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Skincare I'm loving right now!

A few months ago, my skin started acting the ultimate maggot with me reacting to products left and right.  I ended up being too nervous to try anything too for fear that I'd wake up in the morning looking like Sloth from The Goonies.  Slowly but surely I introduced new products into my routine and have managed to keep my face in tact!

I've found a bunch of products that I'm really enjoying using and I think my skin is the best it's looked in a long time.  And as always, I like to use skincare for a good month before reporting back on them with the exception of things like masks and cleansers.  It ain't a skincare routine if you're not in a routine with the products!  Anyway, want to see what I use my skin at the moment?

Ok you might think this is a lot of products and by all means you can absolutely streamline your skincare routine more than I have.  I had a lot of products that I wanted to test out and report back to you on, hence all of the things!


I'm always pushed for time in the morning during the week so I try to keep things simple.

To wash my mush and feel all fresh, I've been using L'Occitane's Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream (€30).  Usually I tend to steer clear of foaming cleansers, but this one is gorgeous and doesn't bubble up too much.  It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight after using it and that's most likely to do with it being enriched with the immortelle essential oil.  It's described as being a makeup remover and full disclosure, I haven't tried it for that purpose yet, but if I do, I'll keep you posted.  I've been a massive fan of the Immortelle range for years now and this is a lovely addition to it.  It's totally worth checking out if you're looking for a gentle and effective cleanser.

The very generous Jennifer Rock (aka The Skin Nerd) sent me some yummy skincare products recently to celebrate the launch of her online skin consultations, one of which was the Image Skincare Vital C Serum (€71).  This was on my wish list and having used it, I'll 100% be purchasing it myself once I run out.  This helps rejuvenate dull, dry and tired skin and that couldn't have been a more apt description of my skin before I started using it.  There are days where I don't use every product listed in this post, but this is a no brainer.  It sinks into my skin quickly and I can instantly feel the difference once I use it thanks to the Vitamin A, C and antioxidants.  It's only available to buy in salons or if you've had a consultation with the Skin Nerd team!

This Janssen Cosmetics Vitaforce C cream (€48.50) is aimed towards "demanding skin" and again, it's a great description for my mush!  As you might have guessed from the name, this is packed full of Vitamin C along with Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, promising youthful, smooth and more even skin and I have to add that it makes me skin look and feel plumped and hydrated.  I've been using this since June, before getting stuck into this routine and it was really impressed with how it improved the texture and feel of my skin immediately after first using it.  It's why I've kept using it every day and night since June and will happily finish out the tub!  Also, it absorbs quickly into my skin and I don't have to wait for ages before putting my makeup on over it.  I'd never heard of this brand before being sent a few products but it's on my radar lads.  I'd totally buy this myself.


I always start with using a micellar water to remove my eye makeup.  It's the simplest and most effective way to get rid of all of the mascara without irritating my sensitive eyes and at the moment I'm enjoying the Botanics All Bright Micellar Cleansing Solution (€6.99).  I don't have to rub my eyes at all when using it and makes quick work of the smokiest of eyes.  I'm not really loyal to micellars and if they remove my eye makeup and don't irritate my eyes then I'm happy out.  I would buy this again and Botanics often have special offers going on and I'd be happy to stock up.

To remove the makeup I lashed on in the morning, I love using cleansing oils.  I don't really like using them on my eyes just because they're so sensitive, but on the rest of my face, they're fab.  I like oils that are lighter in texture and that emulsify so I can really break down all of the makeup and that's where the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil (€35) comes in.  I apply a couple of pumps into my hands and massage it into my face before adding a bit of water, turning it into a milk before rinsing it off with a facecloth.   It's enriched with squalene, evening primrose oil and lavender essential oil and leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh with no residue behind.  If you're on the hunt for a cleansing oil, this gets two thumbs up from me.

To actually cleanse my skin in the evening I've been using the Janssen Cosmetics Brightening Face Cleanser (€25.50) and I'm obsessed.  Again, I've been using this since June and I love how gentle and mild it is and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and plump.  Ok I already have a plump face but shurrup yew, you know what I mean!  It has White Mulberry Tea Root Extract which helps brighten the skin and I do enjoy looking bright in the mush, even if it's at night time.  I like massaging it into my skin and using a soft face cloth to remove it all leaving me ready for the next phase.  My toner.

I'm still a big fan of the Pixi Glow Tonic (€23.50) and I've been using it for years, repurchasing it every time it's on sale on Asos or Cloud 10.  I even have Joanne loving it and recently gave her my backup bottle because she'd run out.  This is a mild glycolic toner that chomps away at any dead skin cells, so I haven't had to worry about dry patches in ages.  It doesn't sting my skin and because my skin can be a bit delicate, it's not in any way harsh.  I tried the Alpha H Liquid Gold which gave me sores on my skin, so Pixi Glow Tonic all the way!

I feel like I have mad notions every time I use the Image Skincare I Beauty Flawless Rejuvenating Eye Pads (€39.50).  Word on the street (and the packaging) is that you can use these to remove eye makeup and as an eye treatment.  Now, because these are spendy, I felt like any goodness was taken away from them when I used them to remove my mascara and if you've watched any of my demo videos, you'll know I like a lorra lorra mascara, I felt I was just smearing it all over my eyes.  So once I've removed my mascara with the micellar water, I feel like I can use these as a treatment and allow the hyaluronic acid plump out the fine lines, the chamomile soothes and helps with puffiness and guarana helps energise the eyes.  These feel really cooling when I apply them initially and I like to hold them to my eyes for a few seconds before wiping them over the area.  I haven't seen or felt an obvious improvement in the skin around my eyes with these but I'm going to keep using them and see how I get on.

I use the Image Skincare Vital C serum again before using the same Janssen moisturiser with the next product.  Now very recently I was given a bottle of this YonKa Nutri+ Booster (€49.50) and this was love at first use.   This is formerly the YonKa serum FYI.  This is aimed at those of us with dull, tired skin, who have weakened skin due to cold or treatments and for those who suffer with uncomfortable tight skin.  It's advised to use one to two pumps mixed in with your moisturiser and I found two pumps to be too rich for my skin at the moment.  Maybe I'll need more in the winter, but one pump mixed in with a bit of my Janssen moisturiser before I get into bed, letting it soak in means that when I wake up in the morning, my skin is soft to the touch, it feels plumped, hydrated and ready for the day ahead!

Because I've an oily disposition when it comes to the face, I don't use the booster in the morning unless I'm not wearing makeup because it takes a while to sink in but if you've dry skin, your face will most likely drink this up and you'll be able to use it in the morning. When I use it at night though, my skin is instantly bouncier, and I know Jennifer Rock will kill me for saying this, but it smells gorgeous!  Really light and delicate and I know she says smells don't change cells, but Jen, smells make me want to use it even more ok bye!  Seriously though, it smells like being in a spa, feels like a luxury and I'm going to get Mam and Joanne to try it out as well because it's pretty special.  This has fast become a product I can't be without and will purchase it myself when I've finished it up and that's going to be sooner rather than later.  I'm obsessed and this is one of my favourite skincare discoveries of the year so far.

And that's it!  Hopefully this post was helpful if you're thinking about trying some new products and I can say that my skin hasn't looked or felt this good in ages.  It'd want to be considering everything that I'm using!!

Points to note:
1. I'm fierce jammy to have been sent the majority of these products.
2. I've listed a lot of products in this one post and if you'd like to know about anything in more detail, just holler.
3. You don't need all of these.  This is a post that will hopefully highlight products you mightn't have heard of before and you can pick and choose what tickles your pickle.
4. You might have noticed that I haven't listed an eye cream.  I have 5 in my stash ready to be tested out and keep forgetting.  I am a wally.
5. I know some of the products are expensive and it's definitely worth investing in skincare.  That's very easy for me to say having been sent them, so I'm going to test out more affordable skincare over the next while and
6. Some of the links above are affiliate links and you're in no way obligated to click on 'em.  Go wild on Google to find where else you can buy the products.
7. In terms of the products, these are my experiences with them and yours might be different.  I'll have different skin to you, so do more research if you're thinking about investing in skincare.
8. In terms of my skin, I'm 40, have an oily t-zone and normal cheeks and can have bouts of dehydration from time to time.
9. Well done if you've gotten to the end of this mammoth blog post!  It's been a long time coming and I hope it was helpful!

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