Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Clarins Skin Illusion Blushes review with photos, swatches!


Every spring, I can always rely on Clarins to help me look fresh faced when I feel anything but.  They just get it.  And the Skin Illusion Blushes are no exception.  There are three in the collection and I'm hoping they'll bring out more, ooh or maybe a highlight version!  Anyway, back to the blushes at hand.  They've made the transition from winter to a bit less winter much easier and sure look at them, they're so dinky!

So we're talking cheek stamp blushes, the idea being when you open them up, one half houses the blush and the other half has the sponge applicator which picks up the pigment and boom, your cheeks are only gorgeous.

Clarins Skin Illusion Blushes
Clarins Skin Illusion Blushes L-R: Luminous Coral, Golden Havana, Luminous Pink
You probably thought I'd be all over the coral shade, Luminous Coral, and you'd be right.  I can't imagine a time when that won't be the case.  Me and my peachy corals forever!  It's a beautiful warm shade that will be on my face for months and will come on holidays with me too.  Luminous Pink is also stunning and is a lovely addition to a spring makeup routine.  Think dainty, ladylike cheeks.  I haven't tried Golden Havana properly yet and think it'll suit me better when I've a bit of a tan, but it's got a great colour payoff if dusky brown toned pinks are your jam.

Now to the application.  Being a perfectly round sponge applicator, you need to mind that you don't just bonk it onto your cheeks and hope for the best.  It's definitely better to pat it lightly over your cheeks being careful not to slide the sponge over the skin or else it'll look demented and we don't want to look demented.  Ok maybe sometimes we do.  On a Monday.  Without even trying.

I've perfected the method after learning the hard way that a light hand is definitely needed and the colour is easily buildable if you need a little more.  By patting the sponge lightly over your cheeks, you'll be grand.  If you're not, get a blush brush, soften it all and try again.

Clarins Skin Illusion Blush Luminous Coral
Clarins Skin Illusion Blush Luminous Coral
Clarins Skin Illusion Blush Luminous Coral
Clarins Skin Illusion Blush Luminous Coral

The texture is silky smooth and it never looks powdery or like you're wearing makeup, rather looking like your skin has a natural flush of colour.  The mirror on the lid is a nice idea but my face is way too big to be able to use it properly.  I need to see everything at once and assess the situation to see if less really is more, or more is very much more.  There's very rarely a day in my life where I don't have to go over my blush with my foundation brush because I've lost the run of myself.

If you're using a brush to apply the product onto the cheeks, I'd recommend pressing the bristles into the product rather than swirling, otherwise it's going to get messy.  Or use the sponge to apply the blush onto your cheeks and blend the edges with a brush.

No matter how funny you think it might be, don't try and be gas and apply two circles on your cheeks and get people to call you Aunt Sally for the craic.  You'll forget it's there and go about your day wondering why people are looking at you wonky.

I'm absolutely loving these and even better is that they're a very reasonable €20 and are on counters now!  Do we think the Mammies might like one of these for Mother's Day maybe?!


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