Monday, November 18, 2019

Image Skincare & Yon-Ka Christmas gift sets

In the words of Joey Tribbiani, Christmas is a time for giving and receiving as well as having and sharing.  Now he wasn't talking about skincare, but the sentiment still stands, am I right?

Skincare sets are always a good idea when it comes to Christmas for a few reasons.

1. You can get away with treating yourself to a whole set at once, and it seems a bit more justifiable to do it that way as opposed to buying each product separately.  Is that just me?  Like you're technically only buying one item... Am I reaching here?!

2. Sets are usually much better value compared to buying the separate products.

3. If you're new to a skincare brand, this is a way of trialling out a few new products at once.

4. 'Tis the season to treat your face, fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaaa.

5. You'll always be a winner buying skincare for someone for Christmas, especially if they wouldn't usually treat themselves.

Image Skincare and Yon-Ka have some gorgeous sets out this year and kindly gave me one each to show you.  And with the exception of one product, I've used the rest of the bits and love them.

The Image Skincare Renewing Ritual Collection has three full sized products in it and two minis.  Inside the fierce luxurious box (which I'm already thinking about how to repurpose), there's the Max Stem Cell Facial Cleanser (I've not tried this yet but am a massive fan of the Max Stem Cell Creme, so have high hopes for it), along with an Image Skincare Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler which plumps and hydrates the skin and a Vital C Hydrating Facial Cream, one of my favourites from Image.  So there's your cleanser, serum and moisturiser, and you get a mini I Mask Firming Transformation Mask and an Iluma Intense Brightening Serum.  The set is €139 and you save €58.50 buying the products like this in the set.

Image Skincare have a range of sets available this year and they've launched two new ones last week, so keep an eye on their social media for more information.  Image skincare, sure you can't go wrong with it.

Next up we have Yon-Ka Hydration Gift Set.  Their Hydra range is one of my all time favourites and I regularly reach for the Hydra No1 mask and cream during the colder months as they're like a hug for my face.  The Hydration Set retails at €57.50 and inside you get a full sized Hydra No1 Creme which is €51 itself.  It's a lightweight yet powerful cream for those of us who have dehydrated, dry or sensitive skin.  Along with that, you get a 15ml of the Hydra No1 Masque, which is essentially a drink of water for the skin and I love layering this on at night before bed and let it work its magic.  There's also a 30ml Lait Nettoyant, one of the most gorgeously scented cleansers you'll ever try and can be used on the eyes, lips and face.  And all of these are housed in a white vanity case.  I'm telling you, I'll be hard pressed to keep this from Mam as she's a big fan of wash bags, vanity cases, makeup bags, you name it!

Again, Yon-Ka have outdone themselves this year with the Christmas gifting which can be bought online or in your local Yon-Ka salon.  And don't even get me started on the candles.  They are incredible and are such a luxurious treat and no matter how much you try to ration them, you're going to want to burn them!

Will you be treating yourself this Christmas?


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

7 face masks that are not just for Halloween!

Those of a certain vintage will remember dressing up for Halloween back in the day.  And when I say dressing up, I mean wearing a black sack as your outfit and one of those plastic face masks that made your face sweat loads and you always had to stick your tongue through the small opening for a laugh, only to cut yourself.  Ah good times.  While I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween, I'm fond of wearing a face mask all year long and these ones are not just for the spooky season!  I've picked out just some of my favourite masks that I reach for when my skin needs a little extra somethin' somethin', so let's get cracking shall we!

This is one of Image Skincare's new launches from earlier this year and is said to help the skin's ability to resist stress.  Well when I tell you with the amount of stress I've had recently, I've been lashing it on like a good thing in the hopes it will help said stress!  While helping with the stressy bits, it also helps brighten the skin and increases skin's firmness and tone - something I'm conscious of as I hurtle towards my next birthday.  It's blue, it helps tighten my skin and it's deadly!

I love this mask for a few reasons, the one being that it's the absolute craic using it! You can watch it in action on my Instagram where I filmed using it for the first time while simultaneously ruining an Ariana Grande Song.  It has an iron based formula along with ingredients including carrot seed oil, vitamins E, C and Argan oil and when it dries, the magnetic spatula is used to remove it which is so satisfying!  It leaves a light film on the skin which I love as masks like this can tend to dry out the skin.  Not so with this.  So.  Much.  Fun!

PS... Naturals Overnight Sleep Mask - €2.50

This is part of Primark Beauty/Penneys' Vegan Society accredited Naturals range and was the first product of the bunch that I tried out.  I love an overnight mask and this one contains organic coconut water and Kakadu plums.  I like to apply a thin layer all over the skin, let it absorb and then hit the hay.  While this leaves my skin feeling super smooth, it's a bit too heavily scented for me, but you might like it.  I think with the resealable top, it makes for a great mask to bring away if you're travelling!

Again, this is a handy one for travelling, especially if you've been on a plane and need to give your skin a moisture boost.  And it contains Vitamin B3, otherwise known as Niacinamide which helps both brighten and hydrate the skin.   I find it so hard to peel back the lids of these tubs and end up having to slice my way in, making a grand mess.  I'd love if the tubs were resealable because for me and my mush, there was a bit too much product in it for one use, and if I wanted to multi mask, I'd be left with way too much.  But this is great at giving my skin some much needed hydration station across the nation.

This is another one of Image's new launches this year and is a mask I reach for when my skin feels like it needs a good clear out.  You know when you've been wearing loads of makeup and your skin feels congested and scaldy?  A layer of this helps to clear out my pores, helps even out my skin texture and balances the flora in the skin too.  You have to be looking out for your flora don't ya know!

I have been known to overload my skin with product, only to have it screaming out for some TLC and that's where the Soothing Mask from L'Occitane comes in.  I always sound like Louis Walsh when describing this because it looks like a yogurt, it smells like a yogurt and it's fun Simon, it's fun!  I digress, but this legit looks, feels and smells like you're applying a berry yogurt to the face and that's thanks to the fact that it contains blackcurrants.  This instantly cools down, calms and soothes my skin when it's angry and I have to fight with myself not to eat it... I haven't.. Yet..  This is a gorgeous mask if you've been mean to your skin and it needs some loving.

When I want to feel like I'm in a spa, when in fact I'm sitting at home in my fleece, the Yon-Ka Masque 105 is the one I reach for.  It smells incredible and it contains three kinds of clay that help purify the skin, tighten pores and brighten the skin too.  I love that despite feeling that it really does tighten my massive pores on either side of my nose, it doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or tight. If Yon-Ka brought out a perfume with this scent, I'd be all over that!

And thus ends today's post where I waffle about some of my favourite face masks!  Thanks for reading!


Monday, October 7, 2019

PS... Beauty My Perfect Colour shade extension, review, before & after photos

I've had a few hit and miss experiences when it comes to PS... Beauty, or Primark Beauty, or Penneys Beauty, but let me say that their foundations are among the best I've tried (and I've tried a lot, both budget and high end).

They've relaunched the My Perfect Colour range recently and along with adding extra shades, they've  a grand total of 180 products in the collection now, including the new addition, the PS... My Perfect Colour Ultra Longwear Concealer.

I went to the relaunch event recently, got colour matched and have been getting stuck into some of the products since.  Paula Callan did my makeup on the day and after chatting about my skin type and what kind of finish I prefer, we decided to try the PS... My Perfect Colour Matte Foundation and gals, I'm in proper love.  I'll talk to you about the oil-free formula and the matte finish that this gives in a second, but can we take a moment for the fact that this is €4.  I'm not missing another number from that price.  It's four quid.  And it's far outperforming some of my higher end bases.

I have an oily t-zone and normal cheeks and this sits beautifully across my whole mush.  I've used my usual buffing brushes and makeup sponges to apply it and both ways gives a flawless yet natural looking finish to the skin.  I got matched to the shade Nude 05 and I'd say I could've gone a shade lighter, but once I bring it down my neck, it's all good.

It has a yellow undertone to it which I like in a foundation because it cancels out any redness, as you can see below and the big red nose on me in the before photo.  This foundation is absolutely beautiful on and it dries to a matte finish but still gives a subtle radiance too.  It does a stellar job of keeping oil production at bay thanks to the silica and I barely have to touch it up during the day.  It feels really lightweight, it doesn't look cakey and I'm fully into this gals.

On the day, Paula used a couple of other products on me that I'll go into at a later stage, but I wanted to show you the PS... My Perfect Colour Foundation Pressed Powder in the shade Chestnut.  It's a measly €2.50 and Paula used this as a bronzer on the day, so I wanted to show it to you as well because it's not something I'd have thought of picking up myself.  I'd have just picked it up in my regular shade and I probably will anyway to give it a go, but if you're on the hunt for a budget friendly bronzer/contour that can be used on the eyes too, look no further.

A little goes a long way with this shade so when applying it as a bronzer, make sure to use a nice big fluffy brush so that it doesn't deposit too much colour in one place.  And the same goes for when applying it to the eyes.  A fluffy brush can be used to both blend and pack the colour on and it works so well on both the face and eyes.

I was going to say if you're on a budget and want to try out some makeup, but stopped myself because even if you're not on a budget, you should definitely check these out.  They've got a whole range of foundations to suit different skin types, with different textures too and the most expensive product is €6.  As we all say, "Sure where would you be going?!"

The My Perfect Colour range is available in Penneys now, so you know what to do!

Check out my IGTV below to see some of the products in action and let me know if you pick any up!

View this post on Instagram have relaunched their My Perfect Colour range and they’ve only gone and added some new shades and some new products too, making a total of 180 products in the whole collection. I got colour matched at their event recently and fell in love with the products that @paula_callan_makeup used on my face that day, so I decided to try and recreate what she did. I tried Paula, I really did! See the foundation? That’s the PS… My Perfect Colour Matte Foundation and it’s only €4 but I love it over some of my higher end foundations. The finish is gorgeous and it stays put all day. And because I was feeling fancy with the video, I actually used concealer (I rarely do because I’m fierce lazy) but the Ultra Longwear Concealer is nice and lightweight and while it says it gives full coverage, I’d say it’s more on the medium side and it doesn’t dry out the under eye area thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid. I set the concealer with the Luminous Glow Light Reflecting Setting Powder which is really finely milled and a little stunner of a powder. And because I wanted to use all of the products given to me on the day of the event, I went in with a layer of the Loose Mineral Powder. I’m not usually a fan of loose mineral powders as foundations, but I’ll give this a go on its own and report back. But as far as a setting powder on a foundation that doesn’t actually need setting, it’s gorgeous and left me looking airbrushed. On the day of the event, Paula used the Foundation Pressed Powder in shade Chestnut to contour and that’s what I did today too and it makes for a great eyeshadow too. I wanted to complete the face so used this blush from @essence_ireland which is a lovely dusky pink that’s buildable and really wearable. As for the highlight, the formula is lovely but the shade just isn’t for me. It’s too cool toned and I prefer a less blue and more champagne highlight. But you might love it! Thanks for watching! #lovelygirliebits #lovelygirliebits1minutevideo #lovelygirliebitsigtv #budgetbeauty #primarkbeauty #myperfectcolour
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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

L'Oreal Bambi Eye False Lash Mascara review, before & after photos

L'Oreal, how do you keep doing it?  How are you able to keep bringing out deadly mascaras that tick all of my boxes and make me want to not bother trying anything new for ages.

I present to you the L’Oreal Bambi Eye False Lash mascara aka one of my favourite budget mascaras of 2019 so far.  With its plastic bristles that help coat every lash, the formula is perfect, not too dry and not too wet, it's juuuuuust right.

When it comes to mascaras, because I've tried so many over the years, I can usually tell after the first use if I'm going to love it or not.  I get impatient if the formula is too wet and needs to dry out a bit over a couple of weeks, and thankfully that wasn't the case with Bambi Eye.  One coat is all I've been needing to use on days where I'm not wearing eyeshadow, because any more than that, and the thickness and oomph it gives can look a bit stark on me.

Behold the obligatory one eye with mascara and one eye without!  I love the thickness and volume that Bambi Eye gives along with the lift and curl and despite packing my lashes full of product, it doesn't weigh them down and I haven't had any issues with flaking or smudging either.

A freshly dipped wand can apply too much for my bottom lashes, especially if I've no shadow on, so I tend to go wild on the upper lashes and then whatever's left on the brush does onto the lower lashes for a softer look.  Now on days where I'm going all out with shadows and liners, I pack on a good two coats for maximum effect!

The before & after photo below shows just one coat and I'm obsessed!

The L'Oreal Bambi Eye False Lash Mascara is out now and at the time of this post going live, it's €14.99 on Boots and there's a special offer on L'Oreal makeup there too!


Monday, September 30, 2019

9 years of Lovely Girlie Bits!

This time 9 years ago, I bit the bullet and googled "how to start a blog", not knowing for a second that it would change my whole life!  And while the blog has taken a back seat thanks to Instagram and YouTube, I'll never stop blogging.  I might do it less frequently, but I love this little corner of the internet and it's so nice having a place where nearly 2000 posts sit and where I can see the evolution of my photography!

I'm by no means a blogging pro, or claim to know it all, but I do have a bit of insight for anyone thinking about starting a blog, or a social media account (even if you're doing that, get a blog, people can google that, they can't google Instagram).  So as has been my tradition for a few years now, but I've kept it to blogging, here are 9 things I've learned in 9 years of blogging/social media aka, 9 years of Lovely Girlie Bits!  PS please ignore the fact that I've posted all of these photos of my mush, pure notions after 9 years on the internet!

1.  Evolution is key.

There are so many accounts on Instagram now with so many doing the same thing, that it's important to try and stand out, or make it your own as Simon Cowell would say.  Don't be afraid to change it up a bit and experiment with stories, videos, IGTV, grid posts on Instagram and on the blog, try different types of posts to see what works and what doesn't.  I get bored posting the same things day in day out, and I get bored watching the same things day in day out too.  So try something new, see what happens and if you're not feeling it, that's ok, at least you tried.  I'm going to be trying something new in October, something that I started in October last year but never got around to finishing.  But I'm going to give it a go and see if there's a place for it here in Lovely Girlie Bits, so stay tuned for that.

2. Listen to your guts.

Much like your hips, your guts don't lie and if a brand approaches you for a collaboration and it doesn't feel right, as nice as the bit of cash would be, listen to your guts.  Your audience is smart and they can smell it a mile away if they think you've just taken the job for a few bob.  My gut (or guts, I like to say guts) is also a great warning sign for those who mightn't have the best agenda for me and I've rarely been wrong about people, so do yourself a favour, look after your guts, listen to your guts and love your guts because they have your best interests at heart.

3.  Mind your mind.

I think since becoming a freelancer last year, my mental health has taken a few hits, but as I've a long history with my mental health, I know the signs and I know what I have to do to look after myself.  I've had to take social media detoxes, I've had to take proper breaks away from everything and I've had to mute people on Instagram.  And the thing is, it's not about them, they're fab and they're doing their bits.  It's about me and how I feel after watching them and my mental health is more important than feeling like I need to watch them to appear supportive.  I always encourage people to watch those who make them feel good, who give them a laugh or who inspire or motivate them and while it seems like everyone and their granny has an Instagram account,  it's even more important to look after yourself because your phone doesn't lie these days, telling you how long you've been online, so make it a positive experience.

4. Say yes to things and say no to things.

This comes back to the guts thing again and I know I've made the right decision if I've said yes to something scary but fab because the nervous stomach starts.  If I've made a mistake and said yes to something that my guts don't agree with, I get that dread, that fear, that "How am I going to get out of this?" feeling, totally not the same as the nervous stomach!  Stepping outside of our comfort zone is where the magic happens, so say yes to things.  I've said yes to something you'll see happening next week and the nervous stomach is real gals, not able....

And to go alongside that, say no to things that don't feed your soul, that you know you're going to regret and if you don't know it, your guts most definitely will.  I remember hearing this on a podcast earlier this year and it's stuck.  If you find it hard to say no to things, think of it as saying yes to something else.  So you might be saying no to going to an event, but you're saying yes to having a cosy night in that's exactly what you've been craving.  Saying no to meeting someone who wants to pick your brains means saying yes to getting some of your own work done.  Try it!

5. Downtime is vital.

I've learned this so many times over the years and yet I still have a couple of times each year where I burn out and have nothing in the tank.  Trying to create a work/life balance in this industry when you work for yourself is difficult, but it's one I'm determined to crack.  Because of Instagram, so many of us are accessible 24/7 and so boundaries need to be put in place.  It's OK if you don't reply to DMs as soon as they come in, or if you haven't quite finished a blog post because you can't get back in the flow.   I've learned how to take time away from the internet and not feel guilty about it but I tell ya, it's taken many years for that to happen!  This post should've gone live last week, but as I was having "annual leave", I was super strict and said to myself that it could wait.  I went through a phase of listening to Gary Vee last year and he was all about working every hour of every day and sleeping for 5 minutes and I got caught up in that.  I ended up being so exhausted that my productivity went downhill, my panic and guilt spiked because I wasn't getting "enough" done, and it was taking me ages to actually finish anything.  This is something I'm actively working on all the time, but I'm getting there.

6. Never stop learning.

Right now I'm learning how to work my camera settings properly (I don't think I'll ever fully get to grips with them!) because I want to learn new techniques.  I can take a mean product shot for Instagram, but I want to learn how to take photos of people and then I'll move on to landscapes.  I'm taking a couple of courses on Skillshare on how to edit photos and I'm working on a new project too, trying to learn how it all works.  I love playing with new apps to see how I can incorporate them into my content or the content for the social accounts I look after.  And that keeps things interesting for me.  If I was to do what I've always done, there'd be no Youtube channel, no one minute videos, no experimenting with photographs.  So stick on a podcast and try something new this weekend!

7. Invest in your craft and in yourself.

I'm not saying you need the fanciest equipment or need to spend a fortune on tech, but there's a lot to be said for a bit of a google.  Take advantage of all of the free knowledge that's already out there.  I wanted to learn a video technique a few months ago, and searched on YouTube for the answer, watching it, pausing it at the points where I needed to do it myself and I did it!  I download at least 10 apps a week to test out and then delete the ones I don't think I'll get any use out of before buying the ones I think are useful.  Get yourself some new props or backdrops for your blog photos, or get some lighting or a new tripod.  Invest in a new blog template or commission someone to create a new logo for you.  Right now, I've got a new camera lens on my wish list along with a different type of tripod that I think would make life easier for me.  I love getting new tech!

8. Surround yourself with those who push you and who inspire you.

Recently I helped my pal Jen out with a collaboration she was doing and we spent half the day experimenting with filming, taking photos, making our vision a reality and I absolutely loved it.  She said she needed me for an hour and a half and yet 4.5 hours later and we were still doing our bits, but it was deadly!  I love watching people on Instagram or Youtube who are being productive and getting their stuff done and it inspires me to get off my bum and get my own stuff done.  When I have my wobbles and bouts of self doubt, I have a gang of women who have my back, who see when I'm struggling (I'm a hoor at asking for help), and who know just the right things to say to me to help me feel better.  One of my favourite things is to sit down with a blogging pal and have a brainstorming session together.  We always come away feeling inspired and ready to try something new!

9. Enjoy it!

There are parts of freelancing I don't enjoy, but they're far outweighed by the positives.  It's so easy to take it all seriously and obsess about numbers and analytics, but that can take the craic out of it, and it's only blogging and in my niche, it's only makeup.  If you're not enjoying something, try something new, or head to Pinterest and find inspiration there.   Find people who share your passion, don't take it too seriously, stay away from those pages, you know the ones I mean, and enjoy building your little corner of the internet!

Thanks to everyone who's come along for the ride here at Lovely Girlie Bits!  You're the best!


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayons review, photos

Ah Maybelline, just when I thought I was over matte lips, you only go and bring out the SuperStay Ink Crayons!  I feel like these were made for someone like me.  Someone who doesn't always line their lips, who is fond of a more moisturising matte lip and someone who likes when the packaging shows the colour inside.  I'm a simple creature and don't expect much, but these babies over deliver and it's been true love since they were sent to me to test out.  At least two of them are in my handbag at all times and you're going to see why.

There are twelve shades in the collection, ranging from wearable nudes to bright pinks, reds and deeper shades too.  I was sent three to play with and I've been hard pressed to pick a favourite from the bunch.  The packaging is lightweight and slim and there's a little sharpener in the end to keep the crayon nice and pointy if you want to use it to line and fill the lips in.  With brighter shades like these, lining is a must for me and it helps reshape my lips and keep everything looking nice and crisp and even.  Now I'm singing Good King Wenceslas.  As are you.  You're welcome.

I've found that I get a good 2-3 hours out of these before needing to reapply and while they're so comfortable to wear, there is movement because they don't set.  I'd much prefer that than having something that dries down and leaves me with crispy lips.  That ain't cute.

Seek Adventure

Seek Adventure was a big old surprise for me because you might know that I don't usually reach for brighter pinks like this one.  But I love it on and think it lifts my complexion and it's a step outside of my comfort zone and that's always a good thing.  

Stay Exceptional

If you love a dusky pink, then Stay Exceptional is for you.  I'm fully committed to this shade and feel like it's fierce sophisticated, like myself, and goes with so many looks.  You know how I was just saying above there about stepping outside of my comfort zone?  Yeah I'm also very much happy right in the centre of my comfort zone thanks to this shade.

Hustle in Heels

I don't really wear heels because the absolute effort of life, but boy do I hustle and Hustle in Heels makes me feel powerful, like a grown up, like someone who has fancy pyjamas instead Harry Potter ones.  It's the most gorgeous shade of red and I love it.

And because of these three shades, I want to try more.  I know.  Do I need more lip products?  No.  Am I going to stop buying them?  Also no.

If you're on the hunt for a new lip product this month, do yourself a favour and check these out.   They're €14.99 and are well worth it in my opinion.  Which of these three shades is your favourite?


Monday, August 19, 2019

AD - My travel finds from The Loop!

Does your holiday really start if you haven't had a look in The Loop?  You see, a lot of people like to arrive to the airport early to make sure they won't miss their flight.  I like to arrive extra early to have ample time to wander around the Duty Free in Dublin Airport.  It's when and where my holidays start and I always have to pick up a few bits to start my trip off as it means to go on!  Now, if you're on a tight turnaround in the airport, you can shop ahead of time with The Loop and choose your terminal, your date and you can buy online and pick it up in the airport!  As long as your order is made at least 12 hours before your flight time, you're good to go.

I'm insanely excited and proud to be working with The Loop on this post to show you what I picked up on the way to France last month and what other products are available in Dublin Airport in Terminal 1.  Terminal 2, I have my eye on you next month!

This Face Kit in Warm from MAC immediately caught my eye and I thought it would be a great gift for someone (or yourself) because it's got your couple of eyeshadows, a liner, mascara, lip liner and lipstick.  It's been a while since I've been tempted by anything from MAC but this set intrigued me and at €54, it's great value.  There's a Cool version too that I think I'm going to get next time I'm in the airport.

You can see it in action in the video below.

Tonight’s video features one of the products that made me go “Ooh” when I saw it in @theloopdutyfree 😍😯 MAC has two Travel Exclusive Face Kits and for €54, you get a heap of products for your eyes and lips! This set, the Warm one, features a Lipstick in Kinda Sexy, Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare, Technakohl Liner in Graphblack, In Extreme Dimension Lash, and Eye Shadows in Honey Lust and Soba. The Cool set, which I will be picking up when I go away in September, has a Lipstick in Mehr, Lip Pencil in Soar, Technakohl Liner in Brownborder, In Extreme Dimension Lash, and Eye Shadows in Soft Brown and Mulch. Are you able? For I am not my friends. I love how this look turned out and if you wanted to treat yourself, or a pal, or yourself AND a pal, then this is so worth checking out. And for those interested in how I fixed my scaldy brows, I used one of my favourite brow products, the Urban Decay Brow Beater in Taupe which is just €16.50 in The Loop. #lovelygirliebits #sp #theloopdutyfree
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Now, when perusing The Loop, I have a method to my madness when it comes to shopping.  I like to grab a basket, place in said basket all of the things I like and then whittle them down.  Except this time I couldn't whittle because I felt compelled to get all the bits.  Some of the products were bought on my last trip, some were bought in May and some I got myself but are available in The Loop.

The Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint is one of my favourite purchases of the summer and while they didn't have my shade in stock back in May, you might be luckier than me and be able to get it in The Loop and save a few bob.

I'm a huge fan of Estee Lauder Double Wear and figured it was the perfect time to replace my empty bottle. Fans of a full coverage foundation that does not budge at all will love it.  Applied with a makeup sponge, it gives me a truly flawless finish and survives all the sweats.  All of them.  We're talking squirting sweat out of my forehead.

I've been hearing about Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel for years now and for me, the hype is real...  This is ideal for keeping the summer glow alive girls and I'm raging I didn't think to pick it up in The Loop back in May!  But lots of my makeup loving pals have treated themselves to it in the airport over the summer.

If you're a fan of a cream blush, and even if you're not, the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges are among the best I've tried and if you love a really natural, skin like blush, look no further gals.  Calypso Coral is my jam and this is my second pot.  You can use it on your lips and cheeks, making it doubly versatile and a sin not to pick up.

I bought the Tom Ford Radiant Perfecting Powder in Gilt Glow when I was going to Spain in May so I'm not sure if they'll still have it, but listen, if you're feeling fancy and want to treat yo'self to anything Tom Ford, sure you might as well do it in The Loop and save yourself a few euro.  Which will no doubt be spent on more makeup bits.

This is a pinch me moment gals as I’m working with @theloopdutyfree to show you just some of what you can pick up when heading away! Those of you who know me will already know that for me, my holidays begin once I get to The Loop and I always have to treat myself to a few bits. And while my collaboration was for just one video, there are so many things I want to show you and that I think you’d love, that I filmed three. I know. I’ll roll them out over this week so if you’re heading away soon, it might give you a bit of inspiration station across the nation if you want to pick up a few bits. They had so many new products, some of which were airport exclusives, so make sure to head to my stories to see them too. But it’s time for a demo video! Some of these products were bought on the way to France, some I got going to Spain in May, and some I already had in my collection but are available in The Loop. Products used Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint - Medium Light - I’ve waffled so much about this since I got it in May and I still use it so much. It makes for the perfect base, can be worn on its own on no makeup makeup days and feels so lightweight on the skin. Estee Lauder Double wear - shade 1N1 Ecru. This is something I’ve had on my list to repurchase for ages now and it’s one of my all time favourite bases, especially in the summer and you want your foundation to stick around all day. It works best on me with a makeup sponge and gives a flawless yet natural looking finish. Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel - I’ll just say this. I don’t know how I lived without this and I know that’s fierce dramatic, but it’s ideal for adding warmth to your skin. Bobbi Brown Calypso Coral - this is my second pot of this and it can be used on the cheeks and lips, giving a beautiful flush of colour. It’s one of my summer must haves. Tom Ford Radiant Perfecting Powder in Gilt Glow was a treat to myself when going to Spain in May and I just love the natural finish it gives. And if you’re thinking about picking up some Tom Ford goodies and you’re heading away, then you might as well take advantage of The Loop’s prices! #lovelygirliebits #sp #theloopdutyfree
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Now, on to lip sets and the final video I wanted to show you.  I can't remember the last time I bought a MAC Lipstick but in The Loop, they're like busses and three come along!  MAC lipsticks are usually €20 in town, but for €43.50, you get these three wearable shades.  Now, the sets are labelled wrong on the website, because this set is no more Deep than I am.  It has three gorgeous light shades, Twig, Peach Blossom and Honeylove and they're me in lipstick form!

I've not tried much from Bare Minerals at all and I generally start with lipsticks when trying out bits from a brand.  The Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick Trio set is €30 and are regularly €20 each, so you're getting them for half price.  They're my kind of lipstick in terms of gloss and finish and I love them!  You get the shades Kitty, Nudist and XOX in the set.

And for me, no trip to The Loop is complete without picking up one of the Clarins Lip Perfectors and this time I picked the most gorgeous shade of the Instant Light Lips - a more sheer version of the regular Lip Perfectors.  Shade 7 is a beautiful dusky pink shade that has been in my handbag since the day I got it.

Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to seeing The Loop in Terminal 2 that's just been finished when I head away next month?!  Didn't think so!

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I’m back with my final video in collaboration with @theloopdutyfree to show you some of the travel exclusives and bargains to be had if you’re heading away soon! I’ve a blog post recapping all of my finds from the summer, so head to for more details. MAC have a bunch of these Travel Exclusive lipstick sets and of course I had to pick up the Light version. Nude lip lover for life right here! The set has Twig, Peach Blossom and Honeylove and at €43.50, it’s whopper value. Speaking of whopper value, the Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick set from @baremineralsuk is a nude lipstick lover’s dream with the shades Kitty, Nudist and my favourite, XOX. It’s only €30 and these lipsticks are usually around the €20 mark each. And of course, you know I had to pick up one of the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors and this time I bought Shade 7, a sheer dusky pink that’s been in my handbag since getting it! If you’re going to be in Dublin Airport in the future, do yourself a favour and give yourself an extra half an hour to wander through The Loop because they have some serious bargains. Check out my Highlight to see some other finds! #TheLoopDutyFree #lovelygirliebits #sp
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Friday, August 16, 2019

Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid review, before & after photos!

As I hurtle towards my next birthday, I'm looking for all the help I can get in keeping my skin looking fresh as a daisy, both with and without makeup.  I was really looking forward to putting the new Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid to the test when I heard it was launching and hoped that it would illuminate and firm my skin as the bottle says.

With ingredients including chicory and red jania to give firmer, smoother, more luminous and radiant skin after 28 days (I haven't tested it out for that long gals because I have a heap of foundations to review, but if I get a good run at this, I'll definitely update you!) along with Clarins' Skin Tone Optimizing Complex, my face and I were ready for action.  While the before & after photos below were taken today, I've used this about 5-6 times now and from experience, that's enough for me to form an opinion when it comes to foundations.

I was sent two shades, 105 being the closest match to my complexion and it's probably the one I'd have chosen if I went to get colour matched.  The foundation has the traditional Clarins scent and while I can't put my finger on what it is exactly, if you like the scent of your usual Clarins base, you're going to love this.  I think it smells lovely and it dissipates quickly after application.  I've used both a buffing brush and a makeup sponge to apply the Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid and both leave an equally flawless finish.

As you can see in the before and after photo above, two pumps of the foundation gives an even coverage, but it doesn't look like I'm wearing makeup.  As in it looks like skin, just skin that's more evened out and it covers the redness beautifully but without looking heavy or cakey.

The finish is just gorgeous.  Can you see the absolute radiance on my cheek below?  Now with that radiance comes a bit of tackiness, so for oily skinned folk, we might want to powder the centre of our faces, just from a sensation point of view.  I don't like the feeling of a wetter (or moist) foundation but in my testing, I've tried this out with and without powder and I have to say, even without powder it lasts a good 5 hours before I feel the need to take down the shine.  I did find that it sat in my smile lines a bit, but that's ok, I spend a lot of time laughing and smiling in work, so I ain't mad at it.  I would usually powder those bits and when I do, it's grand.

I think if you'd dry skin, you'd love this and if you'd oily, I'd just keep the powder handy for the oil, not for the radiance because the glow is real gals.

Now, the first day I tested it out, I swatched the two shades on the back of my hand, just to get a feel for the texture before deciding how to apply it.  Below is shade 108.5 on the left and 105 on the right and that photo is taken about 15-20 minutes after I first applied them.

I'd a feeling that they looked a bit darker compared to when I first applied them so I wanted to do a little experiment to see if they'd oxidised.  So I removed half of the swatches for both shades and then applied a small amount of each shade again above the older swatches.  There's a decent amount of oxidation (when the foundation comes in contact with oxygen in the air and changes colour), so that's worth noting if you go to get colour matched.

In the photos below, I didn't powder my face or put any bronzer on, I just have the foundation and a bit of blush on the cheeks and the oxidation is less obvious, but it's still there, so I have to make sure to bring the foundation down my neck so that it ends up being the same colour as my face!

But I'm just being picky but also highlight when a foundation oxidises and how it can affect your colour selection.  So go get colour matched on your face, let it sit for half an hour while you do your bits and then see if it's still a good colour for you.

The Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid is out now, it's €40 and comes in 40 shades.  If you're looking for a natural looking, radiant foundation that is a mix of makeup and skincare, then it's most definitely worth checking out!  Watch my Instagram video to see it in action!

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It’s Monday and I’m easing us into it with another This Is Not A Tutorial I was sent the @clarinsofficial Everlasting Youth Fluid last week and while I’ve only worn it a couple of times so far, I think we’re going to get on fabulously. I’m going to review it properly next week as I have some thoughts already, but first impressions are great! Check out the natural finish and gorgeous glow it gives… Full thoughts will be next week. I still love the @flormarireland_uk Bronzing Powder for warming up my complexion and a little goes a long way, so not only will this last for years, but I managed to apply the right amount today! For blush, I picked between two of the new Joli Blushes from Clarins and both of them were made for me! The lighter one is Cheeky Coral and I ended up choosing Cheeky Peach. I love love love these and I’ll talk about them in more detail soon. Keeping things on the Clarins theme, I used one of my all time favourite mascaras, Supra Volume Mascara which gives lots of volume and length. Then I had to choose between two of the new Intense Lip Perfectors from Clarins and I ended up showing them both! The first shade is 17, Intense Maple and it’s my favourite of the two. It’s really wearable and packs a punch in terms of colour payoff. Shade 18 is called Intense Garnet and at first I wasn’t sure about it, but it’s one that takes time to build up to this beautiful jewelled shade. I think I’d use a lip liner with this one to help make things easier and now I want to see what the other two shades from the Intense Lip Perfectors are like! Thanks for watching! #lovelygirliebits #lovelygirliebits1minutevideo #clarinsautumn #naturalmakeuplook #40plusblogger #clarinsireland #everlastingyouthfluid #joliblush #intenselipperfector #clarinsautumnmakeup
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