Friday, July 1, 2016

Inglot summer palette review, photos, swatches, makeup look!

I generally know I'm on to a good thing when I open a palette and make sexy time noises.  I realise that you will think I'm the ultimate weirdo for admitting that, but it's times like this when I'm glad I live alone and nobody can hear me.  I present to you, Inglot's Summer Palette.... Feel free to ooh and ahh to yourself.  No judgment from me.  That ain't half of what I did when I first saw it...

The Inglot Summer palette is made up of five existing shades - 496, 30, 407, 361 and 357, or as I like to call them, the white one, the gold one, the burnished rose gold one, the coral one and the brown one.  At €40 (or €8 each, a bit of girlie maths right there for justification), it's great value and even more so when you see the photos below.

I always feel like I'm repeating myself when I talk about the pigmentation and quality when it comes to Inglot eyeshadows and this palette is no different.  In a nutshell, pigmentation is stellar, quality is fabulous and totally worth the €8 per shadow.

My favourite way to wear this is to apply the coral shade into the crease, buffing it out lots to create a soft haze of colour before taking the brown shade on a smaller brush and defining the crease even more, but not blending it out as much.  Then I apply the middle shade all over the eyelid and if I want to really pack a punch, I apply it wet for a more metallic finish.  The gold shade goes into the inner corner and the white is applied lightly along the brow bone.  What does that give you?  A gorgeous summery eyeball.

What makes this palette even better (and more justifiable in the purchasing department) is that I've been using it on my cheeks too.  Mad Ted!  The brown shade is cool toned enough to make for a soft subtle contour and the coral shade makes for a beautiful blush.  Considering I've never tried an Inglot blush, using this coral beaut will keep me going until I do.

The Inglot Summer Palette is available now from Inglot stores and online now!  Will you be picking it up?


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