Wednesday, June 12, 2019

ArtDeco Volume Supreme Mascara review, before & after photos!

Things that make me happy.

1. Mascaras.
2. New mascaras I've never tried before.
3. New mascaras being absolutely whopper so no other ones get a look in.
4. The ArtDeco Volume Supreme Mascara.

What can I say, I'm easily pleased!  I did a collaboration with Art Deco a couple of months ago and while the job is long over, my love for the products is still going strong.  And if you've been following me for a while, you'll know that when I love a mascara, I LOVE A MASCARA and the ArtDeco Volume Supreme Mascara is one of the best I've tried in a long long time.  And I'm old. So have tried a lot ok bye.

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The packaging is fierce bright and colourful, perfect for the summer we're not having and the plastic wand picks up the right amount of product to fully coat the lashes, without clumping.  The tapered tip means that I haven't poked myself in the eyeball (yet), and I can take my time combing through the lashes, building up the volume.

Below you can see my really fair, almost invisible lashes in all their glory.  And underneath it shows one coat of the ArtDeco Volume Supreme Mascara.  I get tonnes of lift and curl with it on the upper lashes, and it doesn't overpower the lower lashes either.

I've had zero issues when it comes to clumping or flaking and I've been reaching for it almost every day.  We won't mention one day last week where I went to work with no eyeshadow brushes, brought the wrong mascara thinking it was this one and not fun times were had.

When it comes to mascaras, I want the whole shebang.  While others might be happy with just length or only volume, I want it all!  And in the photos below you can see just how much length and thickness I get, while all the lashes are fanned out evenly.

Below shows two coats of the mascara on the upper lashes and this is what I tend to do when I've got other eye makeup on, otherwise it can be a bit much for my scaldy eyes on its own.

The ArtDeco Volume Supreme Mascara is available on Beauty Bay now at at €19.30, it's well worth picking up!  Your lashes will thank you!


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