Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas gift guide - the candle edit!

Now that it's cold and the twinkly lights are up in force (we don't even need to turn on our lamps because we've that many lights on the go in the living room), I'm all about that candle life.  And I was thinking just how easy they make life when it comes to gift giving at Christmas.  You need to buy something for your Secret Santa?  Candle.  You need a little stocking stuffer?  Totally get a candle.  You don't know the person you're buying a gift for that well?  Caaaaaaandle.  You need a bit of treating yo'self?  Can't go wrong with a candle.  So I thought I'd show you a few and maybe give you a bit of gifting inspiration this month!

A couple of years ago, one of my Mam's friends Helen gave her this Shearer candle for Christmas and it's so festive!  Usually I find Christmas scents like frankincense and myrrh very heavy and overpowering, but not this one, not even a bit.  It's smooth, mellow, has a hint of mulled wine about it, but it's basically cosy, Christmassy and I love it!  I bought it on Amazon but I'm sure chemists have them too, just the effort of life for me going searching for it when it's right there online!  We're saving this for Christmas eve, but can I ask you a question?  Do you not think this absolutely goes with my Christmas tree with the candle lights and the nostalgia?  Yeah, I thought so!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that the whole Lovely Girlie Bits clan are obsessed with all things This Works.  We usually pick up one of the lavender scented candles when we see them on sale in TK Maxx and have gone through so many over the years.  This limited edition Petitgrain & Jasmine candle is so soothing and relaxing, almost smelling like a spa, and I feel fierce serene when I give it a whiff.  I think this is a people pleaser in terms of scent as it's gentle, not offensive at all at all and is just plain lovely.  The Black Spice & Cedar candle is definitely one for those who love a stronger, woody, aromatic scent.  It's one you'd light after you've lit the twinkly lights on the tree, have stuck the heat on and have a glass of wine in hand.  It's cosy and that's all you need to know.  These are €33 and burn beautifully.  Love 'em!

I bought this Lump Of Coal candle recently when working with TK Maxx and I've been saving it until the tree and decorations went up!  It's one of those random things I came across in there and it was only €9.99, so it came home with me.  As anticipated, it smells like a fire and if you're living in an apartment or don't have an open fire to roast yizzer chestnuts and all that, lighting a candle like this will give you the fireside feels.  TK Maxx and HomeSense have loads of different candles so take your time, have a proper look and you might come away with a gem.

Give me anything with a motivational quote and I'm all over it!  I bought this little beaut in Next in Belfast a few weeks ago and loved the sentiment.  Saying yes to new adventures over the years has really paid off for me as much as my insides can try to stop me!  A candle like this makes a lovely stocking stuffer and at €7.50, it's easy on the purse too.  It smells like white jasmine, one of my favourite scents of all time and I'm holding on to it until the new year because come January, I'm all about those floral scents!

I'm trying to remember if I've ever had a candle that smells like a perfume and while I don't think I'd be able to wear the deeply sweet Bonbon fragrance, I am in love with the candle version.  It's got notes of caramel, orange blossom and blackcurrant which sounds a bit heavy, but it's really uplifting too.  If you or someone you know loves the Bonbon scent, then you're going to want to check this out and they've a Flowerbomb candle too!

It's currently out of stock on the Debenhams website but keep an eye in store as it's on sale!  It was €45 and is now €38.25, so keep your peepers open!

Ellen & Trish sent me one of their Waxperts candles when they first launched and I went ahead and burned it in warp speed because Mam and I were obsessed with it.  Then I realised I had nothing to show in my gift guide so I bought another one (any excuse!)  If you're a lavender lover, you're going to enjoy this and get ready for it to relax you in minutes thanks to the Lavender Essential Oil.  Ellen has said that creating the candle was a real labour of love so I say "Thanks v much girdles because now when I light this, I have about 22 minutes before I'm fighting to keep my eyes open on the couch!"   It's €30 and is available from Waxperts salons or online too.

What are you go to candles for yourselves or for gifts for others?  I'm always trying out new ones so which should I add to my list!?

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