Wednesday, February 28, 2018

3 facial mists I'm loving right now!

Lads, I think I have Notions 11.  I've gotten mad into my facial mists over the last few weeks and have taken a liking to spraying them all day every day.  I blame Jen Rock and her spritz o'clock but she'd be fierce proud of me for all the misting I'm doing these days!  Now maybe it's the cold weather followed by the central heating on constant rotation (ok maybe less of the heat at home, followers on Snapchat will know what I'm on about!), but I've been loving using my mists to give my skin a hit of moisture between cleansing and seruming (it's a word).  I use them throughout the day over makeup and on weekends where I don't wear much makeup, I spritz as I do my bits.  My work bits.  Not the other bits.  Ok this paragraph has taken a turn...

I've been using these three on rotation recently and thought I'd report back in case your poor scaldy face was looking for a bit of extra hydration station across the nation.  I don't find these affect my makeup at all, but I'm careful about how much I spray on at any one time.  So if you go heavy handed, you might see a bit of movement south with all of your makeup.  So start with a bit and see how you get on. 

YonKa Lotion Invigorating Mist - €32

The YonKa Lotion Invigorating Mist is pure luxury and while the glass bottle isn't very transportable, decanting it into a small plastic bottle with a pump will do the job.  The mist on this bottle though is so fine and delicate that each spritz is like a breeze... A wet breeze, but a breeze nonetheless.  It helps balance the skin and prepares it for the rest of your skincare routine, but can we have a second for the scent... I know J Rock, smells don't change cells, but this smell has me nearly horizontal with how soothing and relaxing it is.  It's a spa in a bottle, so I've been having at it when I want to take a break from the laptop and just have a minute or two of peace to myself.  This will last me for ages as the bottle is 200mls and a very reasonable €32 on the Millies website.

PS... Hydration Boost Face Mist - €6

Last year I got to work with Penneys on a skincare campaign and I still use some of the products I tested out, this one included.  The PS... Hydration Boost Face Mist is a wet one in that if you're going to spray this over makeup throughout the day, give yourself a good arm's length or you'll soak yourself.  But it dries quickly and the coconut water, aloe vera extract and hyaluronic acid makes for a really cooling mist that I think I'm going to bring away on holidays with me.  If you want to try out hydration mists and see what the fuss is about and don't want to spend a lot, this is a great one to start with.

Kiehl's Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist €22.50/75mls

This mist has a really wide wingspan in terms of the spray itself and by holding it directly in front of my face, the spritz covers the entirety of my massive mush.  It's one of those really strong, concise yet lightweight sprays and I'm going to have to show these on Snapchat or Instastories to explain what I mean, but if you spray it, you'll know what I mean!  Cactus Flower and Tibetan Ginseng is said to help skin maintain essential moisture and lavender, geranium and rosemary oils help to detoxify and protect the skin.  Again, this is a good one for on the go because of the plastic bottle and can be used as a skin booster throughout the day.  It can be bought in Kiehl's shops and from Debenhams too.

Now with all of these, and any sprays I use really, I cover my eyes just in case.  I can have sensitive eyeballs sometimes and I'm not willing to give these sprays a go without protecting my eyes, but I just wanted to give you the heads up in case you spritzed willy nilly.

So tell me, are you a spritzer?

Monday, February 26, 2018

First look! Urban Decay Kristen Leanne Collection, photos, swatches!

When some of the Urban Decay X Kristen Leanne arrived for me to test out, my first thought was "Who is Kristen Leanne", followed by "Ok I must be very old now not to know who she is", followed by "She does my kinda packaging, bright, in your face, yes, I must learn more about this Kristen Leanne".  So for those not in the know, Kristen Leanne is a cruelty free influencer who's mad about bright colours and glitter, tattoos and loves makeup.  I'm going to follow her on the social medias and see what she's all about!

The Urban Decay X Kristen Leanne palette is not for the faint hearted and if you think the packaging is in your face, wait until you see what's inside!

Inside we have 10 eyeshadows, some jewel toned, some bright, a couple of mattes and a couple of iridescent shades in the middle.  Now, when I was doing a first impressions on Instastories, I mentioned that I felt there was a lot of wasted space in the palette.  I'd have liked either a smaller palette with less cardboard, or bigger eyeshadows.  After swatching them, I want more product because they're gorgeous!  Also, and this is just me being picky, I'd prefer the shadows to be all the same shape and size, but maybe that says more about boring me and Kristen went outside the box and tried something different.  But I've waffled enough here, let's get to the swatches shall we?

The shadows swatch beautifully...  I've tried to organise them in sections, but I've labelled the photo underneath.

Top left photo: Spitfire, Stay Gold, Tajin
Top right photo: LCW, TRM, DYE
Bottom left photo: Leo, Brixton, Lime Time
Bottom right photo: Corona, 13th floor

If you love bold makeup and aren't afraid of colour, I think you'll love this palette.  I'm going to step outside my comfort zone and give them a proper go for Instagram!  Being the neutral lover that I am, I love Tajin, that matte orange, Corona, a beautiful coppery rose gold and Leo, that mint duochrome shade.  The rest are beautiful, don't get me wrong, these are just the shades I was drawn to initially.  I want to wear more colour on my eyes this year so this palette might just do the trick!  I think the €34 price tag is fair considering the shadows are a bit small.  I went to check it online, expecting it to be around the €47 mark like the Naked palettes, but €34 is much better.  There's also a neutral eyeshadow palette in the collection that looks to be right up my street and it's €31, so not bad at all.

Kristen also has the Beauty Beam Highlight Palette and I've fallen hard and fast for this.

The three shades definitely lean towards the warmer, more golden end of the highlight spectrum and they're ones I'd usually go for myself.  I tend to wear these hues over cooler, more silvery shades.  They all apply like butter and I'll show them in action on Instagram this week.  I'd even wear each of them as eyeshadows too.  They're soft, almost creamy with little to no fallout.  The palette is €29, I'll get lots of use out of it and I'm happy that Kristen kept this a bit more wearable for less brave folk like me!

Kristen has three Vice lipsticks in her collection and I was sent Bun Bun.  It's a warm matte light brown shade that feels comfortable on the lips and if I was to wear this, I'd need a lighter shade in the centre of the lips, or a lighter gloss over the top because it's quite dark on me.  But if you love your brown toned nudes, you'll love this and it'll set you back €19.50.

The Urban Decay X Kristen Leanne collection is available to buy now in stores and online.  Will you be picking anything up yourself?!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New lip products from Charlotte Tilbury!

It's a good day when I get a delivery from Charlotte Tilbury, complete with balloons and on Valentine's Day too!  And she sure knows the way to my heart... I've loved every lip product I've tried from Charlotte Tilbury and her new offerings are no different on first impressions!

The Charlotte Tilbury At Your Lip Service Trio (€84) has three lipsticks fit for a queen and after swatching them, I fell in love.  Royally.  And I think my favourite part is that each of the lipsticks in the bullets looked different actually on me.  You'll see in a second.

The collection has one existing shade and two new shades and two of the shades are Matte Revolutions and one is a KISSING lipstick.  I know that sounds very complicated, but I'll go through each one now.  First up, the existing shade.  The Matte Revolution Lipstick in The Queen looks red in the bullet and I was preparing myself for a London pillar box red when I applied it...

But on me, it is the most beautiful shade of pink...  I don't really wear pink shades, but this one... It's jewel toned, it's so flattering on me and while I'd usually give my pinks away, this one ain't going anywhere!  The Matte Revolution lipsticks are some of my favourite to wear and while they don't set dry, there's still a bit of movement to them which my dry lips love.

Next up is the KISSING Lipstick in The Duchess aka me in lipstick form.  Now this one looked like it was going to be a really dusky pink shade from looking at it in the bullet.  But on me, the peachiness took over and I love it!  The KISSING formula is really moisturising and has a glossy finish, right up my street altogether.

It was hard to get the true colour of it on camera as the sun kept going in and out, but in this light it looks peachy, almost caramel on me and it's a gorgeous "throw on with any look" kind of a shade.  I'm going to see if it looks different in other lighting and shall report back to you!

The final shade in the trio is the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Legendary Queen.  I'm not going to lie, I thought this was going to look really dark and brown on me from the look of the bullet, but like the other two shades, it didn't look at all like I thought it would on me!  This was the surprise of the trio, wait and see...

It's a true wine shade, is ridiculously wearable and if you don't fancy wearing a true red, maybe something like Legendary Queen might be worth checking out.  I absolutely love it and it's almost like a terracotta type of a red on me.  I'm going to get more wear out of it than I first thought now that it's not brown!

Charlotte has launched five new Lip Cheat Pencils and I can't wait to use these as I still love my Pillow Talk one.  I'll show them in an upcoming video so stay tuned for that.

Finally we have the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Opium Noir.  This was part of a gift set recently and they've brought it out on its own.  If you like your vampy shades, you might want to check this out!

This is a really deep brown toned crimson shade on me and of all the four lipsticks in this blog post, it's the one that wasn't as flawless on me compared to the others.  It had a tendency to cling to dry patches when I applied it from the bullet, but as soon as I patted it in with my finger, it evened out.  But looking in the photo below, it still looks a bit patchy and uneven on me.  Now in fairness, my lips were quite dry at this point from all the swatching and removing of the previous lipsticks, so I'll be trying Opium Noir out again when they're in tip top shape.  I just wanted to give my honest experience with it when trying it for the first time.

All of these lip products are available from the Charlotte Tilbury website and if I see them on the Brown Thomas site, I'll let you know.

Which is your favourite shade?  Let me know in the comments!

** Links in the blog post are affiliate links.  You don't have to use them at all at all and if you do, I make a small commission which doesn't affect the cost of the product for you at all.**

Monday, February 12, 2018

Clarins Spring collection & SOS Primers review!

When Clarins launch their spring products every year, my heart is happy because I know brighter days are just around the corner!  They always do the most beautiful packaging and I know that's not what's important, but I'm a sucker for something that looks beautiful on my desk.  I know.  I'm a disaster darling.

First up, Clarins have six SOS Primers, promising to colour correct your skin, giving you a blank canvas to work from.   I speak for myself when I say that different parts of my face have different issues that one primer won't sort, so I've been taking the multi-masking concept and have been multi priming with these.

Each one has a different function - the peach tube blurs imperfections, lilac visibly brightens sallow skin, the white tube boosts radiance, pink minimizes signs of fatigue, the green one diminishes redness and the coral tube visibly minimizes dark spots.  I've been testing out the ones that suit my skin and so far I'm loving them.  I don't wear them all on the same day FYI!  They set quickly on my skin and my makeup goes on beautifully over them.  They're €31 and are on counters now.

Now Clarins do some gorgeous eyeshadow palettes and their spring offering is no different.  It's called "Lovely Rose" and despite its pinkiness, it's actually really wearable!

Now I've said this before, but there's a lot to be said for eyeshadows with medium pigment.  Not everyone is blessed with the powers of blending and palettes like this one are really user friendly for those who like a softer approach when it comes to makeup.  And it's why my Mam puts her eye on every single palette that arrives from Clarins!  For her, being able to build up the coverage is much better than having something that she applies too much of.  And as someone who can be heavy handed with her makeup, I genuinely don't mind something with a bit less pigment.

I decided to try and follow the two tutorials on the card that comes with the palette, just to show you it in action the way Clarins suggested.  And I think they turned out really well!  It's such a bright, fresh palette and while it does take a bit of work to build up the colour, the shadows themselves blend beautifully.  It's €43 and is on counters now.

On to my favourite things!  I love love love the Clarins Instant Light Lip Balms and each season, I hope they bring out new shades!  They've two in the spring collection, Plum and Hot Pink and if you're a fan of sheer glossy lips with a hint of colour, you're going to love these.

I've Hot Pink on in the photo below and it looks more peachy on me which makes me love it even more.  It's spring time in lip balm form!  Each of these lip balms are moisturising and leave my lips looking and feeling all juicy.  They're €20 and I'm such a collector of them so Clarins, do me a favour and keep bringing new ones out each season ok thanks bye.

Plum, pictured below, is one of those shades that I can throw on with any look because it's quite subdued, won't compete with my eyeshadow and is like a my lips but better shade.

I love that Clarins have a small but perfectly curated spring collection this year.  The primers are fantastic and I'll showcase the ones I've been using in some upcoming makeup tutorials over on YouTube.

Did anything take your fancy here?  Do tell!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

10 marvellous midis!

I posted these photos over on Facebook yesterday and had some fab feedback so I thought I'd post it here as well!  I've a couple of events and christenings coming up and have been doing a bit of online window shopping to see what's new.  Asos never fails me... It knows what I like and it has the things I love... I was supposed to go to a fancy thing in Powerscourt recently but wasn't well, so I have a gorgeous spangly fancy dress to wear but nowhere to wear it.  It's too fancy for a party or a christening, so I did what any normal woman who has a wardrobe of things waiting to be work did.  I looked online.  Just because.

Now I'm a lady who's large and in charge so I don't wear short dresses, and midis just have my heart. You show enough leg to warrant fake tanning from the kneecap down, and you still feel like you're not exposing too much flesh.  Flesh.  What a manky word.  BUT I DIGRESS!

I picked out 10 of Asos' gorgeous midis that I myself would wear, in the hopes that it might help a fellow bridie out.  Most of them area really reasonable and as someone who only wears dresses on special occasions (with my anti chafing shorts a la Aisling Mariah Keenan), I love each and every one of them.  I've attached affiliate links but by all means, don't feel obliged to use them.  Just search for midis on Asos and you'll find them.

1.  Monki Polka Dot Wrap Front Dress £35

2. ASOS Floral Insert Midi Dress With Long Sleeves £58

3. ASOS Lace Waist and Cuff Pleated Midi Dress £48

4. ASOS Pleated Midi Dress With Ruffle Open Back £38

5. Monki Floral Print Wrap Dress £35

6. Asos Pleated Midi Dress with Flutter Sleeve £38

7. Stradivarius Stripe and Spot Print Wrap Dress £35.99

8. Asos Long Sleeve Lace Midi Prom Dress £85

9. Asos pleated midi skater dress with contrast panel £55

10. Chi Chi London Premium Lace High Low Dress (Out of stock now lads, raging)

I absolutely love these gunas and have spent far too long watching the videos of them in action wondering if I too can look like a lady, flouncing around the place.  I think it's highly unlikely that I can glide the way the models do, but a girl can dream eh!

Which one is your favourite dress?   I can't pick favourite and am now considering becoming a fashun blogger so I have an excuse to start shopping more!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Stila Spring 2018 photos & swatches!

*affiliate links in this post*

Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean we have to say goodbye to our love of shimmer and glitters and Stila have set the bar high for their spring 2018 launch.  We're talking lots of colour and sparkle and a few surprises too!  The Stila Bohemian Beauty Spring collection is only fabulous and last week I got to swatch as much of the products as possible and got given one of the bits to try out too.

They've brought out more Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow and Shimmer and Glow, the shimmers have the rose gold lid and the glitters have the gold lid.  Can you cope?  The answer is no.  No Karen, I cannot cope.

If that wasn't enough sparkle for you, they've two new shades of the Glitterati Top Coats, one of which I've swatched over a matte red on my hand below so you could see.  I haven't tried it out properly on the lips but the bi-phase formula has a water base, packed full of really fine shimmer that dries matte, so you won't have glitter all over your face.

They've extended their Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick range and have added six Stay All Day Shimmer Liquid Lipsticks and six Stay All Day Sheer Liquid Lipsticks (more on one of them below).  And they've brought back their Smudge Kajal Eyeliners!  The nude was one of my favourite shades to wear on the waterline years ago and I'll have to get their new version to see how it compares.

The imagery for the collection is beautiful and each look is something I could actually do myself.  Ok, maybe I couldn't pull off the pale blue eyeshadow but still, you never know!

I was given a full size of the Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Grace, one of my favourite shades from the Christmas set I bought last year.  And I got the Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Sheer Beso.  Packaging is spot on as per uge.

I thought a little hand swatch might be a good place to start and as I've shown Grace before, let's have the chats about Sheer Beso.  This is a double layer, just to show how much it can be built up.  But let's see it on the lips.

Now, when Stila said they were bringing out a sheer version of their Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick and when I found out one of them was red, my inner scaredy cat rejoiced!  You know me and my goal to wear red lips more outside of the house and now thanks to Sheer Beso, I can build myself up to that.  In the photo below, I've applied just one layer so you can see the finish and in the photo underneath that, I've applied two coats.

The finish is beautifully smooth and first impressions are really positive.  But I've only worn it around the house so far and I've an event next week that I'm planning on wearing it to, so stand by for a proper wear test in real life!

The Stila Bohemian Beauty Spring collection is available now on Cloud 10 Beauty and on the Stila website.  Keep an eye out in Marks and Spencers for it too along with ASOS.  I just had a look on their websites and it's not on there yet.

Is anything taking your fancy in the collection?


Monday, February 5, 2018

L'Occitane Terre de Lumiere L'Eau - spring time in a bottle!

L'Occitane's Terre De Lumiere was my absolute favourite fragrance of 2017 and I had everyone tormented talking about it, making them smell me, making them try it and now, just when things had calmed down, L'Occitane have only gone and released a new version of Terre De Lumiere...

Say bonjour, comment ca va, ou est le centre de George Pompidou, to L'Occitane's Terre De Lumière L'Eau.

The bottle has the same shape as the original fragrance, but this time it's got touches of pink on it, a nod to the dawn light of Provence.  I love how the two Terre De Lumieres reflect the start of the day and the end of the day, making a grand duo altogether.  Now because of these two perfumes, I feel the need to visit Provence.  If it smells like this in the morning and smells like Terre De Lumiere in the evening, sign me up and ship me out lads.

With top notes of bergamot, pink pepper and blackcurrant, heart notes of pink peony, and base notes of bitter almond essence, tonka bean and white musk, it's a mix of bright zestiness, delicate floral and round warmth.  To me, this is a more sophisticated scent than the original.  It's lighter and fresher, with hints of citrus and way more floral, making it the perfect daytime spring fragrance.

Right now in Ireland, the skies are mainly grey and they can make me feel a bit meh, but every single time I spritz myself with this, I feel refreshed and it puts a little pep in my step and at the moment, I need all the pep I can get!

The scent is available now at €55 for 50mls and €75 for 90mls and there's an accompanying shower gel, body milk, radiant balm and perfumed soap if you're a fan of layering your products and helping them last longer.  AND, Mother's Day is coming up in a few weeks so this might be a good one to treat the mammy to!

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