Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Dealz Summer BBQ - Ad

If you follow me on Snapchat (LovelyGirlyBits) you'll know that my family and I are partial to an aul BBQ.  We always have the ultimate craic when we're together and get to feed our faces too.  A total win win situation!  It doesn't matter if it's sunny or raining, once we've agreed on a date, there's no takesie backsies and if you saw my snaps when we were in Spain, you'll know that we were sitting outside with hoodies on, blankets over our laps and freezing but it didn't matter, it was BBQ time!

For a recent BBQ, we teamed up with Dealz, the place where you go in for one thing and come out with all the things.  Like all of them.

Dealz gave us some vouchers to spend in store, picking out some products from the Outdoor Living collection and heads up, €50 can get you a lot.  Now there were only five of us at said BBQ, but we bought for six people so that Wilbert doesn't feel left out for future BBQs.

Now can you see that we went for a lot of colour?!  Sure it was the bank holiday weekend and we were feeling happy!  We picked up some clear acrylic plates, a salad bowl, a chip and dip platter, cutlery, plastic sundae glasses, bunting, twinkly lights and loads more.  As you well know, everything is €1.50 in the Outdoor Living collection, and admit it, you like to play the whole "Oh you got that in Dealz, how much was it? Fnar fnar" game with people,  It never gets old sure it doesn't?

The decorations

We picked up a few of these paper garlands to decorate the fence a bit, adding a bit of brightness to our surroundings while it looked like it was going to rain.  We picked up this little chalkboard to make a little sign, and when we're in the gang, we're the ConstantDeKortRoys!  (Constantine, De Korte and Conroy in case you were wondering).

We got the cutest windmill bunting and stuck it around the edge of the table and Bailey took a liking to it.  Can you cope with the cuteness?!

The food!

Let's be honest, preparation is key when it comes to BBQs and it's easy to spend ages getting it all ready, only to have it all eaten in minutes.  We kept it simple this time and had our spatchcock chickens (on the pink tray that I think is from Dealz years ago), garlic potatoes plated up on one of the acrylic plates and my famous salsa in the white and teal salad bowl.  The ConstantDeKortRoys don't do salads.  We did in fact buy a bag of salady stuff for the BBQ and even got stuff to make our own dressing and then forgot.  Sorry, we "forgot".  It's a running joke at this stage but sure listen, tomatoes are good for you!

We served up some chips and guacamole (forgetting the coriander, doh).  It totally does look fancier like this compared to digging into a bag of chips!

Joanne made my salsa, supervised by moi obviously.  Plum tomatoes, sea salt and basil is all that's needed for this summery side dish.

For the potatoes we make every single solitary BBQ, we use the foil containers with lids (the ones you get your rice in from the Chinese takeaway, also from Dealz) along with a smidge of oil, garlic salt and rosemary.  40 minutes later and you'll have a tasty addition to your BBQ.

And behold our plate o' food!  Simple, delicious and looking gorgeous!

Now as I mentioned earlier, we picked up six plastic sundae glasses, three blue and three yellow.  At one point I glanced over to my brother Stephen who was doing this...

So yes, it seems that they're multifunctional!  While he was enjoying a beverage, Joanne was making a bit of a healthy dessert in the rest of the sundae glasses.  We layered squished up meringues, raspberries and yogurt, somehow managing to eat every bite despite being stuffed after the main course.

I don't think our BBQs have ever been so colourful!  If you're planning on making the most of the nice weather this summer and fitting in as many BBQs as possible, then be sure to check out the Outdoor Living collection from Dealz!

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