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10 under €10 - Best in budget beauty!

As you're probably well aware, January was a long month.  It went on for 432 days in total and as the month grew to an end, funds were low.  Ok funds were low from about December 29th, but we won't go there.  Now I love a bit of luxury when it comes to my beauty products, but I love me some bargains too.  And even better, I love when the bargains are deadly products too.  So behold my 10 under €10!  The products that won't break the bank, but actually do what they're supposed to do.  I've filmed a video chatting about everything that I've added to the bottom of the post, so if you want to listen to me waffle, scroll down like a good child.

This was one of the products in the Rituals Advent Calendar last year. (which I will definitely be buying again this year) and if you like your floral scents for spring/summer, you're going to love Oasis de Fleurs.  It's bright and fresh and this mini size is €9.50 and the full size is €39.  Rituals have a shop on Grafton Street and have the concession in Arnotts along with a shop in Blanchardstown Centre and Kildare Village, so you've lots of options!

Waxperts Wonder Pads €9.99

Ah the Waxperts Wonder Pads saved my poor scaldy face the other week when I could feel a massive pimple brewing underneath my skin.  They contain salicylic acid which helps unclog the pores where the blemishes are and I kid you not, I sat with the pads on my skin for an hour or so while I was working and could feel a difference already and by the next morning, the pimple was gone, my skin was flat and all was well in the world again!

Batiste Dry Shampoo €3.99

As someone with greasy hair and who's trying to not wash her hair every day, dry shampoo is a must for me.  I've tried different ones over the years and always go back to Batiste because it's affordable and it does the job.  And as I mentioned in the video, one of my top tips that I didn't make up, just read it online somewhere, is to apply your dry shampoo before you go to bed and let the tossing and turning during the night work the product into your hair and you'll wake up fresh as a daisy the next morning!  Well your hair will.  I love the Blush version and also the Blonde one that helps hide my greys.

Alex Steinherr x PS... Beauty Sleep Spa Overnight Lip Mask €5

I love a lip mask and I love even more when the lip mask is cheap!  And when the mask is cheap and fabaliss, there's nothing more you can ask for.  The Alex Steinherr X PS... Beauty Sleep Spa Overnight Lip Mask is one of the best lip products I've tried in years.  It has a light pink tint to it, is thick without being gloopy and really does nourish and hydrate my lips.  I can't see myself ever being without it to be honest and if they bring out more, I shall buy them and I shall love them.

I love the powders from Note and always go between this one and the mineral powder which outside of the €10 mark.  The Luminous Silk powder is so finely milled that I can't see it on the skin and can barely feel it, but what I love is how matte it keeps my skin but without looking cakey or dry.  A light dusting is all I need when I've finished applying my makeup and I rarely have to touch it up throughout the day.  Love it.

Every time I'm in Spain, I have to hit up Kiko because the products are just incredible, and the Smart Colour Blushes are one of my favourite purchases from them so far.  I bought two similar shades that are very different despite what your eyeballs might think and I just love them. The formula is silky, pigmented (a little goes a long way) and they're blushes I reach for over my more expensive ones time and time again.

Flormar Colour Up Lip Crayons - €5.95

I reviewed these last year if you want to take a look, but I'm still loving the Colour Up Lip Crayons from Flormar.  They're handy to have in the bottom of your handbag when you need a little something something on the lips that doesn't need much precision to apply.  The darker ones would need a liner, but the lighter shades are great for applying before you head into wherever you're going and there isn't much maintenance needed.

My pal Jen from TooDollyMakeup was raving about this sponge before Christmas and the hype is real lads!  I've tried cheaper makeup sponges over the years and this is the best one.  It's soft, it absorbs water when you dampen it and gives the most gorgeous flawless finish.  I now have no desire to go buying Beauty Blenders anymore to be honest.  This is just the business!

I love these little bottles of polish and they're perfect for the likes of me who would never finish a bottle of polish.  I must have thrown out so many bottles over the years that have gone gloopy from me not getting through them, but with these, I totally can.  I was sent some last year and then when I was in France last summer, I bought that bright yellow shade as we were heading to a sunflower field!  Two coats is all I need with these and I love how they don't take up much space too.  Perfect for bringing away on holidays.

Wet n Wild do some of the best budget highlighters out there and this cream highlight is just beautiful. It gives a soft sheen to the skin, so for those who aren't a fan of strong, in your face highlights, then you're going to love these.  It blends into my skin easily without disturbing the foundation underneath and is buildable if you need something a bit stronger.  It's gorgeous! 

If that wasn't enough, here's the accompanying video to go with this post with me having the ultimate chats about the products above!


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