Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluids review!

Colour correctors are still having a moment in the beauty world and while they might be another step in our already in depth beauty routine, for those of us who want a flawless complexion, they're worth checking out.  This month, Urban Decay have released five Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluids (€22 each) and I have two to show you today!

The idea behind colour correctors is that they neutralise skin discolourations using colour theory.  What's colour theory when it's at home?  Remember the colour wheel from back in the day?  Well basically, colours on opposite sides of the wheel cancel each other out, and in terms of skin issues and makeup, the same idea stands.

There are five in Urban Decay's collection - green which counteracts redness, so if you've any red blemishes or broken veins, this will help hide them, lavender counteracts sallowness, pink hides dark circles, yellow balances any purple areas (for me that would be my delightful purple dark circles) and peach works on darker skin tones at hiding dark circles and discolouration.

I was sent the lavender and peach shade and have been putting them through their paces as best I can as they're not the ones I'd pick out for my skin tone.  The lavender shade is for those with a lot of yellow undertones in their skin and helps balance out any sallowness.  I'm going to give this one to Joanne as she definitely has a more yellow complexion than moi.  The peach shade helps hide dark circles or blemishes and it's the one I've been testing out the most.  Depending on your skin tone, it can be used on it's own as a colour correcting concealer itself, or layered under your favourite concealer to help completely mask the skin issue you have.  So for me, if I wear the peach shade on it's own under my eyes, it definitely does a great job at hiding my dark circles, but leaves an orange tinge to the rest of my non dark circled skin blend in with the rest of my makeup.  But when I apply my concealer over it, buh-bye dark circles!

The light, creamy formula blends easily into my skin and doesn't leave my under eye area looking dry and crepey, so that's already a bonus for me because girlfriend doesn't need to be worrying about the likes of crepey eyeballs.  As you can see from the swatch above, they're really pigmented so I'd advise using a light hand and building up the colour as necessary, otherwise you'll be starting a whole different makeup trend!

I'm definitely thinking about picking up the pink corrector next time I'm in town and would it be terrible if I wanted to try Urban Decay's Naked concealer too while I'm there?  No, didn't think so, thanks lads.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluids are on counters now and are also available to buy from


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