Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Pestle and Mortar - the Irish skincare brand you need to check out!

It's very rare that I try out a skincare set and love each and every product in it.  Usually one or two of the items get left aside, but not so with Pestle and Mortar's All I Want For Christmas set.  I met up with founder and creator Sonia Deasy late last year who gave me the set to test out and I've gotten stuck in.

The set is still available from the Pestle and Mortar website and each of the products can be bought separately there too, if you're not on the hunt for a new skincare regime altogether.

I'd been dying to try out the Pure Hyaluronic Serum which contains different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid.  Larger molecular weights sits on the skin's surface, attracting moisture from the atmosphere, while smaller molecular weights penetrate the skin, helping to plump out wrinkles and fine lines.  This fragrance free serum absorbs quickly into my skin and I like to apply it after I cleanse.

As soon as my skin soaks it up, I go in with the Balance Facial Spritz which hydrates my skin like no other facial spray I've tried yet.  I feel the difference in my skin with each and every use of it, thanks to the mix of Deep Sea Irish Magnesium, amino acids and herbal extracts. It's a facial spray I've had on my desk for the last few months and when I'm working away, whether I'm wearing my makeup or not, I reach for it time and time again.  My skin feels incredible after each use and it feels like I've moisturised again when it sinks in.

I'm so bad at remembering to wear an eye cream, that is until I started using the Recover Eye Cream. This promises to diminish fine lines, improve skin texture while reducing dark circles and puffiness, all of which I need help with.  It absorbs quickly into my skin, giving instant hydration and I find I don't need a full pump to do all my bits.

The final step in my skincare routine is the Hydrate Lightweight Moisturiser which is one of the nicest moisturisers I've used in years.  Before I tried it for the first time, I assumed by it being"lightweight" that it wouldn't do much for my skin and I was very much wrong.  It contains squalene which hydrates, soothes and softens the skin and my face has felt all of these things day after day.  My skin feels plump, hydrated and smooth after using this and thankfully it sinks into my skin quickly, something that's important to me in the morning as I'm on a second by second schedule and need to be able to do my skincare and makeup in 10 minutes max!

I'd happily purchase each and every one of these four beauts when I'm done and have my eye on the Exfoliate Glycolic Acid Toner and the Erase Balm Cleanser next.  All in the name of testing for the blog eh!

Have you tried anything from Pestle and Mortar yet?  What's your favourite product so far?  What do I need to try next?

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