Tuesday, April 3, 2018

L'Oreal Professional Rebel Push-Up Review!

You might've noticed that I don't do a lot of haircare on my blog and that's mainly because I'm crap at hair.  Actually, let me correct myself, I can do a mean hun bun and can burn plastic bobbins into my hair like nobody's business.  Proper hair profesh.

Let me start with a bit of background on hair before we get stuck in.  I have really silky hair that generally goes flat about an hour after washing.  It refuses to hold a style without a load of product and a lot of the time, when I do use all of the products, they weigh my hair down, and again, it ends up looking limp and blah.  I got sent the L'Oreal Professional Tecni.Art Rebel Push Up to try and if you've been following me on Instagram and Instastories, you'll probably know what this review is going to say, but I've got more thoughts which is why I didn't want to review it after using it once!

The Rebel Push-Up is a texturising powder-in-mousse and I love texturisers in my hair because it needs that grit to stop things from being too silky and shiny.  And the idea is that this gives the softness and manageability of a mousse and the texture and durability of a powder.  Those are their words and I'd have to agree!

What I've been doing is washing the hair and when I apply a medium sized baked potato amount (scientific measurement) into the roots of my hair.  And I have a method with that too.  I flip my hair over and start with the majority of the product at the back of my head at the roots and then apply approximately half of it there before applying the other half to the roots at the front and sides of my hair so I don't apply too much there.  If I've any extra left over, I apply it to the lengths of the hair and if not, I get a bit more because there's no point having bouncy roots and flat ends am I right?  I brush it all through and then with my hair still flipped upside down, I blow dry it.

Now, the more I've used this, I've found that it's important to brush or comb through the hair when drying because the lengths of my hair can get tangled as the texturising part gets to work.  So dry a bit and brush/comb and you'll thank me later.  I use my Dyson hairdryer which takes about two minutes to completely dry my hair and when I flip it back over, I'm left with fluffy, bouncy hair, ready to be tamed!

The photo above is from the first time I used the Rebel Push Up and you can see the root lift already after the first use!  And I've found that the lift stays all day and if I think it's starting to flatten slightly, I brush my hair upside down again and boom, the lift is back.  It doesn't weigh down my hair or make it greasy, but it's worth noting that I usually wash my hair every day anyway.  I don't find there to be any sticky residue or chalkiness, it just feels like I've a light powder in my hair, but it still looks shiny and I can run my fingers through it easily.  This is important if one needs to jujj the hair you know.

I wanted to try the Rebel Push-Up in dry hair as well after curling to see how it turned out so over the weekend I got busy.

This is me with freshly washed hair and a medium sized baked potato worth of product lashed in there.

I used my L'Oreal Steam Pod to do a few loose waves and then flipped the hair upside down again and you guessed it.  A medium sized baked potato worth of product went into the hair, this time focusing on the lengths and I brushed out the waves slightly.

Now, it gave me tousled wavy hair alright and I loved how it looked, but I think I used too much product in my hair this time.

It didn't seem to dry into my hair as invisibly as it does when I use it wet and you can see in the photo below that the ends of my hair look a bit damp, but they weren't.  It didn't seem to give my hair any extra oomph, so while I'll try it out again and see if I can make it work, for now, I'm going to stick to using it on wet hair!

I absolutely love this stuff and have been using it each and every time I wash my hair which is unheard of for me!  Usually I get bored with products but not so with this.  I just have to perfect using it with my curls!

The Rebel Push Up is €18 and is available now at L'Oreal Professional salons nationwide.  It's currently on sale on Look Fantastic (affiliate link) at €12.45!

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