your makeup addiction happily!  I've got some good stuff in the video so get ready to make a list!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Clarins Nude Lip Liners - photos, review!

I'm a bit of a weirdo when it comes to lip liners.  I rarely use them to actually line my lips...  I know, but hear me out for a second.  On more than one occasion, I've spent two and a half hours (not scientifically timed) carefully applying red lip liner to outline my lips before slathering on the red lipstick and then heading to an event.  An hour later at said event, I've nonchalantly glanced in the mirror to see how fierce I was looking with my red lips only to see the lipstick was gone and the liner wasn't.  The mortification never goes away... Nobody wants their lips to look like a bum hole.  It's why I'm too scared to wear red lipstick outside the house.  Post traumatic red lipped bum hole disorder.  It's a thing.

So when I find liners I love, I end up using them as all over lip colours on their own for a long lasting matte finish, or as a base for a more glossy lipstick.  I was sent the Clarins Nude Lip Liners last year, had forgotten about them and it was only when I did a clear out of my collection recently that I found them, used them, loved them and am finally blogging about them.  Here they are, stuck to the inside of a mug with Blu-Tac.

I have shade 01 Nude Fair, shade 02 Nude Beige and shade 03 Nude Rose and while they might look the exact same in the photos, on the lips, totally different.  Wait and see the photos below.  There is a fourth shade, 04 Nude Mocha, which is even darker than these.

I've worn lipliners in the past that have sucked every little bit of moisture out of my lips, making them look shrivelled and small.  I've also tried liners that are too creamy and that slide off my lips.  The Clarins lip liners are the Goldilocks of formulas in that they're not too dry, not too creamy, they're just right.

Being different shades of nudes, the idea is to pick the one that suits your skin tone, rather than to match a lipstick.  They can be worn on their own, which is my favourite way to wear them, under a lipstick or a gloss and are a dream to wear lads.

Clarins Nude Lipliner Pencil - 01 Nude Fair
Nude Fair is for the pale brides out there and while it's a little light for me, it makes for the perfect base for a nude lipstick or gloss.

Clarins Nude Lipliner Pencil - 02 Nude Beige
Nude Beige is my favourite of the three and I've worn this so much out and about and for filming.  It's the perfect brown toned nude liner and I'm making my way through it quickly!

Clarins Nude Lipliner Pencil - 03 Nude Rose
Nude Rose is for darker complexions but I think come autumn and winter, I'll be using it as a base for a statement lip!

The Clarins Nude Lip Liners are on counters and if you're in the market for a nude liner that will stay put all day and won't dry out your lips, then check these out on Clarins counters now or on  They're €18 (on the Debenhams website right now they've 10% off) but will last for ages because you won't need to keep reapplying them.

I think I'll be picking up a backup of Nude Beige very soon because in this heat, I need all the help I can get to keep my makeup in place!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Collection review!

Ok, if you use all of the products from The Body Shop's Pinita Colada collection, put the heat on at home, and squish your eyes closed, while playing the pina colada song on repeat, you just might be able to pretend you're on a sandy beach with the wind in your hair and a cocktail in your hand.  Or if you're going away on holidays, and in which case I'm very happy for you and not at all seething with jealousy, then by bringing the Pinita Colada collection away with you and you might explode from how summery your life is.

The Pinita Colada collection from The Body Shop is new and it smells good enough to eat!

I was sent a few products from the collection and there's a body sorbet and a smaller version of the body butter available too along with a gift essentials set.

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Shower Gel (€8.95)  My tropical journey always begins with the shower gel and while it's dangerous to shower with one's eyes closed, it's the only way I can pretend I'm in one of those outdoor showers with the massive rainfall shower heads.  Yes, I have the bathroom window wide open to help build the illusion.... Shut up, it works.  Anyway, this gives me loads of suds and then I'm ready for phase 2.

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub (€24.95)  Next it's time for me to get my skin feeling soft while smelling delicious and I crack this beaut open.  Lads, this is the healthiest sounding body scrub I've ever heard of because it uses shredded coconut as the exfoliant and pineapple extract in a lightweight cream to help buff your skin and again make it smell divine.  This one should have a warning on the side that it's not for human consumption because it smells good enough to eat.  This isn't an exfoliator you'd be using if you wanted to get rid of fake tan, but for an everyday light exfoliant, this is definitely worth checking out.

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Butter (€20.95)  I've learned that I can't apply the body butter and have Bailey anywhere near me because he keeps trying to lick it off.  (Bailey's my dog for any new readers out there!)  Like all Body Shop body butters, this is rich, unctious and leaves the skin feeling super soft.

What I think I'll do from now on is douse myself in these three products, head out with the girls and see who suggests going for cocktails first!  And if any of them suggest booking a holiday, then I'll know this stuff works magic!

The Pinita Colada collection is available now in The Body Shop and from The Body Shop UK website.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June favourites!

June was a month where I wasn't too adventurous in the makeup department and I don't know why.  I think I got into a routine of using a lot of the same products from previous months and just didn't get stuck in, but all that will be changing this month!  You can expect a mammoth July favourites video but for now, sit back and watch my June favourites which includes makeup, stationary and then I just start showing you everything in the frame!


Monday, July 4, 2016

Too Faced Born This Way foundation review, before & after photos!

It can't just be me who has to fight with themselves not to break into song when they reach for their bottle of Too Faced Born This Way foundation...  But a foundation that has it's own theme tune in my head will always stand out among the dozens of bases in my stash.

So Too Faced want people who look at us wearing this foundation to think we were born this way and I am totally on board with that.  Sure foundation is all about faking good skin anyway!

The Born This Way foundation mixes makeup with skincare, containing coconut water and hyaluronic acid to help replenish and maintain the skin's moisture levels and alpine rose to brighten the skin's appearance.  And in terms of the makeup aspect, a little of the the oil free formula goes a long way, so go easy when you're applying it.

I was colour matched a few weeks ago in Debenhams by the Too Faced team and am the shade Nude, but I think I could've gone a shade lighter as my neck is really pale and I can't wear this without bringing it down my neck.  But apart from that, Born This Way and I are very very happy together.   In my rigorous testing (speedily first thing in the morning trying not to be too late for work) I found that the best way to apply it which gives me my perfect level of coverage is with a buffing brush.  Using a beauty blender applied a little bit too much product but if you're a fan of a high coverage foundation then by all means apply it that way.  For the day time, a medium level of coverage does me perfectly and one pump buffed into the skin leaves me looking like this.

Too Faced Born This Way Review Before & After Photos

It has a slightly thicker texture but blends easily into my skin, evening out my complexion and giving me a natural radiance, the likes of which makes me look like I've had a great night's sleep and wasn't woken up at 4.32am by Bailey puking and then trying to eat it again.

It's oil free, but I'd strongly advise anyone with oily bits on their face to apply a mattifying primer where foundation would usually break down as I find that without it, by lunch time, my schnoz is a beacon of light and I could guide ships into Dublin port with it.  Nothing that a bit of powder or blotting paper won't help, but it's worth noting.  I powder my foundations every day and still found without primer, it would break down on my nose and forehead, so a primer is a must for me.  I'd say it'll last longer on those with dryer skins

There's no SPF in this, making it a good choice for a going out foundation where you know you're going to be taking lots of selfies with the flash on.  But if you're wearing it out and about, you should definitely put on an aul SPF underneath it.

Too Faced Born This Way Review Before & After Photos

I haven't gotten as many lovely comments about my skin in a long time since I've started wearing it and while I would absolutely love to say to people that I was born this way, I think Snapchat has ruined the illusion for everyone.  I am naturally blotchy and red with blemishes and scars from spots all over the place but with foundations like this, I can totally pretend!

You can buy the Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Debenhams or online for €35.  I am hooked lads!


Friday, July 1, 2016

Inglot summer palette review, photos, swatches, makeup look!

I generally know I'm on to a good thing when I open a palette and make sexy time noises.  I realise that you will think I'm the ultimate weirdo for admitting that, but it's times like this when I'm glad I live alone and nobody can hear me.  I present to you, Inglot's Summer Palette.... Feel free to ooh and ahh to yourself.  No judgment from me.  That ain't half of what I did when I first saw it...

The Inglot Summer palette is made up of five existing shades - 496, 30, 407, 361 and 357, or as I like to call them, the white one, the gold one, the burnished rose gold one, the coral one and the brown one.  At €40 (or €8 each, a bit of girlie maths right there for justification), it's great value and even more so when you see the photos below.

I always feel like I'm repeating myself when I talk about the pigmentation and quality when it comes to Inglot eyeshadows and this palette is no different.  In a nutshell, pigmentation is stellar, quality is fabulous and totally worth the €8 per shadow.

My favourite way to wear this is to apply the coral shade into the crease, buffing it out lots to create a soft haze of colour before taking the brown shade on a smaller brush and defining the crease even more, but not blending it out as much.  Then I apply the middle shade all over the eyelid and if I want to really pack a punch, I apply it wet for a more metallic finish.  The gold shade goes into the inner corner and the white is applied lightly along the brow bone.  What does that give you?  A gorgeous summery eyeball.

What makes this palette even better (and more justifiable in the purchasing department) is that I've been using it on my cheeks too.  Mad Ted!  The brown shade is cool toned enough to make for a soft subtle contour and the coral shade makes for a beautiful blush.  Considering I've never tried an Inglot blush, using this coral beaut will keep me going until I do.

The Inglot Summer Palette is available now from Inglot stores and online now!  Will you be picking it up?

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