Monday, July 22, 2019

Eight summer fragrances to help beat the heat!

In the summer, I'm rarely without a bottle or two of perfumes in my handbag, because there's nothing better than being roasting and feeling gross, only to change everything with a few spritzes of my favourite scent.

This is a must have for me and as I'm on my third bottle now, this is true love all year round, but mostly in the summer.  If you love really clean, powdery smelling scents, then this is worth checking out and on days where I've been running around like a mad thing, or when I've made bad clothing choices and have roasted so much, a couple of spritzes of this and all is well in the world again.  It helps me feel refreshed, uplifted and I can't be without it.

Some day I'll stop harping on about this fragrance.  Today is not that day.  This is in my handbag at the moment and was part of a gift set that Rituals gave me before Christmas.  I'd been saving it for when the days got hot and I needed help cooling down. I've been lashing it on like a good thing on the heavy, muggy days and the soothing floral scent instantly gives me that much needed pick me up on clammy days, on sunny days, you name it!  As I've mentioned before, this is my favourite product from Rituals from my favourite range and when I finish this bottle, I'll be buying another one.  I wore it on Joanne and Will's wedding day when I was running around like a mad thing and I can't be without it.  Obsessed.

This is a summer evening scent to me.  It's floral, woody and musky, but without being too heavy.  It kind of has Turkish Delight vibes but isn't too sweet.  In saying that though, I prefer lighter, fresher notes during the day.  But if you're heading out this summer and those summer days turn into summer nights, the nights where the sunsets are whopper, the drinks are flowing and before you know it, it's bright again, then this is the perfume for you.  It's the most affordable of the bunch too and has made me want to try the rest of the range.

This is my fancy perfume and it was a present from Joanne and Will from a couple of years ago.  This smells like summer to me.  Fancy summer.  A summer where I'm swanning around the place wearing floaty clothes, (maybe a couple of items are white because in this fancy parallel universe, I don't spill), my hair is beachy and tousled, not stuck to the back of my neck, I'm able to drink more than one Aperol spritzes without feeling scuttered, and this is all made possible in my imagination thanks to this perfume.  Yes there are a few similar dupes of this out there, but there's something special about the packaging and the luxury of it and yes, I'm totally rationing it out.  If you love your citrusy, holiday-y fragrances, you're going to love this and I am going to make this last years!

Nuxe = summer.  And that's a fact.  The Nuxe Delicious Fragrant Water is beachy and tropical and if you want to be transported instantly to an island far far away, then this is your only man. It has notes of orange, coconut and tiare flowers with vanilla and musk in the background, all combining to smell like holidays.  This is my second bottle of the stuff and if you love light summery scents that you can wear all day, then check this out and thank me later.  I have since brought this bottle into the office and we're all smelling gorgeous, gorgeous I tell you!

The L'Occitane Verbena Sorbet is described as a unisex fragrance that mixes the bright lime and grapefruit notes with mint and verbena, giving a truly refreshing hit when things are feeling clammy.  I prefer this over the regular verbena scents which smell pure lemony to me and I love how the mint helps cool me down, without being too overpowering or sweet.  This is like a cool shower on a sweaty hot muggy day and I'm loving it!

Daisy Love Eau So Sweet from Marc Jacobs is aimed at those who love sweet, light scents while I don't tend to go for sweeter smelling perfumes, this has enough floral notes to stop it from me feeling like I'm ready to attract all the bees.  It has top notes including raspberry and bergamot, a heart of daisy tree petals and jasmine milk and a base of sugar mask and white iris woods. It's one of my favourite Daisy fragrances to have been launched in a while and while it's a gorgeous fragrance, it's the one I've been reaching for the least, just because the bottle isn't handy for me to pop in my bag.  So it's definitely one for the vanity for me, but is well worth remembering to apply before you head out!

The Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime is for those of us who love our citrusy scents.  This one has notes of coconut too, so not only do I get the mood boosting effect of lime, but the coconut makes me feel like I'm on holidays when in fact I'm standing on a Dart where nobody, not one person, has thought to open the window.  Thankfully this has hints of mint as well to help cool me down.  A 100ml bottle will set you back €110 and 200mls is €165 while the handbag friendly one I have is €60 for 30mls.

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