Monday, May 29, 2017

Clarins Summer 2017 collection!

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Guess who's back, back again... Clarins have only gone and released yet another stunner of a summer collection and as expected, it's a beaut!  Made up of a bronzer blush compact, a four eyeshadow palette, two waterproof metallic liners and two new Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector that you can read about here, it's a small yet perfectly curated collection that works well together and there's nothing out of place in the bunch.

The Bronzing & Blush Compact €47 - Buy here

I'm not able for how gorgeous this compact is.  There are three shades of varying bronziness and the accompanying blush and if you're over matte bronzers then you're going to love this. It's got the softest sheen to it, not shimmery mind you, but it gives warmth to the skin while making it look radiant too.  The blush is right up my street with it's peach orangey hue that gives a light wash of colour on my cheeks.  Orange blushes can go wrong easily, but this one is a pleasure to work with and makes me look sun kissed and ready for a sangria.

Because all three shades are all warm toned, I wouldn't go contouring with them.  Instead, I lash them on and let them warm up my complexion..  And because I'm wild (and sometimes lazy), I use this on my eyes, layering the bronzer in the crease and the blush on my eyelid.

Eyeshadow palette - €43 - Buy here

Because I'm mucho predictable, I was immediately attracted to the orange shade from the eyeshadow quad and it spoke to me.  It said "Howeya Karen, remember when you first started this blog and only took photos of your eyeballs because you were too nervous to put your whole face online and thought you had blue eyes when in fact you have green?"  It's the star of the show and I'd buy it if it was a single shade.  Again, like the bronzer, it has a really delicate sheen to it and for those with blue eyes, you're going to love it.  The matte shade on the left doesn't have much colour payoff at all, but I used it to set my eyeshadow primer.  Because I've oily lids, I have to wear a primer every time I wear anything on my eyes and setting it helps make the other shadows blend easier.

Now, I found that these shadows definitely needed to be applied with a wet brush to get this level of pigmentation.  Applied dry, the colour was much sheerer and wasn't enough for me.  When I'm going for a birra colour on my eyes, more is more.  Now for the likes of my Mam who isn't used to wearing colour like the orange, she'd definitely be happier with wearing them dry.  Me?  Wetting the brush with water or a makeup spray is the way to go.  I've shown two looks above and if I'm being picky, I'd like it to be cheaper because €43 for a quad is nearing the luxury end of the scale for an eyeshadow palette and I think this is a bit spendy.

Waterproof Eye Pencils in Copper and Gold - €21 each - Buy here

Clarins do some of the best metallic liners out there and these two are faaaaabulous!  In the photos above, I've copper on the upper lash line and gold on the waterline.  They're creamy, pack a punch in terms of longevity and pigment.  They're a deadly addition to my makeup collection and as someone who loves wearing bronzes and golds, (basically if it's metallic, it's going on my eyes in the summer) these are going to get a good run over the next few months.  If you're not into applying a metallic liner on the upper lash line, try applying it under the lower lashes or along the waterline for a bit more wearability.

All in all, I'm loving this collection and while it might be grey and rainy outside and my hair has reached Monica levels in terms of humidity, at least I can pretend summer days are coming soon!

So tell me, is anything tickling your pickle from the Clarins Summer Collection?

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