Monday, September 3, 2018

PS... Pure Collection - what to buy and what to leave!

A couple of months ago I had a preview of what's coming from PS... Primark Beauty, Penneys Beauty, whatever you want to call it and the Pure collection made me sit up and take notice.  Yes, it's very much Fenty inspired, but on that day, I swatched those two big highlights and fell in love and have been waiting for them to launch ever since..

I was in Penneys Mary Street over the weekend and picked this lot up to play with.  There were some loose pigments but they didn't speak to me and I thought I'd get more use out of this lot.

Let's start with the highlights.... Oh these are just beautiful and while that gold shade, Pure Gold, terrifies me, for €4 I'm happy to experiment with something mad like that rather than shelling out more.  No way will I be able to wear it as a highlight as I'm a geriatric and I think this would look better on darker skin, but I'll definitely give it a go as an eyeshadow or an inner corner highlight!

As for the shade on the right, Arctic Ice, that is just STUNNING.... It's a beautiful champagne shade that's creamy, pigmented and depending on how the light hits it, it can look taupe, champagne and even silver.  I'm obsessed and if you're in the market for a new highlight this autumn, get it.

Next on to the lip products.  I bought two of the glossy lipsticks (I'm not sure if there are more in the collection), the same goes for the lipglosses below.  Wisdom and Faith are the two lipstick shades and in terms of formulas, they're everything I love about a lipstick.  Creamy, pigmented, comfortable to wear on the lips, moisturising... It's just a shame that they don't suit me at alllllll at all.  We're talking concealer lips, but maybe with a darker lipliner I'd be able to get away with them.  But I don't think I'll be reaching for them.  They were €3 each.

The lipglosses disappointed me as well because they're super sticky.  Even trying to remove them from the back of my hand proved to be a bit of an ordeal, and when applied, they look metallic on me and they're just not something I'd be reaching for.  So they were a bit of a dud too, but if you like your metallics, they might be for you and I imagine with the stickiness that they'd last a bit longer than a regular gloss.  They just felt too heavy for my lips.

In the photos below, Faithless is on the left, its the more copper shade, and Glory is on the right.  That's a bit pinker, but on the lips they look pretty similar and while I thought one of them might be a dupe for Fenty's Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, they aren't.  The texture is totally different as is the shade and finish.   They were only €3 each too.

Finally we come to the eyeshadow palette and I bought this on a whim really because I wanted to try more than just the lip products and highlights and you know me and eyeshadow palettes, I always lean towards the warm neutrals!

The swatches below were done with my finger and I was disappointed with three of the shades in the palette.  The cream shade in the middle on the left most column and the similar shade at the top middle row both gave little colour payoff, but when I used them in the look below, they had their uses in blending out the darker shades.  The shade in the bottom left corner hadn't much colour payoff either, but I'll try it in a look with a brush and see how I get on.

Now, in action, the warm matte shades are gorgeous!  I filmed the look below for an instagram video so stay tuned for that and the peachy gold metallic shadow is so delicate when applied with the finger.  Applied with a brush didn't work for me at all, so dipping a finger in and patting it on did the job beautifully.  And I'm obsessed.  For €6, the palette is worth it for these shades alone.  There is fall out when I press my brush into the mattes, but once I tap my brush, all is well and they blend like a dream with no patchiness or dragging on the lids.

I'm going to make it my mission to try the cooler shades and see how I get on!  But look at my eyeballs.  LOOK!

So it's a bit of a mixed bag with the bits I bought.  I'd 100% recommend the highlights and the eyeshadow palette and I'd be inclined to give the lip products a miss.  Penneys have nicer lip products in the regular range that I'd pick up over these ones.  But I'm so impressed with the other bits!  I think there are more products in the Pure Collection and now I need you to help me decide if there's anything else worth picking up from it!

The Pure Collection is in stores now.  Will you be trying anything from it?


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