Tuesday, January 10, 2017

7 spring scents to help us forget it's winter!

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I know it's winter and all and will be for a while now, but something clicks in my noggin when January 1st hits and I'm all about those spring time fragrances.  January can be a really long and grey month and I kid you not when I say that any of these fragrances spritzed on and around my person instantly makes me feel happier and more awake.  They won't help me get paid any quicker, but they help me forget how mouldy broke I am and not only that, they lift my mood and give me hope that brighter days are coming!  Without more waffling, let me talk you through seven scents that I'll be rocking for the next few months.  And I know it's very early and all, but any of these products would be a grand present for Mother's Day!

This was Joanne's wedding day fragrance after I introduced her to it a couple of years ago.  She had no option but to try it out because I kept saying to her "Joanne Joanne Joanne Joanne smell this, smell it, smell my wrist" and she loved it.  She bought her own bottle and I got her a bottle of the matching lotion and she smelled only gorgeous on her big day.  I was sent a bottle a couple of years ago and this is my second bottle and that's saying something when I repurchase a perfume! (I'm a bit of a collector don't ya know).  This is a stunningly delicate white floral scent with top notes of neroli - that's orange blossom to you and moi - white daffodil, white water lily and white amaryllis at the heart of it with a soft woody base.  Basically it's gorgeous and you're going to want to glide everywhere you walk when you wear this.

This is a recent addition to my perfume collection and is one I've had on my wishlist for ages so when it was sent to me in the form of a gift set, complete with body lotion and roller ball perfume, I totally gave the box a little hug and waited patiently for Christmas to be over so I could wear it.  In terms of the fragrance, we're talking white florals again (you're going to see a pattern with this), but it's totally different to Dolce.  It's a cooler scent and maybe that's the Casablanca lily talking, but there's something calming about it too.  It's divine and I've the rollerball from this set in my handbag as I'm known to carry around a couple of full sized bottles of perfume... I know..

The Body Shop Moringa range (*) - €20.95/200ml body butter

If you like your white florals (I know), then you're going to love the Moringa range from The Body Shop.  This is one of the scents I always reach for every spring and each year, I tend to hare my way through a tub of the body butter and a bottle of the shower gel.  These are great morning time products because they put a pep in my step and I need all the peps I can get first thing in the day.  When I slather the body butter on, not only is my skin left super soft and smelling fabulous, but the scent stays put for ages and I don't need a perfume on top of it.

This is one of those scents that instantly puts me in better form and Mam loves this too, having bought a whole set of it the last time we were in the airport.  The front of the bottle describes that it uplifts, refreshes and captivates and while I'm not sure about the whole captivation station across the nation, it most definitely uplifts me and is the most refreshing of all the fragrances in the blog post.  I think come March, Mam and I will put a serious dent in her bottle of this!

Last Christmas, one of the girls at work Nicola, was given a bottle of this as a present and every time she wore it, I was like "C'mere and let me smell you".  Ok maybe I didn't go quite that weird, but close enough... I knew it was only a matter of time before I bought myself a bottle and so last spring, I treated myself to this stunner of a perfume.  I call this my posh perfume and love the mix of floral notes with a hit of citrus when you spray it first.  So if you ever see me looking different or even acting a bit more sophisticated, I'm wearing this.  It's a hard one to describe because it's not mad on the floral notes, but I've nothing like it in my stash and I'd advise you to do yourself a favour and give it a sniff next time you're in the shops.

There's no coping with the love I have for this range from Rituals.  I wore the body mist from the collection to Joanne's wedding a couple of years ago and every time I smell it, I remember that deadly day.  It kept me feeling clean and cool while I was running around like a lunatic!  I've got a repurchased body butter and body scrub from the range ready to be put into action and this body cream is part of a set Mam got for Christmas.  If you want to feel calm, tranquil, clean and fresh at the same time, then you have to at least give any product from this range a go because it's simply stunning.  It's a delicate floral scented bunch of products that need to be smelled to be believed and when you give it a whiff, you'll see why I've continued to purchase items from the range.

This is the sweetest scent of the bunch but surprise surprise, is nice and floral as well!  This is my third bottle of Cherry Blossom and it won't be my last because it's got the perfect fruity floral balance that an aul one like me enjoys.  There's a whole range of products with the gorgeous scent that will instantly transport you under a cherry blossom tree and put a smile on your face.  It's soft, bright and when I spray this (very liberally obvs), I know that spring is just around the corner!  We just have to get through this little cold spell coming this week and then we'll be grand!

So tell me this, do you have a favourite spring scent?  Am I missing anything obvious from my collection?


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