Monday, January 29, 2018

Sleek Matte Me Metallics review, photos, swatches!

When I worked in the hospital, I used to keep my makeup pretty neutral, just because I was too self conscious and a big wuss.  I remember going a bit heavy handed one day with my eyeshadow and one of the girls was like "Oooh your eyeshadow is luffffffly" which was code for "What in the name of Jaysis did you do to your eyes on purpose you dirty lookin' eejit and aren't you supposed to be a beauty blogger?!"

WELL, now that I'm working in the beauty industry properly, I feel motivated and inspired to try new things and to step outside my comfort zone!  You might know that I'm fond of a brighter lip but mainly in the confines of my office, but now, now is the time to be brave and wear the things out in public!   Sleek have launched some new shades of their Matte Me Metallics and while some of the shades launched last year didn't really suit my complexion, the new shades are more up my street.

See?  Beautiful!  And Sleek's Matte Me range is my favourite of all the budget matte liquid lipsticks on the market and the metallic versions are no different.  They dry matte (obvs) but don't dehydrate my lips, they wear off nicely and stay put for aaaaaaaages.  Each of the photos below shows one coat of the lip cream and by all means go back in with a second coat if you want a bit more opacity.

Metallized Rose (above) is actually quite wearable for a metallic shade.  I love dusky pink shades in the spring and now I've a metallic version for my collection.

Of the three shades here, Electroplated Nude is the one I'd wear the least, not in terms of formula, just because it makes me look a bit washed out.  But if you're on the hunt for a metallic rose gold shade that will stay put for ages, definitely check this one out.

Adonized Ruby is the absolute star of the show... Ooh it's gorgeous and I'd so many questions about it in my last blog post.  Go have a look and see it in a few more photos.  But it's a different take on a red lip, ok, it's darker than a red, but brighter than a burgundy, but still manages not to overtake the darker eye makeup on me.

For trend driven beauty like this, where I don't know how often I'd wear a metallic lip, I don't want to spend a fortune, and I don't want to compromise on quality.  Thanks verdy much Sleek for allowing us to try new things, step outside our comfort zones and not go broke in the meantime!  The Matte Me Metallic range is on Sleek counters now and are €6.49 each.  Grand job!  They're available from Boots and Cloud 10 Beauty as well.  Think you'd wear a metallic lippie?


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