Friday, December 15, 2017

Boots Star Gift - No7 Star Beauty Collection, was €100, now €48! #AD

One of the most satisfying things in a beauty lover's life is to find a gift set where you know you'll use every single product.  This makes the justification for the purchase all the easier.  Something else that makes the justification even easier is when said gift set with all the usable products is on sale.  Say hello to the No7 Star Beauty Collection which is on sale from today December 15th up until December 24th down from €100 to €48.  And wait, I'm not finished!  If you were to buy all of the products individually, they'd set you back €194.... I know.  But let me show you what's inside to sweeten the deal even more!

Need a moisturiser?  How about two?  One for the day and one for the night, both supercharged by Matrixyl 3000+, promising to target fine lines and wrinkles.  The day cream has an SPF15 and even though it's the middle of winter and probably aren't seeing the light of day, still, SPF is important so listen to your auntie Karen and use it.

How about something for your peepers which might be looking at bit worse for wear with all of the late nights this month?  The No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced Eye Cream targets fine lines (I like to call them laugh lines and must be doing an awful lot of laughing by the looks of them).  It's lightweight and I'm looking forward to giving it a go.  I can't be without lip balm in the winter, so the No7 Protect & Perfect Lip Care will be joining my lip balm collection and I'll be putting it through its paces.

I love products like the No7 Skin Illuminator Nude that can be used a few different ways.  On days where you can't face putting on foundation, or you're just really happy with how your skin is looking by itself, applying this on its own will give your skin soft radiance, making you look nice and healthy, when in fact you're on that festive freefall and are actually looking forward to eating lettuce and fruit in January.  It can also be mixed in with your foundation for a softer all over glow, and can be applied on top of your base along the high points of your face like the cheekbones and browbone to make you glow!  Multifunctional products make me happy!

There's a No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara in the set which I'm dying to try out along with a No7 Highshine Lipgloss in Sparkling Rose which has already been added into the collection in my handbag of wearable shades for work.

If you can get into the habit of removing your makeup properly in the evening, you're already on the road to improving the overall condition of your skin.  I've used the No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover before and it does a stellar job at removing my eyeshadow, liner and mascara without rubbing or tugging.  For the rest of my makeup, a cleanser like the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser used with the No7 Muslin Face Cloth will make quick work of removing the war paint easily and effectively.  If you want to be fierce virtuous, cleanse a second time with this, allowing the first cleanse to remove your makeup and the second cleanse to work its magic on your skin itself.

Face masks are a must have and a treat as well in the winter months and a No7 Beautiful Skin Hydrating Mask Dry/Very Dry so what better way to end the day than to slather this on, pour a glass of mulled wine and just relax.  Forget Netflix and chill, these days I'm all about face mask and chill.

This gift set is ridiculously great value and in case you need reminding, the contents total up to €194, but the set is on sale for €48, less than the original price of €100!

The No7 Star Beauty Collection is on sale from today, December 15th until December 24th both in store and online!  Will you be picking one up for someone, or maybe treating yo'self between now and Christmas?!


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