Monday, June 5, 2017

Lancome matte shakers review, swatches, photos!


Quick, it's summer!  Move quickly because we don't know how long it'll last!  Summery makeup just puts me in great form.  Maybe it's that I love a bronzey eye, some colourful eyeliner, or maybe it's because I love bright lips.  Ok I am equally as terrified of bright lips as I am in love with them, but the Lancome Matte Shakers have stolen my heart and I have big plans for them them over the coming months.

After falling in love with the Juicy Shakers from Lancome last year, I waited patiently for a matte and more pigmented version to come out and here they are in all their glory, poolside on their holidays in Spain last month!

Using the same shakey shakey technique that mixes up the product and moves it from the bottom of the tube into a little well under the applicator, these are a dream to apply.  With the shaken formula being so creamy and pigmented, combined with the cushion applicator, I wondered if I'd be able to get a crisp edge around my lips and sure enough, wingardium leviosa and all that, I was able to without having to use a liner or do any tidying up.

Now, it's worth noting that while these are described as being matte, on me, they've more of a semi-matte finish.  There's a small bit of transfer initially while the light sheen wears off and when that happens, then we're into matte territory.  To remove them, I use an oil based makeup remover which does the job for the most part.  Some of the shades, namely Pink Power, Kiss Me Cherie and Red'y in 5 stained my lips sommat fierce.  I didn't mind that because once I put a lip balm on, I just looked like I'd a normal lip product on.

In the photos below, I've just applied one layer and because they're packed full of pigment, one coat is all that's needed.

Lancome Matte Shaker 272 Energy Peach
Lancome Matte Shaker 270 Beige Vintage
Lancome Matte Shaker 186 Magic Orange
Lancome Matte Shaker 189 Red'y in 5
Lancome Matte Shaker 374 Kiss Me Cherie
Lancome Matte Shaker 379 Yummy Pink
Lancome Matte Shaker 378 Pink Power

When they dry fully matte, they really do stay put for ages and while they don't dry out my lips initially, after a couple of hours I need a lip balm or gloss, just because I've ridiculously dry lips at the best of times.  They don't crack on my lips, flake off or anything, the fade away is nice and even.  My absolute favourites are Magic Orange and Beige Vintage.  I'm obsessed!

They're €22.50, there re seven shades and they're on Lancome counters now!

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