Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bright eyeliners from Kiko that you need to check out!


Every summer, I take a notion to go wild with a bit of colour when it comes to makeup!  But as I'm a bridie of a certain age, I can't be as out there as I used to.  Back in the day, I used to wear pale blue frosty eyeshadow from lash to brow....  I know.  That's what life was like before the internet and Youtube tutorials and I'm mad jealous of all the chung wans who will never know the phase of having horrific makeup but thinking you're an absolute ride.

Now that I know better (most of the time), and learned lots from blogs and videos, there's one thing I do every summer to inject some colour into my makeup.  Coloured eyeliner!  

I bought two eyeliners from Kiko when I was in Spain a few weeks ago and wish I'd bought more now that I've tried them out.   I got the Kiko Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner and Kohl in shade 07 Cobalt and shade 08 Light Blue.   At €6.95, they're totally budget friendly and that's always a bonus.  The liner itself is on one end and there's a little rubber smudger on the other end.

Are you even able for these colours?!  Cobalt is on the top and Light Blue is on the bottom and both are ridiculously pigmented and dry matte.  Some of the liners in the collection have a pearl finish so make sure you look at the swatches and descriptions properly on the site.  I love these two shades and you can see from the top I'm wearing (bought in New York years and years ago), they go beautifully together.  But I think if I wore them together, I'd be in mad looking makeup territory again..

My favourite way to wear colour on the eyes is with a bronzey neutral eye.  It's the type of look I'd wear to work and then if I was heading out afterwards, a bit of liner on the waterline and I'm good to go.  It's wearable but stills changes things up a bit.

I used them in a recent YouTube tutorial so have a look to see them in action.  If you have any coloured eyeliners in your makeup collection, take them out and have a play!  

Be sure to check out a blog post I did last year on 4 ways to wear coloured liner for a bit more inspiration station across the nation!


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