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Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette review, photo, swatches, video, comparison!

When I first heard that Urban Decay where retiring the original Naked palette, I had all the sad feels because when it was released way back then, I think it changed the game when it came to eyeshadow palettes.  It was one of those "one palette does all" things and then they started bringing out more and more and more!  And now we have the Urban Decay Naked Reloaded palette.... When I first saw it, I'm not going to lie, I thought ah I won't need that, sure it's pretty much the same as the original one.

I was wrong.  Continue to read please ok thank you.

This is what she looks like and if you're a fan of daytime appropriate, soft nudes with warmth and shimmer, then you're going to love this.  Keep reading so you can see what the shades look like compared to the original Naked palette. I love the fabric packaging as it's a lot more streamlined than any of the other Naked palettes, but I wonder about how messy it will get and how easy it will be to clean.  Only time will tell!  It doesn't come with a brush either which makes me happy because I aways lose them and they take up valuable space.

I've swatched all of the shades below and if you continue down, you'll see two looks I created along with a video showing the palette in action too.  There's a good mix of mattes and shimmers and most of them performed really well on me.  The shade Reputation (top row in the photo below, second from the right), applies better with the finger and the same goes for the shade Dreamweaver (bottom row second from the left).  That one was the driest and chunkiest of the lot, but applied better by smoothing it over with my finger.

For me, this is a really easy to wear palette.  I can't see myself doing anything too dramatic with it and that's grand with me!  I love palettes that I can whip on on a daily basis and this is exactly that.  If you want to see what shades I used to create the really easy looks below, scroll down and watch the one minute Instagram video.  I wore these two looks for the whole day after filming and without having primed my lids, the shadows stayed put all day with no fall down.  The shimmers are so smooth when applied to the lids which I just love because while I do love a bit of glitter, sometimes it's a bit too much for me for first thing on a Monday morning!

Now to compare the original palette and the reloaded palette.  Now my original one is millions of years old and in terms of texture, the shimmers on that one were a lot easier to work with using a brush, but the finish wasn't as subtle or grown up. I love the addition of that bright coral shade Retro to the reloaded palette and there are definite leanings towards the more rose gold end of the colour spectrum with it.  So I don't think it's a replacement palette at all, it's more of an updated version and I love it.

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The Urban Decay Naked Reloaded palette is currently on sale on the Debenhams website at €38.25 down from €45, so there is a bargain to be had!  Will you be picking it up?

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

How to spot clean and deep clean your makeup brushes!

Cleaning my makeup brushes is one of my least favourite jobs ever.  EVER.  The truth is, I'm just lazy when it comes to cleaning them.   It takes minutes to do it and I feel very smug after it's done, but what do I do when they're all clean?  I let them build up until I run out of clean brushes to use and then lose the will to live.  Every.  Single.  Time.

But thanks to the distractions of podcasts and YouTube videos, and with some whopper products, I can get through them pretty quickly before they all start to build up again, but sure listen.  Be grand.  I filmed a video showing how to spot clean my makeup brushes and how to deep clean my makeup brushes and both methods involve products I've been using for ages now.  Head to the bottom of the post if you want to watch the video.

Spot cleaning my brushes, particularly my eyeshadow brushes, is a doddle thanks to the Ella & Jo Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser (€20) and I'm on my third bottle now, such is my love for it.  It works really well on my flat eyeshadow brushes, pencil brushes and fluffy brushes and my experience is that generally, I need to give each brush one or two rounds of it.  For more stained brushes like you'll see in the video below, I need to give each brush a third go, just so it's properly clean because lads if I'm going to the effort of cleaning the brushes, I want to do it properly!  Not only does it clean my eyeshadow brushes, but it disinfects them too, so happy days.

I don't really use the Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser on my foundation brushes or bigger face brushes.  I tried it out with them when I first started using it but found I was going through the stuff at an ungodly rate because it was taking more product to break down the creams and liquids.  So I tend to just deep clean the bigger brushes now.

For deep cleaning my beloved brushes, I love the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brush & Sponge Soap (€15).  The tin is huge, I can get stuck in with a couple of brushes at a time and it makes quick work of removing the product, even the foundations that are bet into the hairs!  These tins last for ages and leave the brushes feeling nice and soft, ready to paint the visage again.

If you want to see how I use these products, make sure to watch the video below!  I show you how to spot clean and deep clean and hopefully it'll help make the chore of brush cleaning a bit less painful!


Monday, April 1, 2019

Two of the best budget mascaras I've tried in ages! Flormar & Catrice!

Mascaras are my favourite things to test out because the photos always speak for themselves.  And usually I'm the queen of the budget mascaras, but I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed with the affordable launches last year, so when I was going through my favourites of 2018, I had two budget favourites and a whopper six high end favourites.

But fear not, because 2019 is shaping up to be a good one for those who love a bargain, who like trying new mascaras and who want gorgeous lashes.  Now I'm not sure if these two have launched this year or before, but I've only tried them for the first time in recent weeks, but no other mascaras have gotten a look in.  So behold two of the best budget mascaras I've tried in a long time, and are so good that I can't pick a favourite between the two.

The Flormar Precious Curl Carbon Black Mascara and the Catrice Glam & Doll Boost Lash Growth Volume Mascara are new to me and were sent by the brands and for that, I and my lashes thank them kindly, because they're true love.

After falling in love with the original Precious Curl mascara from Flormar a couple of years, I wondered how the Precious Curl Carbon Black would compare.  It has the same thick, curved bristled brush that those aren't fans of plastic wands will enjoy, but it's still just as big, so care is needed because it's still easy to poke myself in the eye with it.  In terms of results, the original Precious Curl and Carbon Black are pretty similar and the only difference I can see is with the application.  It doesn't take as long to build up the length and volume with Carbon Black compared to the original.

If we go back even further to 2016, you'll be able to see my first review of the Glam & Doll False Lashes mascara from Catrice and I bought so many of those tubes over the years, such was my love of it!  They brought out a couple of different variations since, but none compared, until the Glam & Doll Boost Lash Growth Volume Mascara.  This is said to activate lash growth over six weeks and while I can't comment on that as I never took before photos of my lashes back then to compare, what I can say is that as a regular mascara, it's brilliant.  It has a small plastic wand that makes it easy to reach all of the lashes easily, both top and bottom and does a great job of layering the product on while combing through the lashes too.

I thought I'd do a bit of a different comparison this time, and have one mascara on each eye, so you could compare them to bare lashes and to each other too!

On the left is the Flormar Precious Curl Carbon Black Mascara and on the right is the Catrice Glam & Doll Boost Lash Growth Volume Mascara.  You can see that they're pretty close to each other in terms of finish and I'd say I could easily go about my days with one on each eye and nobody would notice!

In terms of the formula, the Flormar one is slightly dryer than the Catrice one, and so it gives a slightly more fanned out effect.  The Catrice one doesn't clump by any means, but because it's slightly wetter, it just gives slightly less volume, and I mean slightly.  You can see what I mean in the photo below where I'm looking up.  And you might not be able to tell the difference, but as a mascara connoisseur, I see everything!

I'll note that neither of them clump on me, they don't smudge or flake and stay put all day.  Now I powder under my eyes every day no matter what, so that's worth remembering if you have issues with mascaras smudging under your lower lashes.  That usually happens when the product comes in contact with the oils on your skin, so by me powdering there, that takes care of that.

Above is the Flormar Precious Curl Carbon Black mascara and you can see how much curl and lift it gives to my poor little lashes!

And the same goes for the Catrice Glam & Doll Boost Lash Growth Volume Mascara below.  It doesn't look as curly or as lifted but that's just because I'm not looking up as high.

The Flormar Precious Curl Carbon Black is €9.99 and is available in selected Penneys and selected pharmacies nationwide and the Catrice Glam & Doll Boost Lash Growth Volume Mascara is €5.50 and is also available in selected Penneys and selected pharmacies nationwide.

Which is your favourite of the two?

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