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Lovely Chatty Bits - July

How is it July already lads?!  This year is flying by like never before and it's the maddest thing.  I was saying to the girls the other day that since starting the blog back in 2010, most days working in the hospital would be spent wishing the hours away until I could go home to do my bloggy work in the evenings.  The days seemed to drag and the weeks were endless.  WELL, let me tell you, working for yourself scientifically makes time speed up, the days go by in the click of a finger and when it gets to the end of a month, I can't believe it.  It's all mad and I'm loving it.  At least once a week, I shit you not, I stop, I well up a bit and I think "How is this my life"...  Yes I have my bouts of mad stress, I get overwhelmed, I wonder if I can do this, but then I think, I'm already doing it.  Leaving my well paid comfortable job was one of the biggest decisions I've ever made, especially in this industry and at my age, but I'm living my dream and it's all mad.  Every single bit of it.

July is my least favourite month of the year and has been for the last decade.  Loads of crap seems to have happened during this month over the years, and my main focus in life is to get through it unscathed.  I tend to lay low, put the head down and work and that's what I'll be doing this month too.  This year, my pal Catherine and I are escaping to France for a few days at the end of the month and we're in planning mode.  We're going to Thelma and Louise the Jaysis out of the trip and I'm excited to go somewhere with a blogging pal who gets wanting to take photos of things, filming things and just finding all the beautiful places!

For July this year, I have a few goals other than get through it without having a freak out.  (Last year I was ready to give up the whole blogging thing, but we won't revisit that!)  I'm not going to be buying makeup (famous last words), I'm going to work my ass off, I'm going to pitch ideas to brands and I'm going to look forward to our trip.  I have some really cool collaborations coming up and I have so many ideas in my head of projects I want to do.  I've gone through phases where I've turned down the paid jobs for fear of what would be said about me online, but then I said feck it.  People were going mad when influencers weren't declaring payment, and rightly so, and now they're going mad that people are declaring, so while I mightn't win with some of you, I'm going to continue to do right by you and by me too.

For me, blogging is less about me and more about the products.  I'd do this anonymously if I could to be honest.   For me to provide lots of free content in the form of blog posts, instagram photos, instastories, youtube videos on a daily and weekly basis, I will have to do some of those paid jobs, the #ads and the #sps.  This is my job now and like everyone else, I like to get paid to work.  If you'd be happy to go into work day after day and do it for free, good luck to you!  But in saying that, those of you who know me and even those who are new here, I don't do everything that comes my way.  We've all learned more than ever over the last few months online that integrity is key in this industry and that is priceless in my world and I'm not willing to jeopardise it for anything.  But I want to work and work hard and get paid for that work and that's alright.

More goals for July is to create more of a work/life balance.  I try to reply to everyone who messages me on Instagram, and reply to comments, but I'm going to be putting time limits on that.  I'm going to buy an alarm clock and hide my phone away so I'm not tempted to look at it during the night.  And I was watching Catherine's stories earlier and she showed the Leanun planner which reminded me that this one starts in July!  So I want to make it an evening ritual to fill it out and spend less time online.  The online world can be such a toxic place, but that's a whole other chatty post!  I had a digital detox yesterday as we had a family day and it was so nice, so I'm going to do that more often.

I'm also going to be filming a load of Instagram one minute videos and I love filming them so much!  When I started them a few weeks ago, not that many people were doing them but there are more of us now, so I'll be doing my best to make them different and keep them different to everyone else's videos but that's easier said than done!

I want this to be a July to remember and make happy memories.  I want to not drown in a pool of my own sweat on a daily basis in the heat.  I want to get through it in one piece but not wish the days and weeks away.  I want to work hard and smart and produce content I'm proud of and will make you proud too.

Come on July, let's do this!


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