Tuesday, September 5, 2017

4 products that help me unwind and relax!

Life can be a pain in the hoop can't it?  A dirty big hairy sweaty ball of stress and sometimes there's nothing we can do about other than holding on for dear life and hoping things calm down.  And while we're waiting for the calming down to happen, we can try to look after ourselves a bit more when we can.  Ok, that's easier said than done and I'll be the first to admit that when I'm stressed or anxious, I feel it in every cell in my body and find it so hard to switch off, especially in the evenings.  That's when my mind starts thinking all the thoughts about everything.  Things I didn't even think I had thoughts about.

The past couple of weeks have been doozies but I've been making a concerted effort to take a few minutes in the evening for me.  Most evenings I can unwind by myself but sometimes I need a little extra help and I've got my favourite calm inducing products on hand to chat about so let's get to it shall we?

Take note, I don't use all of these together, but if things take a turn, I'll be using all the things all together and hoping for the best!  Also, take note that I wanted to title this blog post "Things that help me calm my tits" but I thought that might be a wonky one for the aul SEO.

Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil - €12.95 on Cloud10Beauty

This is what inspired me to write this post!  I've gone through two full bottles of the Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil and broke out my third this week.  I love applying this delicately lavender scented oil over damp skin to help seal in the moisture along with leaving me smelling only gorgeous.  I'm so bad at using body creams and lotions, hating the faff of waiting for them to dry in, but this is great stuff and absorbs quickly into my skin before I launch myself into bed.  And FYI, you can use this right after shaving or waxing to help soothe the aul skin.

L'Occitane Lavender shower gel - €18.50 from Loccitane.ie

This is my second bottle of the L'Occitane Lavender shower gel and when I take a notion to have a pamper sesh, this is my first port of call.  It's enriched with lavender essential oil, gives lots of lovely suds and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated and lightly scented.  The whole lavender collection is stunning and Mam robbed the matching hand cream off me but I'm going to buy myself another one because applying it as I'm getting into bed feels like luxury.  I sleep on my side with my head on my hands so having a scented hand cream helps knock me out and keep me relaxed.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - €22.00 from Meaghers Pharmacy

I've spoken about this many times before and have gone through loads of bottles over the last few years.  I do try to ration it in case the effects ever wear off me, but when I want to have a really good satisfying deep sleep, I spray some of this on the edges of my pillow and along the top of my duvet and within 10 minutes, I'm fighting to stay awake!  This is packed full of lavender essential oil along with vetivert and chamomile and they all work together at conking me out like nothing else.  With this on my bed clothes and the Headspace app playing, I'm gone in minutes.  There's a baby version of it which I must get for my new nephew Matthew and a stronger version, the Deep Sleep Plus which has capsules that burst as you move during the night.   I'm making it my mission to try out the whole Deep Sleep range so stay tuned!

This Works candles - €16.99 from HomeSense/TK Maxx

Joanne has been raving about the This Works candles for months now having picked one up in TK Maxx a while back.  She claims that if Will is lounging on the couch, all she has to do is light one of these and boom, he's conked out!  On a recent trip to HomeSense, we came across a load of them in the check out aisle and we bought two each.  They usually retail at €33 but for nearly half of that in HomeSense, it would've been a sin not to pick some up.  I have one downstairs in the living room and one in my bedroom and the scent is divine.  In minutes the room is filled up with the scent of calm and when it's burning, I'm just short of walking into the living room and face planting the carpet.  If you see these in HomeSense or TK Maxx, stock up because they'll make brilliant Christmas presents. Yeah I said it.  And I'm not even worried.  Know why?  Because I'm 78% lavender right now and am calm AF!

Even writing about these makes me feel calmer and more relaxed and it's not even bed time!  What do you use to help you unwind in the evenings

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