Friday, March 22, 2019

Skeyndor Derma Peel Pro at Edvard & Pink!

You might have noticed by now that I'm a skincare fiend and love trying new brands and new products.  New to Ireland, Spanish brand Skeyndor is loved by celebrities like Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman and Karen Constantine.  Say nothing, it'll catch on.

With serious science behind the brand (which has been around for 50 years), their ethos is that science creates beauty and that is music to my ears.

My skin right after the treatment and yes, I'm wearing a backpack as am a geriatric on the inside but you would never know that from my ridey skin

I was invited by Skeyndor for a treatment, and was recommended the Derma Peel Pro, a treatment that has minimal down time and immediate results.  For me, my skin is in decent condition, so a treatment that would give me smoother, brighter skin.

Ciara from Skeyndor started by cleansing the skin before spritzing a protective spray all over my skin to help keep my skin more comfortable during the peel.  I felt a small amount of tingling when the acids were applied and because it was my first peel, we kept it on for just a couple of minutes but it can be left on for up to ten minutes.

The peel uses three different acids - Glycolic, Lactic and Mandelic acid.  I now have a new favourite acid girls.  Mandelic acid is just whopper and while I don't think I'd heard about it before, Ciara explained that it helps with pores and I remember thinking to myself, you have your work cut out for you with the ones on my nose and either side of it!  But the difference in them after the treatment was immense.  I mean I used to use those pores for storage they were that big and some foundations would sit in them, judging me.  But I wish my camera had pore vision because they appeared to be so much flatter and I thank Mandelic for all of the work.  Ok, the rest of the ingredients totally helped too, working together to slough off dead skin cells, leaving it smooth and glowy.

Me outside right after the treatment. still wearing my backpack and also being blinded by the brightness of the sky and the brightness of my skin
After Ciara removed the peel, she applied a peptide cream before applying an SPF.  I went back to the office after the treatment and made everyone touch my skin, that's how impressed I was with it.  I had no redness at all after the peel and there really is minimal down time at all.  Ciara recommended to go makeup free for the rest of the day, or to just apply a mineral makeup if I wanted.

My first Skeyndor experience was just whopper and thank you to the team for having me and my pores.  You can book in for a Skeyndor treatment at Edvard & Pink in Dundrum Town Centre and I can't recommend the Derma Pro Peel enough!

There is a home treatment version of the Derma Peel Pro too if you're a bit more au fait with peels but I think I need a bit more professional help before I go it alone!

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