Thursday, February 16, 2017

MAC Lip Scrubtious review!


I'm doing my best to live a sugar free life right now.  Ok, maybe sugar reduced... Girlfriend still needs a cuppa tea and a biccie in the evenings, but when it comes to beauty products that have sugar in them and are required to put on one's lips before licking it off, well listen, I just have to do what's required of me.  For the blog and all.  MAC have launched five new lip scrubs called Lip Scrubtious, which I can never remember.  I keep calling them Scrubalicious.  Sang to the tune of Bootylicious.  Not the right name Karen.  But look, isn't this one super cute?

There are five in the collection and I was sent Candied Nectar, the shade I totally would've picked out myself.  With ingredients including jojoba seed oil, shea butter and grape seed oil to help condition and nourish the lips after scrubbing them with the sugar, this is the only scrub I've used and haven't had to apply a lip balm immediately after because it leaves behind a slightly tinted oily sheen that helps keep my lips softer for longer.

Now I've used (eaten) many a pot of Lush's lip scrubs and they're grand and all.  They slough off dead skin but definitely have more sugar in them than the Scrubtious ones.  Both do a great job of getting rid of dry flaky bits, but MAC's offering clinches it just because it treats the lips afterwards.  I had to dig into the scrub to get to the sugary bits as there wasn't much on the top layer and it was weirdly satisfying to get stuck in!

Of course you could totally make your own lip scrub, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm a lazy oaf and the effort of life and all.  This is MAC, it comes in a cute pot, has helped keep my lips in the best condition they've been in for a long period of time and I wonder if the pot can be used for Back To MAC actually because this is one thing I'd definitely finish!

The Lip Scrubtious are €15.50 and while they're not a necessity, if you're on the hunt for a pimped up lip scrub that will also mind your lips, then they're worth checking out.  I'm loving using mine and am enjoying the sugar hit I get each time I use it and lick the sugar off!

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